Russia’s partial withdrawal

Russian president Vladimir Putin has ordered his armed forces to start pulling out of Syria after a six-month campaign, claiming that their objectives had largely been met and it was time to focus on peace talks

Turkey’s purge hurts fight against Isis

Focus on Gulenists weakens the country’s ability to confront the jihadis, writes David Gardner


A fighter with an Islamist group seen through the shattered windows of a bus in Aleppo, Syria. ©Reuters
The FT maps out the regional and global actors in the conflict, and their interrelationships
– Roula Khalaf
Reham in rehearsal at the Young Vic
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A modern tragedy told by the ‘Queens of Syria’

A cast of Syrian refugees is reworking Euripides’ ‘The Trojan Women’ with their own life stories

Aleppo siege jeopardises Syria ceasefire

Offensive by Assad forces erodes US efforts to carve Russia deal

We must target Isis’s poisonous politics

Jihadists strike in Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh as they lose ground in Iraq, says David Gardner

Turks tempt skilled Syrians with passports

Ankara looks for professionals among fugitives from war

Three truths about the Iraq war

Whatever Chilcot says, there is no denying that this conflict has shaped recent history

Turkey plans to offer citizenship to Syrians

Erdogan’s refugee proposal could complicate EU migrant deal

Istanbul attack shows Turkey needs allies

President Erdogan will need assistance if it is to defeat Isis, writes David Gardner

Diplomats speak truth to power on Syria

The only surprise is that opposition to policy has not surfaced earlier, writes Richard Haass

US diplomats urge strikes on Syria regime

Call for military action to force Assad to seek settlement

Military might alone will not defeat Isis

Regardless of battlefield success, the politics are unpromising

Syrian advance raises fear of race for Raqqa

Isis ‘capital’ threatened by Assad regime and US-backed militias

Raqqa risks pitting Russia against the US

Efforts to recapture the Isis stronghold are fraught with danger

UN under pressure to start Syria aid airdrops

Alternative to blocked convoys to besieged areas faces problems

Belgium: Journeys to jihad

A terror trial in Brussels revealed the depth of the challenges facing security forces

US-backed Syrian force targets Isis area

Move will test Washington’s relationship with Ankara

America’s ties could win friends for Isis

The US has privileged a tactical victory over a strategic one

Isis surprise attack wins Syrian rebel territory

Significant push toward Turkish border threatens supply corridor

Arab-Kurd divisions blunt Raqqa offensive

US struggles to muster coherent force to loosen militant grip on bastion

Isis claims responsibility for Syria bombs

Four blasts hit Jableh and three hit Tartus, an Assad stronghold

Syrians use pedal power for electricity

Alternative energy sources include solar panels and bicycle-powered generators

Syria rebel infighting aids regime advance

Forces loyal to Bashar al-Assad exploit strife to close on Damascus

An inconvenient truth and a line in sand

Outsiders are often blamed for the ruinous state of the region

Ottoman legacy dies hard in Middle East

Even devotees of centralised rule concede they may have to give ground to federalism

Syrian peace talks founder

Scepticism at calls for UN air drops to besieged areas as rebels and Assad forces step up campaigns

Syrian refugees boost Turkey’s economy

Since 2011, 4,000 new businesses have been set up by Syrians

Obama camp tilts at foreign policy dogma

Swipes at establishment old guard set strategy task for Clinton

Plummeting Syrian currency provokes anger at regime

Economy has steadily deteriorated since the start of the five-year civil war

13 Iranians killed in Syria fighting

Regime loses strategic town south of Aleppo

Dozens killed in Syria camp air strike

Death toll among internally displaced people feared to rise