European bank regulation

The EU’s banking union plans seek to place eurozone banks under the overarching supervision of the ECB, followed by the creation of a bank resolution scheme for the bloc and, eventually, a common deposit scheme

Poland criticises eurozone banking union

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Central bank intends to keep control of macroprudential policy


Eurozone banks and sovereigns remain tightly embraced
Proper banking union requires a common backstop
Governments should give Frankfurt political cover

EU leans on big banks for bailout fund

System favours Germany and Spain but not France

Shortfalls likely to emerge from ECB test

Unprecedented probe expected to expose banks’ capital weaknesses

ECB bank audit covers consultants in cash

Comprehensive assessment to cost about €500m

Bank union seen as risk to voice at EU

Eurozone project to drain UK influence

Banking union: Foundations laid but bricks still to fall in place

The new structures have yet to show they can live up to billing

EU regulators unveil stress test details

Debt market sell-off and plunging house prices are among parameters

Super Tuesday for EU bank regulation

Biggest set of financial rules passed since single market

Six ways to mend Europe’s financial sector

A legislative ‘Super Tuesday’ passes seven files of regulation

EU deal on bank failures at risk

Britain in last-minute scramble to save lifeline for its banks

Q&A: How the banking union plan will work

Details of the deal agreed in Brussels

EU reaches deal on banking union

Marathon talks end with small German concessions

City warns of damage from EU regulation

Lobby group fears effect of banking union

Paris and Berlin in bank rescue fund row

EU enters talks on central system for handling crises

Stand-off over Europe’s bank resolution plans

Parliament and member states seen a long way from agreement

Schäuble shifts on EU bank rescue fund

German minister sets out condition for swifter timetable

ECB backs strength of bank health check

Appraisal is central bank’s first foray in supervisory role

Germany’s SPD criticises Schäuble bank deal

Merkel’s junior coalition partner sends letter to Brussels

UK opposes Draghi role at watchdog

Treasury seeks to curtail influence of ECB following banking union

EU bank rescue plan faces legal challenge

Deal on €55bn fund viewed as illegal under Brussels law

EU bank reforms to test investor resolve

Funding costs watched as banks prepare new bond issues

Banking union falls short of EU goal

Most of financial burden still with governments or private investors

Europe agrees to pool control of bank wind-ups

Final deal heavily influenced by Germany

ECB blow to European bank backstop

Doubt cast on credibility of system to wind up institutions

Q&A: EU banking union at a crucial juncture

Biggest loss of sovereignty since euro created