Athens seeks debt relief

After Syriza’s election victory on the back of promises to end bailout-driven austerity measures, new finance minister Yanis Varoufakis is facing resistance within the eurozone to Athens’ plans to tackle the country’s massive debt burden

Data show Greek bank run loomed before deal

Withdrawals pick up again over financial fears and ‘Grexit’ risk

Comment and analysis

Draw the right lessons from past mistakes and current stand-off
– Martin Sandbu
Protesters gather in front of the Greek parliament during an anti-austerity and pro-government demonstration in Athens in February ©Reuters
Officials with little governing experience risk eroding their credibility, writes Mohamed El-Erian
– Mohamed El-Erian
Alexis Tsirpas talks to François Hollande in Brussels on Thursday ©Reuters
Unless Syriza changes tack, it is leading Greek people out of the single currency

Greece cash crisis takes turn for worse

Athens told it has no legal claim on €1.2bn for bank fund

Athens raids public health coffers

Greek government ‘a minute from midnight’, says analyst

Q&A: As Greece and creditors squabble, cash is running out

EU authorities that could bail it out are refusing to do so

Merkel pressed to act tough over Greece

German chancellor to meet Alexis Tsipras in Berlin

Tsipras warns Merkel of ‘impossible’ debt

Concerns mount Athens could run out of cash in April

Greek bailout summit ends in disarray

Leaders in verbal hostilities after meeting over funding deal

Tsipras vows to accelerate reforms

Wrangles continue as PM fails to secure urgently needed cash

ECB considers curb on Greek T-bill deals

Move would cut off funding source for Athens

Greece and creditors fight before summit

Tsipras accused of pushing ‘humanitarian bill’ through without consultation

Greek war claims supported in Germany

Demands long dismissed as outdated win wider backing

Syriza rival attacks party over debt talks

Greece’s political capital squandered, says To Potami leader

Belgium questions Greek tactics over debt

Finance minister says eurozone countries prepared to let Greece go

Greek WW2 demands set creditors on edge

Rhetoric stirs debate on Syriza’s intentions

Athens calls on social security funds

Finance ministry caught out by fall in tax receipts

Greek talks with creditors finally to start

Fears two-week stand-off hurt prospects of deal

Allow Syriza to claim victory at home

The negotiations must be about which reforms can be implemented

UK business chiefs warn on Grexit risks

Despite extension Athens still in danger of running out of cash, says FT City Network

Greece in charts: Athens’ uphill struggle

The country faces a huge economic challenge despite bailout deal

Greece in talks for bailout of up to €50bn

De Guindos says no alternative to solidarity

Greece told to start reforms to gain cash

Negotiator Dijsselbloem lays out conditions for emergency funds

How Dijsselbloem did the Greek deal

Eurogoup finance chief describes a turbulent month of talks

Bundestag backs Greek bailout extension

Protesters in Athens demonstrate against Syriza deal

Lagarde shows tough love to Greece

Painful experience seen to have damaged institution’s credibility

Greece — one hurdle cleared, more to come

Deal may have spared risk of bank runs but plenty of risks loom

German MPs urged to be tough with Greece

Business lobby’s warning reflects doubts about extended bailout

A closer look at Athens’ proposed reforms

Pledges resemble those made by previous finance ministers

Trichet warns on Grexit dangers

Former ECB chief says EU would be ‘shocked’ despite new policy tools

Eurozone approves Greek reform proposal

IMF and ECB raise concerns over new plan

A Greek deal cannot fix the euro’s flaws

The urgent need for Europeans to work together