ECB’s bond-buying plan

The European Central Bank has pledged to continue its €60bn-a-month bond buying programme for another six months until March 2017 “or beyond” in a programme of QE aimed at revitalising the eurozone economy and countering deflation

EU banks uneasy over deeper negative rates

Policy has pushed investors into bonds at expense of equities

Central banks peer into uncharted waters

The Bank of Japan should not fear cutting interest rates even further

ECB will not ‘surrender’ to low inflation

Draghi reinforces his case for action next month

Draghi puts case for another easing

ECB president says weak inflation justifies more action

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We are the QE generation

Unconventional monetary policy loosening may be with us for life, warns David Oakley

Draghi defends ECB monetary easing policy

Impact of strategy on economy substantial, says central bank chief

Draghi’s inflation targets miss the mark

The ECB keeps failing because it is not fully committed

European Central Bank (ECB) president Draghi arrives for a news conference after a meeting of the ECB Governing Council in St Julian's, outside Valletta...European Central Bank (ECB) president Mario Draghi arrives for a news conference after a meeting of the ECB Governing Council in St Julian's, outside Valletta, Malta, October 22, 2015. European Central Bank President Mario Draghi said on Thursday monetary policy alone cannot solve the euro zone's economic problems and called on member countries to take additional actions alongside. REUTERS/Darrin Zammit Lupi MALTA OUT. NO COMMERCIAL OR EDITORIAL SALES IN MALTA

Dovish Draghi regains his poise

Markets still wary of ECB’s willingness to act decisively

Draghi hints at more stimulus in March

ECB chief’s comments spur equities rebound after rates kept on hold

ECB set to resist swift stimulus boost

Easing this week unlikely since last round was only 6 weeks ago

ECB policymakers pushed for more stimulus

Some on governing council sought deeper negative rates

Eurozone upside may surprise investors

Ultra-loose monetary policy and less stringent fiscal policy are a powerful combination

Economists ask states to drive recovery

National reforms seen as priority for 2016 to spark growth

Economists doubt more ECB QE in 2016

FT poll shows nearly half think central bank will do nothing

Rollercoaster ride for Europe’s QE gamble

Asset prices rise and fall as investors fixate on ECB experiment

Watch Europe roll printing presses

This is how the crisis may be resolved — not with a bailout or debt resolution but by printing money

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The challenges of central bank divergence

The US is years ahead of the EU in recovery and so at a different stage of the monetary policy cycle

Europe’s investors look to Fed for relief

Draghi’s slender QE expansion makes a US rate rise more likely

Why QE won’t work for the eurozone

Easing will have limited impact on currency area’s real economy

Draghi regains poise after market wobble

ECB head defends QE after accusations that he has lost his magic

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High yield loves underwhelming easing

Mario Draghi’s quantitative easing will benefit the asset class, says David Oakley

Forex shift powers US and euro equities

Latest job numbers give Fed leeway to tighten rates this month — if it so chooses

Forecasts revisited after ECB surprise

Fallout from ‘Draghi disappointment’ concentrates on currencies

On the ECB, the ayes have it

Frankfurt’s policies are working; more of the same will work better still

Draghi errs on the side of caution

Having prepped investors for a bazooka, he fired a popgun

ECB stimulus underwhelming but not trivial

Bank faced German opposition and fears of doing too much too soon

Draghi and challenge of great expectations

Markets wanted further stimulus, but the ECB direction is correct

ECB vows to extend QE until March 2017

Central bank lowers inflation forecasts

German short-term yields hit record low

Expectations of ECB loosening raises selling pressure on euro

ECB officials face ban before meetings

Board members barred from market contact in run-up to decisions

QE opponents could dilute ECB stimulus

Voting quirks leave president Draghi with fewer allies

Weaker euro worries central banks

Shared currency’s descent has wider consequences

Low eurozone inflation paves way for more QE

Core inflation falls to 0.9 per cent in the year to November

seals of the US Federal Bank and the European Central Bank

Central banks forge the path for markets

Further divergence in Fed and ECB policy will influence prices

ECB ponders economic stimulus options

Central bank eyes raising QE and rate cut

Dollar and euro diverge from Draghi effect

Transatlantic economic split may be approaching its limit

Draghi prepares for more monetary easing

The ECB should give QE more time and more firepower to work

Bond issuance in euros hits six-year high

Investment grade companies race to sell debt ahead of any ECB QE2

Draghi pledge to boost sluggish inflation

Comments seen as preparing markets for souped-up QE next month

ECB considered more QE, minutes show

Accounts buoy hopes bank will ramp up stimulus