An increasingly complicated armed conflict is pitting rebel groups in Syria not only against the regime and its allies, but also against each other

MPs urged to reconsider Syria air strikes

Defence secretary hints at fresh debate after PM’s defeat in 2013

Editorial Comment

US is right to extend fight against Isis but its goals must be defined
Syria’s sham election is a ‘tableau vivant’ of tyranny
Notion west can deal with Syrian leader must be rejected

Turkey eyes setting up Syria safe zone

Move would aim to stop Kurdish militia capturing new border areas

Jordan to set up southern Syria buffer zone

Plans will provide first haven for refugees and fighters

Druze urge Israel to help besieged Syrians

Minority community worried by religious persecution near border

Isis blocks fuel to northern Syria

Jihadis undermine rebels’ ability to fight

Saudi defence minister to meet Putin

Prince to discuss Moscow’s support for al-Assad regime

Victory changes the game for Syria’s Kurds

Town’s seizure strengthens group’s hand in any talks

Kurds take Isis-held Syrian border town

Turkey wary of area coming under Kurdish control

Isis in position to advance on Damascus

Some locals cheer beheadings of informants and state officials

Isis militants control half of Syria

Pro-opposition locals say jihadis ‘more merciful’ than Assad

Syrian middle class hit by rebel gains

Regime struggles to ensure stable living conditions in Damascus

Intelligence tsar takes Assad secrets to grave

Death revives suspicions of Syrian complicity in Hariri assassination

Coalition air raid kills civilians in Syria

Anti-Assad rebels say air raids push Syrians into arms of Isis

Regional shifts pile pressure on Assad

The stalemate is fracturing and spells danger for Damascus

Syrian rebels capture Jisr al-Shughour

Islamist advances suggest Assad is losing grip on northwest

Syrian rebels heartened by Sunni unity

Military gains on northern and southern frontiers point to co-ordination

Isis senses territorial gains in Syria

Regime weakness offers jihadis opportunity to advance

Palestinians flee Damascus refugee camp

Fierce fighting as Isis gains foothold in Syrian capital

Isis edges closer to Syrian capital

Palestinian district of Yarmouk under attack from jihadis

Fighters flock back to resurgent al-Nusra

Al-Qaeda affiliate ranks swell after gains in northwest Syria