An increasingly complicated armed conflict is pitting rebel groups in Syria not only against the regime and its allies, but also against each other

Isis fighters surround Syria Kurdish town

Militias plead for help from Turkish Kurds

Editorial Comment

Syria’s sham election is a ‘tableau vivant’ of tyranny
Notion west can deal with Syrian leader must be rejected
Gains by the jihadis are tearing the country apart

US approves plan to arm Syrian rebels

House vote passes despite opposition from members of both parties

Syrian Kurds eye greater role in Isis fight

YPG believed to be affiliated with blacklisted terrorist group

Turkey considers Isis buffer zone

Southern border seen as exposed to terrorist-held areas

Qatar urges west to back Syrian Sunni

Foreign minister dismisses claims that Qataris are funding Isis

Isis in Syria braces for western attack

Islamist extremists shifting their forces, say Syrian activists

No 10 corrects Hammond gaffe on Syria

Foreign secretary ruled out any action despite US move

Captive UN peacekeepers ‘freed’ in Syria

Fijians held in Golan region bordering Israel reportedly released

Blast kills Syrian rebel group leadership

Deaths could damage the future of more pragmatic Islamist groups

Israel alert as Islamists approach Golan

Jabhat al-Nusra seizes Syria’s sole border crossing

Israel shoots down drone in Golan

Peacekeepers also come under fire as security deteriorates

Obama damps speculation of Syria strikes

US military to prepare ‘range of options’ against Isis

US considers air strikes on Isis in Syria

Pentagon deploys spy drones in readiness for attacks

Use Assad to defeat Isis, says Rifkind

Senior British MP warns against being ‘squeamish’ about methods

Mystery of drop into Isis military base

Raid on camp with secret prison may have been US rescue

Cameron fails to calm Isis policy doubts

Some dismayed by a lack of coherent thinking over the Middle East

Isis continues to make gains in Syria

Assad and rival rebels face daunting task to rein in Islamists

Move against Maliki deepens Iraq crisis

Choice of Abadi dubbed ‘promising step forward’ by Obama

Tribes rule Mideast as old order crumbles

Isis claims success but nations were already beginning to fracture

Isis and Assad push rebels near to collapse