An increasingly complicated armed conflict is pitting rebel groups in Syria not only against the regime and its allies, but also against each other.

Syria gas attack points up chemical threat

Reports say up to 200 people have suffered choking or seizures

Editorial Comment

Despite setbacks, west must still insist on Assad’s ouster
Rise of Islamists in Syria opens a new phase in the civil war
Surrender of chemical weapons cannot let the Syrian leader off the hook

Syrian businessmen set up shop in Turkey

Syrians industrialists are no longer planning for a swift return

Syrian rebels make first gains on coast

Anti-Assad forces focus on struggle for main port of Latakia

Shia fighters tip balance in Syria

Syria’s war has become embedded in Shia communities in the region

Betrayal behind rout of Syrian rebels

Regional power struggles are having dramatic consequences

Israel attacks Syrian military targets

Swift retaliation after roadside bomb injures Israeli soldiers

Disenchanted foreign fighters leave Syria

Countries fear violence from returning Sunni Muslim militants

Assad forces retake border town

Blow to opposition as presidential units claim complete victory

Syrian rebels pin hopes on southern front

Preparations made for push towards Damascus

Rebel TV channel makes waves in Aleppo

Station run from Turkey provides valuable independent information

Syria rebels oust jihadis from key town

Moderate fighters wrest control of major border transit point

UK plant to burn Syrian chemical weapons

Ellesmere Port company to dispose of waste despite protests

Syrian rebels hope for US weapons rethink

Unclear if US is willing to get more involved in civil war

Fighters rally after Syria talks fail

Damascus and opponents prepare to step up military action

Syria peace talks end without agreement

No progress on political transition

‘Barrels of death’ rock Syria peace talks

Thousands flee intensified bombing campaign on Aleppo

Blame game begins over Homs shelling

Aid workers tentatively resume UN-brokered relief effort

Mortar fire delays Homs aid mission

Convoy on standby outside besieged Syrian city

Aid workers begin evacuation of Homs

Bus carrying elderly reported leaving besieged Syrian city

Syria rebels claim success in prison raid

Aleppo prisoners said to be freed amid heavy fighting