The FT brings analysis of the increasingly available data to measure the performance of the country’s top schools

English adults struggle with basic maths

About 9m adults have problems with simple reasoning

UK warned of north-south schools divide

Ofsted chief calls for drive to emulate efforts made in London


Schools to be freed from local authorities

Education burdget protected and more loans extended to students

schoolchildren at play
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School 21: circle time beats exam coaching

The London ‘free school’ focuses on skills such as oratory

Grammar schools are not the real issue

Excellence for all is an admirable goal but it needs funding to be achieved, writes Sam Freedman

New grammar school given green light

Weald of Kent school plans 450-pupil ‘annexe’

Maths is more important than adding up

Business needs problem-solvers who use modern tools

We must stem the loss of girls studying science, technology, engineering, maths

Many of the UK’s best scientists are giving up before they have even started


English schools face recruitment crisis

Teacher training numbers have fallen by 17% over past 5 years

Pupils offered courses in real-life maths

Syllabus to cover interest rates and profit margins

A-level students at work in the City

Scheme aims to give state pupils taste of life in a financial job

GCSE pass rate up but top grades fall

Big rise in entries for science but French and German decline

Top universities eyed as A-levels arrive

More students are taking core academic subjects

Concern raised over ‘coasting’ academies

Research casts doubt over effectiveness of forced academisation

UK schools should not be exam factories

Compulsory national examination at 16 and 18 cannot be justified