The City as a financial hub

London has railed against a raft of regulations from the European Union and the UK Government as it fights to maintain its reputation and status as a global centre for finance and investment

Brexit puts third of office deals in doubt

Concerns linger over pricing but bulk of transactions go ahead

Brexit: London can safeguard its status

A financial centre is created over time and the process is complex, writes Saskia Sassen

‘We have not seen major [Brexit] panic’

CEO of Pictet AM more worried about short-termism and passive

London’s future

Five scenarios for the city post-Brexit, from a ‘renationalised’ British capital to a European enclave

London brokers’ brave face on Brexit

Markets were showing signs of evolving even before the referendum

Artist rendition of 33 Central in London (taken from HB Reavis' press relase:
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Wells Fargo buys European HQ in London

Property deal of £300m is one of the biggest since UK Brexit vote

City of London sees Brexit differently to new minister

Financial services industry’s big priority is easy access into the EU single market

Dombrovskis softer on London’s euro role

Brussels regulator says it is ‘too early to draw conclusions’

Bill Winters, CEO of Standard Chartered.

StanChart chief warns of HQ move on tax

Relocation not on agenda as bank’s share of UK levy rose last year 

Larger asset managers are considering Dublin moves
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Hedge funds prepare to lobby on Brexit rights

Issues include consistency of regulation and staff visas

European banks face huge capital bill

Foreign banks’ London subsidiaries may need own funding

JPMorgan grilled over Brexit plans

Analysts pepper executives with questions on UK’s vote result fallout

If Jamie D were to have chat with Shriti V

BBA urges JPMorgan chief to take a more positive tone over Brexit

City anger over JPMorgan’s Brexit warnings

Treasury presses UK banks not to speak about job losses

Paris charm drive leaves bankers confused

After much enmity, there is distrust over France’s affections

Osborne pledges City Brexit safeguards

Vow to use ‘every possible measure’ to protect industry

Will London bankers flock to Paris?

Brexit has given the French a chance to get one over the English

Fund managers look at leaving London

Survey after Brexit suggests vote has led some to rethink UK base

Paris dangles tax carrots to London bankers

French premier steps up post-Brexit drive to lure UK executives

Berlin bids for post-Brexit fintech crown

With the UK voting to leave the EU, Germany is wooing start-ups

Japan’s banks to take lead on Brexit from US

Goldman Sachs’ decision on London office likely to influence Tokyo

Battle heats up over London’s euro clearing

Clashes over City role could set the tone for wider Brexit talks

Seeking a win-win for the City and Europe

Efforts to dismantle UK’s trading dominance may hurt Europe more

Asset managers retreat from London

Brexit threatens UK’s position as world’s second-largest fund management centre

Leaving the EU threatens fund passport

European sales of Ucits products by UK managers face disruptions

‘Brexit is dreadful for the UK’

MEP Sven Giegold says no chance of a privileged deal for the City

How the City can survive Brexit to thrive

Next couple of years will be ghastly but we’ll learn how to get along

Brexit: Europe plots a bank heist

London-based companies may need to move chunks of their business — but which cities in the EU will benefit most?

Europe’s bank regulator eyes London exit

Uncertainty over financial services occupiers chill London property market

HSBC’s chairman commits to UK base

Britain’s biggest bank rules out moving HQ after Brexit vote