European bank regulation

The EU’s banking union plans seek to place eurozone banks under the overarching supervision of the ECB, followed by the creation of a bank resolution scheme for the bloc and, eventually, a common deposit scheme

The danger of eurozone banking fudges

Stress test results will put the focus on weaknesses, writes William Rhodes

Europe must fix its banks

Risk-sharing faces political resistance in creditor nations such as Germany, writes Reza Moghadam

Renzi is right on Europe banking problem

The EU should let governments fix structural issues that choke growth, writes Philipp Hildebrand

Italy ready to defy EU over bank rescue

Regulators fear intervention would dent credibility of new rules

Bank rescue has implications beyond Italy

Italian PM says €40bn plan will solve problem ducked in 2013

Brexit: Haunted Europe

The UK vote to leave throws into doubt the EU’s survival as support for expansion evaporates

Britain left EU long before the exit vote

I am torn between fear of disintegration and hope that Brexit will force the bloc to fix its faults

Breaking the ‘doom loop’ could take a decade

EU policymakers will not want to destabilise financial markets

France and Italy push against bank rules

Fears that EU may go too far trying to prevent financial crisis

Italy would block EU bank insurance plan

PM Renzi warns over attempt to limit holdings of government debt

Cameron takes on City ‘safeguards’ critics

France pushes for clearer language to avoid backdoor veto

Four signs another eurozone crisis looms

Markets are losing faith in Mario Draghi’s pledge to do it takes

EU official defends failing bank rules

Single Resolution Board chief Elke König says measures aimed at ending era of taxpayer bailouts

EU bank rules attacked amid market tumult

Nascent regime under fire from Italy for being destabilising

Bad luck for backers of ‘good bank’

Predictability would be welcome but Portugal did the right thing

Investors cry foul over bank bail-ins

Tough new rules for failing lenders introduced across EU this year

Bondholders on the hook

Will the EU follow its own new rules on banking?

New EU authority budgets for 10 failed banks

SRB issues tender for legal and accounting advice ahead of first resolution

Strong eurozone needs full banking union

Common deposit insurance will reduce the risk of future crises

Italy’s Renzi faces bank rescue backlash

PM under pressure after retiree who lost savings commits suicide

Germany warns on eurozone bank plan

EU treaties must be amended first, Schäuble says

Brussels warns Italy on banking union

Juncker makes appeal days after Rome clears recapitalisation

Brussels plans for bank guarantee fund

Deposit guarantee seen as ‘final pillar’ in EU banking union

Brussels plans deposit guarantee fund

Risk-sharing move to shore up euro set to enrage Berlin

ECB seeks to harmonise bank rules

Central bank faces opposition from some national regulators

Europe pushes on with bank bailout scheme

Move seen as key to boost confidence in lenders

Better no fiscal union than a flawed one

If this is the kind of integration on offer, better to say no

Crises that threaten to unravel the EU

Refugee issue has overshadowed the euro, but the single currency’s problems have not gone away

Eurozone: The case against ‘cash for reform’

EU bailouts were based on the belief that a wave of sovereign defaults could doom the single currency. But was it correct?

Paris attacks UK’s EU bank reform opt-out

Dispute takes on added significance as UK begins renegotiating European membership terms