Coalition’s final budget

In his sixth Budget speech, the chancellor has pledged to ease the squeeze on public spending a year earlier than planned in a significant relaxation of austerity policies at the end of this decade

Pork-barrel claim over cash for marginals

Theatre upgrade and anti-seagull measures in Budget small print

Official documents

British Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, poses with his budget box in Downing street this morning ahead of the budget today. ©FT
The chancellor’s speech and Treasury documents

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‘Rollercoaster’ profile for spending gives chancellor a headache

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Live Q&A: Budget 2015

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Fragility lies beneath a bright outlook

On both the demand and supply sides, the assumed recovery looks questionable

Confident message of simple words

In the zoological idiom of these events, Osborne shot foxes instead of summoning rabbits

Plotting a gentler path out of austerity

A government insistent on cutting debt should not make it worse with bungs for wealthy savers

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Chancellor needs to focus on supply side issues to improve productivity

Not much meat — or beer — in chancellor’s speech

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‘Boy George’ has grown into his prefect’s blazer

Tax cuts have made business more forgiving of a stubborn deficit, writes Jonathan Guthrie

Budget 2015: Winners and losers

North Sea oil, savers and annuity holders did well, banks and business less so

Rise in bank levy is really a tax on HSBC

UK public will see bill as poetic justice following Swiss scandal

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Osborne pledges an easing of austerity

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Productivity and household debt still bars to growth

Pollsters see no instant political impact

Caution was Osborne’s only realistic option

Labour says living standards have fallen

Miliband disputes that disposable incomes have risen under Tories

‘Grown-up’ Budget dashes hope of sweetener

Focus on paying down debt leaves some Tories feeling deflated