Russia reasserts its muscle

Western policymakers and strategists are trying to figure out what Vladimir Putin’s military goals are in Syria — and if he intends to help the Assad regime regain territory lost to opposition forces

Syria explainer: the allies and enemies

The FT maps out the regional and global actors in the conflict

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Pro-regime demonstrators hold photos of Bashar al-Assad and Vladimir Putin outside Russia's embassy in Damascus ©AP
The US should treat Russia’s Syria initiative with extreme caution
US is right to extend fight against Isis but its goals must be defined
Syria’s sham election is a ‘tableau vivant’ of tyranny

Nato censures Russia’s Turkey air breach

Ankara’s allies alarmed by rise in tensions with Moscow

Assad praises Russia’s new role in Syria

President dismisses efforts of US-led anti-Isis coalition

Moscow scuppers Syria no-fly zone plan

Ramping up of coalition efforts may have precipitated Russian intervention

Obama attacks Putin over Syrian strikes

Defiant US president claims Russian intervention will boost Isis

Obfuscation at centre of Russia action

Apparent intention is to keep US and partners on the back foot

West fears Russia’s military endgame

Questions emerge over Putin’s goal in conflict

Russia carries out more strikes in Syria

Moscow claims its fighter jets hit four Isis-held sites

Russia’s Syria strikes test US resolve

Obama critics pounce after Putin seizes initiative again

US rebukes Russia over Syria air strikes

Washington rejects Moscow claims that attacks aimed at Isis

Russia exposes EU divisions on Syria

Intervention greeted with contrasting responses from EU states

Putin pushes to expand Syria alliance

Russia says US rejected invitation to join co-ordination centre

Putin and Obama look to end Syria war

Two leaders hold 90-minute ‘frank’ and ‘productive’ meeting at UN

US and Russia seek to avoid proxy war

Washington hopes to test Putin’s commitment to his Syrian client

Putin blames US and allies over Mideast

The FT probes speech that suggests little scope for co-operation

Is there an alternative to Bashar al-Assad?

It is far from clear who could lead any transition in Syria

Diplomats struggle to build bridges on Syria

Earlier talks stalled over Russian efforts to involve Iran

France strikes against Isis in Syria

Paris widens military campaign against Islamists beyond Iraq

Obama agrees to Syria talks with Putin

Meeting ends White House effort to isolate the Russian leader

Russia’s Syria build-up surprises Iran

Tehran fears loss of influence in Damascus