Russia’s partial withdrawal

Russian president Vladimir Putin has ordered his armed forces to start pulling out of Syria after a six-month campaign, claiming that their objectives had largely been met and it was time to focus on peace talks

Syrians evacuate symbolic Damascus suburb

Opposition rebels agree to put area under local authority control


A fighter with an Islamist group seen through the shattered windows of a bus in Aleppo, Syria. ©Reuters
The FT maps out the regional and global actors in the conflict, and their interrelationships
– Roula Khalaf
Ingram Pinn Illustration
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Erdogan is fighting on too many fronts

As Biden visits Ankara, Turkey remains on a collision course with the west

Turkish forces enter Syria in Isis offensive

Ankara launches large-scale offensive against jihadi group

Turkey pushes into Syria to contain Kurds

Backing its Nato ally’s offensive was necessary for Washington

The influence of a war photograph

Notebook: What Omran Daqneesh’s family needs is a Syrian ceasefire

Russia and Iran join hands on Syria

Moscow and Tehran take advantage of American mis-steps in the Middle East, writes David Gardner

Russia raids on Syria halted from Iran

Islamic regime accuses Moscow of ‘showing off’ over agreement

Omran’s elder brother dies in Aleppo

Ali Daqneesh died from wounds sustained in same air strike

Omran’s image symbolises Syria’s suffering

Campaigners hope video will galvanise international community

Medics risk their lives to deliver Aleppo aid

Drivers making half-hour trip from Turkish border face grave danger

Syria strikes seen targeting Kurdish militia

Clashes could create problems for US strategy

Russian bombers use Iran air base

Alliance with Tehran strengthens Moscow’s position in the Middle East

Refugees flock to Syria town as Isis flees

Fighters and civilians celebrate capture of strategic Manbij

UN seeks Aleppo ceasefire after gas attack

Residents trapped with dwindling supplies of food, water and medicine

Outside help behind rebel gains in Aleppo

Fierce discipline and foreign materiel turn tide against regime

Syrian rebels cut supply routes in Aleppo

Opposition forces in country’s largest city turn the tables on Assad regime

Aleppo pays dearly in Syria’s unwinnable war

Great risks ahead in battle for Aleppo

Urgent need for diplomacy on political and humanitarian grounds

Aleppo takes cover under tyre smoke

Russia says helicopter downed with loss of five in Idlib was on aid mission

Al-Nusra breakaway seen as leadership bid

Syria’s most powerful rebel group seeks to dominate north-west

Syrian jihadi group breaks al-Qaeda link

Move unlikely to dissuade US and Russia from targeting Islamist rebels

German army trains refugees to fix Syria

Defence minister insists migrants will not be recruited as soldiers

Grateful Syrian refugees back Erdogan

Tough stance against Assad key to president’s popularity

Turkey’s purge hurts fight against Isis

Focus on Gulenists weakens Ankara’s ability to battle the jihadis

A modern tragedy told by the ‘Queens of Syria’

An all-female cast of Syrian refugees fuses Euripides’ ‘The Trojan Women’ with their own life stories

Aleppo siege jeopardises Syria ceasefire

Offensive by Assad forces erodes US efforts to carve Russia deal

We must target Isis’s poisonous politics

Jihadists strike abroad as they lose ground in Iraq

Turks tempt skilled Syrians with passports

Ankara looks for professionals among fugitives from war to fill shortage and help economy

Three truths about the Iraq war

There is no denying that this conflict has shaped recent history

Turkey plans to offer citizenship to Syrians

Erdogan’s proposal could complicate EU deal to halt migrant flow to Europe