An increasingly complicated armed conflict is pitting rebel groups in Syria not only against the regime and its allies, but also against each other

Isis advances in Syria despite air raids

Jihadis close in on Kurdish enclave near border with Turkey

Editorial Comment

US is right to extend fight against Isis but its goals must be defined
Syria’s sham election is a ‘tableau vivant’ of tyranny
Notion west can deal with Syrian leader must be rejected

Calls for US vote on Syria air strikes

Recall of UK parliament highlights limited role of Congress

Assad seeks to benefit from air strikes

Syria keen to claim west has joined fight against rebellion

US strikes at Isis oil sites in Syria

Washington tries to choke off Isis financing by hitting oil facilities

Obama faces battle on legality of strikes

Syria action could prompt awkward questions including from Russia

US says attacks on Isis could last years

Pentagon also targets al-Qaeda militants in Syria

Coalition allies have different targets

Cracks may widen over tackling jihadis in Iraq and Syria

Israel shoots down Syrian jet

Israeli army says it shot down Syrian fighter jet in its airspace

Syrians flood into Turkey as Isis advances

About 130,000 Syrians enter Turkey in three days

Turkish hostage release raises questions

It remains unclear why Isis agreed to set free captives

No steps forward or back for country’s 1.3m displaced Syrians

Sympathy for foreign neighbours fleeing conflict is giving way to resentment

Turkey opens border to 60,000 Syrian Kurds

Country also secures release of 49 hostages captured in Iraq

Syrian Kurds flee to Turkey

Country opens border a day after Isis seizes 24 villages in the region

Isis fighters surround Syria Kurdish town

Militias plead for help from Turkish Kurds

US approves plan to arm Syrian rebels

House vote passes despite opposition from members of both parties

Syrian Kurds eye greater role in Isis fight

YPG believed to be affiliated with blacklisted terrorist group

Turkey considers Isis buffer zone

Southern border seen as exposed to terrorist-held areas

Qatar urges west to back Syrian Sunni

Foreign minister dismisses claims that Qataris are funding Isis

Isis in Syria braces for western attack

Islamist extremists shifting their forces, say Syrian activists

No 10 corrects Hammond gaffe on Syria

Foreign secretary ruled out any action despite US move