Scottish independence

Scotland will decide in a referendum to be held on September 18, 2014 whether or not to end the 306-year-old union with England

Defenders of union come under fire

Negative campaigning concerns opponents of Scottish independence


Scotland Poll tracker
As Scotland prepares to vote on independence, the FT takes a closer look at polling data in an interactive poll of polls
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What the impact will be on finance, business and the economy should the Scots vote for independence
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Labour makes pledges to Scottish women

Party counters SNP efforts to increase female support for independence

HMS Victorious photographed in the Clyde estuary whilst on transit to the Clyde Submarine Base Faslane.
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Naval chief warns on independent Scotland

Vote would strike at ‘very heart’ of UK’s maritime defence

Abandoning debt would ‘strengthen’ Scots

Edinburgh says report shows London would have to negotiate

SNP girds itself for the ‘last mile’

Party plots final campaign with deficit in polls still to overcome

Salmond bids to woo women voters

SNP promises action on company board gender balance

Referendum is not about supporting SNP, Salmond says

Nationalists seek to broaden political support for Yes vote

SNP tries to woo Scottish Labour voters

Fear of continued UK rule by the Tories could sway Labour voters

Scots poll threatens UK rating, says Fitch

Independence would raise ratio of debt to GDP, warns agency

UK warns Scots of energy price threat

Energy secretary says Scots power not vital to rest of Britain

Robertson warns on Scottish independence

Break away would be ‘geopolitically cataclysmic’

UK needs Scotland ‘to keep the lights on’

Scottish government report scorns Westminster’s energy policy

Weir chief against Scottish independence

Cochrane cites uncertainties over currency and EU

Darling disowned over sterling union ‘plebiscite’

Unionist campaign left looking more and more divided

Policy rifts rock Scottish No campaign

Cross-party Better Together group hampered by negative tone

Think-tank warns on Scottish security risk

Warning on scaled down service in an independent Scotland

Darling moots currency union vote

People in UK ‘need to have a say’ if Scotland becomes independent

Salmond blasts currency union ‘bluff’

Westminster leak suggests quid pro quo for Faslane nuclear base

Coalition denies Scotland could join currency union

Leaving the UK means leaving the pound, ministers say

Scottish issue weighs on northeast England

Independence and more devolution pose problems

Split emerges in Scottish finance community

RBS chief says trade body lacks objectivity on vote

CBI says Scottish Yes vote ‘doesn’t add up’

Cridland escalates attack in referendum debate

Scots to publish interim constitution

Draft bill to ‘enshrine Scottish values’

Scots urged to update oil revenues

Think-tank claims figures are ‘year out of date’

Brussels scuppers Scottish pension hopes

Overhaul of strict EU cross-border funding shelved

GE Europe chief wants UK to stay in EU

Ferdinando Beccalli-Falco also warns over Scottish independence

BlackRock warns on Scotland split

Independence would create ‘major uncertainties, costs and risks’

Miliband to warn Scots over independence

Labour leader fears ‘race to bottom’ on tax cuts and wages

Finmeccanica warns on Scottish vote

Impact on defence group’s Edinburgh arm depends on MoD

Scotland courted with whisky cheers

Chancellor warns on fiscal risks of leaving UK

Labour pledges more powers for Scotland

Party aims to boost support for pro-union campaign

Scottish businesses warn on independence risks

Only six company leaders say opportunities outweigh risks

Scottish Tories unite over need for devolution

Conference season starts as independence vote looms

Plan to devolve Scottish aviation taxes

Budget set to become a pro-union campaigning tool

Scottish deficit raises fiscal concerns

Nation had wider gap than UK as a whole in 2012-13

Brown calls for more powers for Scotland

‘No’ campaign is divided over further devolution

Alliance Trust flags Scottish concerns

Fund manager prepares for vote on breakaway from UK

Alexander warns Scots on risk to pensions

Independence could push up costs, says UK Treasury chief

Scottish Labour endangers ‘no’ campaign

Divisions emerge over attempts to persuade voters to reject independence

Shell joins chorus against Scots’ split

Economic pillars of oil and finance share fears over Yes campaign