Budget Day: March 19 2014

George Osborne scraps compulsory annuities in a dramatic attempt to help those nearing retirement in his annual Budget statement, allowing people far more freedom to choose what they do with their pension pots

Pensions revolution casts pall on insurers

Warnings over £12bn annuity market

A brave new world for Britain’s savers

Pensioners do not need the state to tell them what is best


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Australians reject pension profligacy

Control over funds has not led to rash behaviour

Insurers reel from loss of money spinner

Some analysts are forecasting the end for individual annuities

Quest to find annuity decision’s winners

Online investment units and fund management and advisers favoured

Labour fears rise in living standards

Predicted increase in earnings set to alter mood of electorate

IFS slams Osborne’s Budget ‘bad habits’

Influential think-tank warns on deficit reduction programme

Caution tempers euphoria on annuity change

Insurance contract criticised but new rules will carry risks

Resolution warns on pensions shake-up

FTSE 100 group forecasts new business flows will be hit

Labour attacks Tory ‘bingo and beer’ ad

’Patronising’ Shapps’ tweet undermines chancellor

Osborne hopes Budget will spur savings

Chancellor hopes measures will contribute to cultural change

Osborne woos savers and the silver-haired

Biggest UK pension changes in a century

Handouts paper over a bleak future

As with most Budgets, this one was full of sound and fury but signified little

A deft blend of prudence and politics

The chancellor set out his election stall in an accomplished performance

A Puritan pursuit of squeezed savers

Almost every announcement of note was a pitch for voters who earn a wage and save some of it

Osborne no longer controls his own fate

The chancellor holds less sway over growth than the OBR, BoE, Fed or ECB, says Stephanie Flanders

Bingo hour for honest folk

Osborne intended to induce feelings as warm as a dram of Diageo whisky, writes Jonathan Guthrie

Tories should not expect poll dividend

Voters are more concerned with the squeeze on their real incomes, writes Anthony King

Pension reform offers freedom to savers

Pensions shake-up hits insurance stocks

Big providers suffer loses on changes to schemes

How bad are the public finances?

Deficit forecast still at bottom of global league

Budget 2014: Economists’ views

Paul Johnson, Bronwyn Curtis and George Buckley give verdicts

UK manufacturers hail boost for business

Industry praises chancellor for ‘delivering on his word’

Sweeping changes to pensions and Isas

The government has thrown caution to the wind. Here’s why

Manufacturers shielded against green tax