Scottish independence

Scotland will decide in a referendum to be held on September 18, 2014 whether or not to end the 307-year-old union with England

Cameron hints at risk to Scottish exports

Independence would mean losing access to embassy ‘sales force’


Scotland Poll tracker
As Scotland prepares to vote on independence, the FT takes a closer look at polling data in an interactive poll of polls
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What our Scottish readers are saying about the independence referendum
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What the impact will be on finance, business and the economy should the Scots vote for independence
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Glasgow is set for political games

Scottish nationalists poised for emotional boost

Scotland’s financial sector at ‘risk’

MPs warn on independence and label currency union a ‘dead parrot’

Yes or No – Scots set for fiscal change

‘Devo-max’ tax policies are being promised by pro-union parties

Scots warned to beware ‘Montreal effect’

Academics cite Quebec example of ‘neverendum’ impact on business

Salmond fishes for support in Liverpool

SNP leader struggles to convince England’s most contrarian city

Scottish economy back to pre-crisis size

UK is beaten to growth milestone by a whisker

Scotland’s ‘missing million’ yet to speak

Final months of campaign will focus on non-voters

Scotland launches domain name .scot

Dozens of web suffixes becoming available this year

‘Scotsie 100’ undone by dire bank showing

Scottish stocks underperformed rest of UK over past 60 years

Darling urges less vitriol as poll looms

Both sides in Scottish campaign take on more staff and volunteers

Thales warns on Scottish independence

Defence contractor says separation has ‘no discernible benefits’

Watchdog cuts N Sea oil revenue forecast

OBR deals blow to Scotland’s Yes campaign

Banks face cash outflows after Yes vote

UBS says depositors likely to shift money south of border

Donation deluge for pro-union camp

Bankers and Tory donors pour money into No campaign

Yes vote will ‘finish’ Scottish shipbuilding

Union bosses tell MPs thousands of jobs will be at risk

Scots nationalists accused of bullying

Business chiefs told not to enter debate

Scottish private sector lags behind

Gap largely explained by an underperforming services sector

Cameron makes patriotic plea to Scots

PM launches No campaign battle for voters’ hearts

PM in plea to Scottish ‘silent majority’

Call for big push against separatism in run-up to referendum

Scots’ Yes vote ‘good for City lawyers’

Law society chief says independence would keep legal firms busy for decade

Scotland Yes camp losing battle, poll finds

FT analysis says ‘don’t knows’ turning to back the union

Academic costs Scots Yes at £600m-£1.5bn

Dunleavy says total equivalent to 0.4-1.1% of new state’s GDP

‘Braveheart’ screening stokes Scottish debate

Clash between pragmatism and emotion of Hollywood blockbuster

Should Scotland go its own way?

Independence or interdependence? A novelist and a former prime minister set out the choice for Scotland. Review by John McDermott

Scottish No campaign takes 10-point lead

Gap narrows slightly, according to FT poll of polls

Rate rise ‘would hit Scottish recovery’

Move to cool London property boom biggest threat

China premier opposes Scottish Yes vote

Downing St meeting shows warmth between leaders

Edinburgh unveils constitution proposals

Draft document asserts that ‘the people are sovereign’

Clans keep out of Scottish vote debate

Analysts agree chiefs’ influence would be negligible