Osborne unbound

Free from the constraints of coalition government George Osborne will deliver his second Budget of the year on July 8. He will set out to implement some of the Tory party’s election pledges and reveal the scale of cuts ahead for public services and welfare payments

Osborne fights calls to cut top tax rate

Chancellor argues it would be insensitive at time of welfare cuts

Osborne takes aim at Sunday trading laws

Big retailers would benefit most from powers for local councils


Mapping UK benefit payments
Depending on what Osborne targets, the impact will be felt far more acutely in certain areas

Tax credit cuts to hit ethnic minorities

Plans to curb benefit payment affect those with more children

Picture by Jon Super for The Financial Times newspaper. Pic fao Marcus Cotton for short by Andy Bounds. Pic shows One Peter Square development. Picture shows new buildings in Manchester including One St Peters Sq the first speculative office building to open in Manchester since 2007, Manchester England, Tuesday April 28, 2015. (Photo/Jon Super 07974 356-333)
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Town halls to keep more business rates

Tories scheme will let councils retain 100 per cent of growth

Osborne’s Budget to emphasise tax cuts

Chancellor says tax cuts are best way to boost pay

Chancellor’s plan will test political skills

Osborne sees Budget as way to make UK ‘lower welfare’ country

Budget must end our perverse tax system

A country’s tax code is not just a mesh of rules and rates — it is a secular bible of moral signals

Osborne to raid BBC coffers

Chancellor says website should rein in ‘imperial ambitions’

UK bankers urge Budget rethink on levy

BBA claims policy has led to 13% shrinkage in assets

Chancellor wants tax cuts not higher wages

Critics argue state spending too much on topping up incomes

Budget: Osborne’s £15bn wiggle room

Chancellor tipped to smooth reductions in public spending

Inheritance tax limit to rise to £1m

Property allowance not to discourage people downsizing home

Osborne heralds English revolution

Boost for regional powers from Cornwall to the Northeast

Treasury considers pension tax shake-up

Providers alarmed at call to end upfront relief on contributions

Osborne plans ‘non-dom’ tax crackdown

End of inheritance status and increase of charge expected

Whitehall eyes big housing benefit cuts

Key part of Osborne’s attempts to find £12bn in welfare savings

Tinker, tailor, taxman, fixer?

The chancellor should heed calls for broad tax reform

Summer Budget: wishlists

Lobby groups submit their proposals to Osborne ahead of July 8 statement

A Budget for inheritors and not workers?

We will almost certainly get . . . more bad policy on pensions

Osborne’s chance to be a real reformer

UK chancellor has often succumbed to a worrying urge to tinker

Keep politics out of infrastructure

Economic strength depends on independent system to identify national needs and priorities

Setback for ‘northern powerhouse’ plan

Chancellor hopes to use next week’s Budget to galvanise project

Credit Suisse and ING in London rethink

Banks frustrated by higher levy and EU debate

Small businesses decry UK skills shortage

Lobby group wants summer Budget to tackle productivity

Osborne urged to cut top tax rate to 40p

Lawson seeks action amid signs Treasury is eyeing reduction