An increasingly complicated armed conflict is pitting rebel groups in Syria not only against the regime and its allies, but also against each other

Syrian refugees fear never leaving Turkey

Alarm in Ankara at the growing costs of refugee burden

Editorial Comment

US is right to extend fight against Isis but its goals must be defined
Syria’s sham election is a ‘tableau vivant’ of tyranny
Notion west can deal with Syrian leader must be rejected

Syria accuses Israel of Damascus strikes

Explosions targeted military sites, opposition sources say

Aid cut sparks panic for Syrian refugees

World Food Program says it needs $64m for December alone

US and Turkey still divided on Syria path

‘Safe zones’ for rebels could be established near border

Syrian rebels unite in ‘battle of destiny’ for Aleppo

Rival factions join forces in struggle for symbolic stronghold

Anish Kapoor: art therapy with Syrian refugee children

When the sculptor was invited by Unicef to visit a refugee camp, he was not prepared for the sense of hopelessness he encountered. But then he realised how art might make a difference

Kobani fighters crave blood and batteries

Smugglers offer lifeline to Kurdish fighters

Air strikes target Nusra fighters in Syria

Attacks come after al-Qaeda affiliate seized most of Idlib province

Nusra ousts Syrian rebels from Idlib

Bases and weapons surrendered to al-Qaeda affiliate

Syrian jihad lures disaffected Tunisians

Nation that led Arab Spring leads in numbers fighting with Isis

Iraqi Kurd fighters enter Kobani

Western-backed foreign forces join the fight on ground in Syria for first time

Battle revives Kurds’ nationalist ambitions

Defence of Kobani has become a rallying call for stateless Kurds

British spy drones to fly over Syria

Aircraft to gather intelligence against Isis fighters

Assad still using chemical arms, say rebels

Syria seen as flouting 2013 deal while world focuses on Isis

Turkey allows Kurds to relieve Kobani

Shift in policy as US drops weapons to city’s defenders

Suicide bomb hits anti-Isis group in Syria

Attack on Hazm Movement sends warning to groups considering joining western coalition

Kurds declare advance on Kobani

Key positions retaken as Americans attack Islamist ground forces

US and Turkey focus on role of airbases

Turkish officials say stance has not changed despite US assertion

Iraqi Kurds send aid to Syrian counterparts

Weapons and equipment dispatched to fend off jihadis

US and Turkey in diplomatic stand-off

Washington frustrated with Ankara’s inaction over Isis