UK house prices

Since the financial crisis-induced price slide in 2008-09 from a 2007 market peak, house price indices have presented wildly contrasting pictures of the health of the housing market - according to some the boom is back, while to others the slump staggers on

Housing associations seek to profit

Social landlords moving away from role of supplying low-cost homes

Labour spending pledge limits reform hopes

Review to recommend limited “flexibility” for council building

Letchworth model contrasts with Ebbsfleet

When construction started in 1903, it set out to become Britain’s first garden city

Pressure builds for homes in greenbelt

Population growth and lack of supply forcing change

New Flats Sumner St Bankside 14/12/05

Lack of UK housing ‘not due to policy’

Credit crisis and public hostility main reasons, says Kate Barker

Housing boom forces conversion of offices

Strong market threatens to choke economic recovery

UK loses 35,000 social homes in a year

Tenants receive benefits to help with cost of ‘affordable rent’

Rental homes stimulus labelled a failure

UK scheme struggles to secure private sector backing

Labour plan to boost small housebuilders

Bank loan guarantees designed to support creation of 10,000 homes

London employers warn on housing costs

Companies find recruitment harder and wages rising

House-buying confidence in UK tumbles

Land Registry data show market cooling

More homes – but not in my back yard

Efforts by government run up against forces of localism

Housing scheme sucks cash from north

Little evidence New Homes Bonus boosts planning approvals

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High house prices are drowning economies

The answer is to build more, lend less and tax more sensibly, writes Adair Turner

Market mania: a guide to hot assets

From spotting the signs to timing your exit, profiting is tricky

The Bank of England

Mortgage woes set to hit 2.3m households

Number struggling to cover payments expected to double by 2018

Private sector tenants pay highest rents

Third of homes in poor condition, against 15% of social housing

Stamp duty revenues hit £10bn

Rising house prices and sales drive tax yield

Most first-time home buyers since 2007

Halifax data highlights regional price disparities

Chart that tells a story . . . prime London prices

Is the capital market running out of steam?

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Time to help Generation Rent

The experience of being a tenant is miserable for most

New property portal signs up 1,000 agents

Agents Mutual challenges Rightmove and Zoopla

Johnson set for public sector land grab

London mayor to sell plots to housing developers

House price boom stretches across UK

Rises reach double-digit levels, according to official figures

BoE warns on long-term mortgages

Market share rising as buyers extend finances for costly homes

No slump in mortgage demand

New mortgage lending rules had ‘subtle, not dramatic’ effect

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Fix pensions – and housing

Problems in the housing market have their roots elsewhere

Construction output dips in May

Data suggest UK recovery will not be as smooth as hoped

London property market cooling, says Rics

Activity remains solid outside the capital

Halifax reports stabilising house prices

Impact of affordability curbs begins to be felt

Fergus Wilson, 63, made his name with his wife Judith building a large portfolio on the buy-to-let market. The former maths teacher from Maidstone now wants to be elected as the new police commissioner for the county. Image from KOS Media ; Date Feb 2012
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Landlords cash out of buy-to-let empire

Wilsons waited for house price recovery before selling

CPD6K5 Fox and Anchor Inn London Pubs Smithfields market

Young’s not held back by house prices

London pubs group still expanding, with three deals completed

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The Tour de France: house prices along the route

Will hosting the first two stages of this year’s race lift North Yorkshire’s real estate market?

Data strengthen case for UK mansion tax

Statistics counter argument over asset-rich, income-poor households

Metro invests in Manchester property

Singapore developer to jointly build 2,000 homes and offices

UK house prices surpass 2007 peak

Data show London values 30% above pre-crisis high

Chestertons estate agent explores a sale

Company expected to fetch a price tag well beyond £50m

Urban Exposure targets £500m IPO

Investor aims to fill financing gap as banks continue to curb lending

BoE splits emerge over borrowing curbs

Concerns revealed over banking system at height of euro crisis

Mortgage approvals drop as new rules bite

Affordability tests began in April