Osborne unbound

Free from the constraints of coalition government George Osborne will deliver his second Budget of the year on July 8. He will set out to implement some of the Tory party’s election pledges and reveal the scale of cuts ahead for public services and welfare payments

Whitehall eyes big housing benefit cuts

Key part of Osborne’s attempts to find £12bn in welfare savings

Tinker, tailor, taxman, fixer?

The chancellor should heed calls for broad tax reform

Summer Budget: wishlists

Lobby groups submit proposals to chancellor

FT Staff Bylines, Jonathan Eley, Editor of FT Money.
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A Budget for inheritors and not workers?

We will almost certainly get . . . more bad policy on pensions

Osborne’s chance to be a real reformer

So far the UK chancellor has a mixed record and has often succumbed to a worrying urge to tinker

Keep politics out of infrastructure

Economic strength depends on independent system to identify national needs and priorities

Setback for ‘northern powerhouse’ plan

Chancellor hopes to use Budget to galvanise project

Credit Suisse and ING in London rethink

Banks frustrated by higher levy and EU debate

Small businesses decry UK skills shortage

Lobby group wants summer Budget to tackle productivity

Osborne urged to cut top tax rate to 40p

Lawson seeks action amid signs Treasury is eyeing reduction

Osborne’s opportunity for tax reform

Chancellor has a once-in-a-generation chance to modernise system

What’s in the box, George?

Relief over election changes to Budget fears

Rising tax take lifts UK public finances

Strong retail sales help send VAT revenues up 5.6% in May

Lobby sends Treasury list of priorities

Charge is a deterrent to operate in Britain, says TheCityUK

OECD urges Osborne to ease back on cuts

Organisation says size of the state is being reduced too fast

Osborne urges Whitehall to embrace cuts

Chancellor seeks elimination of deficit through more savings

Osborne announces July workers’ Budget

Chancellor to set out plans to implement election pledges

Ten ways Osborne should fix our finances

What the chancellor should focus on in his summer Budget

Osborne first Tory Budget forecast ‘soon’

Poll result gives chancellor freedom but curbs wiggle room on campaign pledges