UK house prices

Since the financial crisis-induced price slide in 2008-09 from a 2007 market peak, house price indices have presented wildly contrasting pictures of the health of the housing market - according to some the boom is back, while to others the slump staggers on

Tories wrong to buy votes with housing

It is not the job of the government to fulfil people’s aspirations

Queen’s Speech proposes planning changes

Government seeks to fulfil election promise to boost home ownership

New housing starts rise by 31 per cent

Housebuilding at highest rate since 2007

Lenders pour cash into UK property market

Funding jumps sharply amid poor returns from other asset classes

A leg-up on to the UK property ladder

Anything that allows more equity and less debt must improve financial stability, says Neil Record

Zoopla revenues rise as it battles rival

Property portal loses nearly a quarter of its advertisers

Third of Londoners unable to afford basics

Plight of those with children is worse, study shows

The damage of London’s scarcity of land

More must be done for the voiceless victims of soaring property prices

Stamp duty cut lifts UK demand, says Crest

Order book up by 25% after December tax reform

Granary Square, part of the King’s Cross development, is now a popular place to congregate
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King’s Cross, London: building a community

Tech offices and art school help attract a mix of people as part of major regeneration project

Mortgage arrears fall to pre-crisis low

Repossessions in first quarter are also down

Lack of properties drives house prices up

Affordability and availability of homes a ‘national emergency’

Right to Buy risk for housing associations

Experts warn policy does nothing to solve the problem of supply

Clark faces challenge on home ownership

Minister must deal with a housing supply crisis

Lack of data curbs London housebuilding

Study says councils lack information on sites they own

More households but fewer people

Household numbers are set to rise to 31.2m by 2030

MONEY FT Debra Stein who bought a shared ownership flat in Westbourne Grove. Credit: David Parry/ FT
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A problem shared is a property acquired

The pros and cons of shared ownership

Tory win reignites London housing market

Capital’s estate agents say foreign buyers rang early on Friday

Tory councils less keen on housebuilding

Conservative-run authorities reject 25% of big development schemes

Rising house prices shut out buyers

Proportion of private tenants who cannot buy now 69%

A new ending for housing shortages

Differences in property experiences have a big impact on living standards

Peaceful afternoon for Reclaim Brixton ended with Foxton's window smashed and riot police using tear gas. Alamy

London gentrification poses risk to lenders

Most risky mortgages are in London suburbs

Fight for Claridge’s was a family affair

Qatar played the long game in struggle to control London hotel

Bribes and evasions on UK housing and the deficit

Britain cannot do without markets. This is true for health and education, just as it is for food or clothing

London luxury housing market slows down

Tax changes and election fears blamed for fall in sales

House prices rise at fastest rate since June

Nationwide reports 1% April rise but warns on new home numbers

Business should speak up on house prices

Unaffordable property holds back social mobility and companies’ ability to hire the best talent

Grosvenor warns of property dangers

Duke of Westminster’s group says likelihood of correction increasing

Election housing promises come under fire

Experts say manifestos fail to address need to build more homes

UK housing debate conducted in bad faith

Britain can build many more houses and remain green and pleasant

View of Oxford, England from the east

Oxford sums up UK housing challenge

Property prices and shortages of homes resonate in campaign

UK builders warn over homes targets

Developers sceptical about basis for manifesto pledges

Right to Buy has been wrong for Britain

Such a policy would push up rents by creating a buy-to-let bonanza, writes Stephen Howlett

Mortgage advances

Chart that tells a story — Mortgage lending

Property loans made over the past year

Regional cities house prices soar

Glasgow and Manchester lead the gainers

Sir Stuart Lipton

Lipton raps housebuilders over ‘crisis’

Developer warns new projects are ‘potential slums of the future’

Only buy-to-let mortgages grew in February

Loans to movers and first-time buyers both down

Chart that tells a story — inflation, mortgages and house prices

What do ‘noflation’ and rising wages mean for mortgages?

10 Jul 2014 --- Boats on the River Avon and the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, England, United Kingdom, Europe --- Image by © Stuart Black/Robert Harding World Imagery/Corbis
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Stage set for Stratford’s housing recovery

New developments show that market confidence is growing in Shakespeare’s birthplace

Surveyors warn on UK house prices

Properties coming on to the market fell for second month