Latest fiscal logjam broken: spending levels set until 2015

US projects threatened by funding row

US infrastructure

Money for highways and bridges is running out

US will avoid fiscal Armageddon

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Blueprint proposes $5.1tn of spending cuts over decade

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Obama’s proposals are full of populist gimmicks

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US debt limit legislation clears Congress

Passage of law follows last-minute Republican campaign

House votes to increase US debt limit

Speaker defies party conservatives in budget battle

Republicans grapple with debt ceiling

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Report says healthcare law will cut 2m from workforce

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Political manoeuvring to avoid a debt default gathers steam

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Republicans pressed to quickly lift debt limit

US Congress agrees $1tn spending deal

IMF left in disarray after refusal to fund its capital increase

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Dozen Republicans join Democratic majority to secure procedural vote

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Fiscal truce established in bipartisan deal may be shortlived

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