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MPs say academy loopholes must be closed

Conflicts of interest are not being properly managed

Proportion of high GCSE passes rises

Top maths grades increase 4.8 percentage points

Labour blames Tories for large class sizes

Nearly 100,000 UK children taught in classes of 36 or more pupils

Morgan to tighten academy rules

Education secretary’s pledge follows ‘Trojan horse’ inquiry

Morgan set to make peace with teachers

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White working class leave school with worst qualifications

Blair compares school ‘plot’ to Boko Haram

Former PM says radicalism stretches from UK to Africa

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The politics of education has become febrile and unstable, says Nick Pearce

Ofsted Trojan horse findings spark debate

Most schools singled out operate outside local authority control

Agency criticised over failing institutions

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Parents fear effect on pupils during exams

Anger that their school has been embroiled in a political row

Surprise checks on Ofsted agenda since 2007

Downing Street suggestion for ‘no notice’ inspections not new one

Fiasco over faith in Britain’s schools

Cameron’s team mishandled ‘Operation Trojan Horse’

Gove to order teaching of ‘British values’