Athens seeks debt relief

After Syriza’s election victory on the back of promises to end bailout-driven austerity measures, new finance minister Yanis Varoufakis is facing resistance within the eurozone to Athens’ plans to tackle the country’s massive debt burden

Tsipras wins backing over bailout talks

PM still faces opposition from hardline faction in coalition

Comment and analysis

Greece's prime minister Alexis Tsipras, left, and finance minister Yanis Varoufakis ©AP
Can Europe really allow Athens to fall into the arms of Moscow?
– Philip Stephens
Visitors are silhouetted against the sky as they leave the Parthenon temple on Acropolis Hill in Athens, Greece, on Sunday, May 3, 2015. Greece and its international creditors remain apart on key elements of the country’s bailout agenda even as they work to bridge differences in a bid to avert a default as early as this month. Photographer: Kostas Tsironis/Bloomberg ©Bloomberg
Greece’s predicament is not complex, and nor should it be impossible
– FT View
European Central Bank ©Reuters
The European problems of Greece and Britain involve no innate difficulty
– Wolfgang Münchau

Eurozone says no Greek deal without IMF

Cash-strapped Athens could be left for weeks with no aid

Investors eye consequences of a Greek default

‘Risk of eventual Grexit should not be underestimated’

ECB caught up in Bank of Greece politics

Technocrats could force Athens out of the currency union

Break from creditors, say Syriza rebels

Faction challenges Tsipras during talks to secure bailout money

Letter reveals fragility of Greek finance

Prime minister warned Athens would default without ECB aid

Pensions a sticking point in Greece talks

Call for reforms a big stumbling block in bailout negotiations

Greece taps IMF reserves to pay debt

Raiding of holdings highlights Athens’ cash crunch

Greece orders IMF payment

Fears abate that €750m would be used as bargaining tool

Accidental default should not lead to Grexit

Discussion needed on how to refinance banks at risk of deposit flight

Greece hits IMF repayment crunch time

Deadline is one of many that Athens must meet to avoid default

Greek debt talks near ‘drop dead’ moment

Athens faces default unless creditors agree two rescue deals

Greece overturns civil service reforms

Workers whose jobs were cut as part of bailout deal to be rehired

EU economic chief warns on Greek debt

Remarks by Moscovici reflect creditor resistance to debt ‘haircut’

Brussels slashes Greece growth forecast

Commission warns political turmoil weighs on economic outlook

IMF takes hard line on aid for Greece

Fund gives eurozone lenders ultimatum to write off Athens debt

Athens mayor tries to protect city’s cash

Municipal authorities resist demand to hand over funds

Greeks denounce austerity in May Day rally

Varoufakis mingles with protesters opposed to bailout terms

Greek endgames

Europe's plotwriters are deciding what form catharsis will take

Greece struggles to make pension payments

Athens meets domestic obligations amid prolonged stand-off with international creditors

Tsipras raises referendum if talks fail

Greek premier rules out default on €750m due to IMF

Tsipras moves to rein in Varoufakis

Greek PM reshuffles negotiating team as creditors lose patience

Eurozone in push to spur Greek talks

Finance minister isolated as eurogroup chairman calls premier

EU ire at Greece boils over

Finance ministers accuse Athens of backtracking on commitments

Greek contagion still on global risk list

Reduced liquidity and crowded trades mean danger remains

Weighing the rewards of risky Greek debt

Is the reward on offer high enough to cover the risk of not being paid back?

Greek debt deadlock hits shares and bonds

July 2017 bond yield rises above 29% and to the highest point since issuance

Mythology that blocks progress in Greece

It will not end well if those involved cling to false beliefs

Greek cash order triggers backlash

Mayors threaten to appeal emergency decree to shore up public finances

Greek short-term bond yields hit high

Debt due in 2017 at new peak for 7th straight session