Scottish independence

Scotland will decide in a referendum to be held on September 18 whether or not to end the 307-year-old union with England

Salmond addresses currency conundrum

SNP proposes alternatives if Scotland loses pound


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What our Scottish readers are saying about the independence referendum
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What the impact will be on finance, business and the economy should the Scots vote for independence
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Scotland’s currency choices

What options will the country have in the event of independence?

Book prices ‘to rise’ if Scots vote Yes

Retailers say EU would force Scotland to levy VAT on books

Salmond focuses on NHS in run up to poll

Social democratic values take centre stage in independence fight

Salmond mixes medieval with modern message

Historical resonance of Declaration of Arbroath of 1320 cited

Scottish Yes vote gains ground in polls

ICM survey casts doubt on surging No support in wake of Darling debate

SNP takes heart from 2011 poll comeback

Party’s unexpected triumph offers hope for independence vote

Salmond to have another crack at Darling

Debate one of last big set-piece moments ahead of Scottish vote


London and Edinburgh tussle over islands

UK proposes plan of support to rival Scots’ package

BoE remarks hit Scottish Yes campaign

Central bank scotches idea of talks on monetary arrangements

BoE has plans for independent Scotland

Carney remarks should ease fears of capital flight

‘Yes’ is path to full employment, says SNP

Scottish government unveils plan to boost case for independence

Davidson warns Scotland over UK debt

Scottish affairs committee chairman warns over military kit

Salmond insists Scotland will keep pound

First minister shrugs off criticism of having no Plan B

Surge in support for Scotland to stay in UK

Salmond-Darling debate dented support for independence campaign

Fixing Scotland’s depositor dilemma

Sterling contracts should continue to payable in that currency

Scots warned of emergency lending perils

Scotland opens autonomy issue across UK

Independence vote prompts wider debate about devolving powers

UK parties outline ‘devo max’ proposals

Westminster politicians pledge extra income tax powers for Scots

Scottish vote fuels Barnett formula row

Fears poll will spark demand for financial devolution in England

Celebrities urge Scots to stay with UK

Unofficial No campaign backed by rock stars, academics and actors

Scottish start-ups wary of speaking out

Tight-knit community worried about entering independence debate

Yes camp tries to soften TV debate blow

Scottish independence activists promise huge grassroots campaign

The twilight of private ownership in Scotland?

Landowners must be trembling in their boots – irrespective of vote result, says Merryn Somerset Webb

Salmond labours as Darling gets best lines

Early polls give ex-chancellor and No campaign a win

Salmond on defensive over keeping sterling

Darling demands in TV debate: ‘What’s Plan B?’

New poll boosts Scottish nationalists

Pro-unionists’ lead falls by four points ahead of live debate

Westminster relaxed over Scotland debate

Some MPs concerned at perceived lack of English interest

Weak UK reception for TV Scottish debate

Live debate to be shown online only south of border

UK parties in Scottish devolution pledge

Joint declaration comes ahead of televised debate