Pension changes loom

UK chancellor George Osborne will present his latest Budget speech to parliament on Wednesday March 16. Details of reforms to pension tax relief, with a new flat rate hitting higher earners, are likely to be announced on the day

Tories rebel over Osborne’s pension plan

Backbenchers to ‘riot’ over flat rate of pension tax relief

Higher earners pile into pensions

Osborne expected to shake up tax relief

Osborne can afford to wait for a surplus

This is no time for fresh austerity in pursuit of an arbitrary target

Budget surplus goal at risk, says IFS

New lows required on public spending and pay to meet targets

PM’s ambitions put him at odds with Osborne

‘Compassionate Conservatism’ could clash with balancing budget

Fixing UK pensions requires a scalpel

Chancellor should use the measure to distribute incentives wisely

Pensions: flat-rate tax relief

Tax perks for higher earning pension savers are set to become less generous

Claer Barrett

Is there still a point to a pension?

The flat rate is not about encouraging saving — it’s about upping the tax take


Pension tax reform will ‘encourage saving’

Impact of flat rate on high earners worries some Tories

Tories move to centre-ground on pensions

Tax relief on pensions to move from higher to lower earners

Pension tax perks for high earners to go

Osborne to pitch retirement savings overhaul at Labour heartlands

Osborne warns of risks from China and oil

‘Creeping complacency’ a danger to austerity that Britain needs

‘Top up your pension before April’

Tax relief changes predicted following consultation

Summer Budget 2015

Osborne delivers radical Tory Budget

Chancellor cuts welfare and raises minimum wage

Contradictions in Tories’ housing policy

Osborne’s Budget has done too little to boost the supply of new homes

Osborne’s ‘One Nation’ still under construction

The Conservatives could take out a long-term lease on power

Politicians cannot magic up a national pay increase

A huge rise in the national minimum wage is a risky leap in the dark

George Osborne’s most audacious gamble

The chancellor used his ample political capital to drag the centre ground closer to his party

Disraeli’s heir dishes the Labour party

Chancellor is true follower of the founder of one nation Toryism

Budget grants new powers to Revenue

Tax authority wins powers to recover taxpayer debts and access more online payment data

Budget has far-reaching implications

Reforms reach across the fiscal playing field

Daring Budget sprawls across politics

Chancellor borrows liberally from opponents with ‘new settlement’

Corporate tax cuts for workers not shirkers

Business nominated as a partner in efforts to roll back the state