ECB’s bond-buying plan

The European Central Bank intends to purchase more than €1tn in assets, including government and private sector bonds, by September next year during a programme of QE aimed at revitalising the eurozone economy and countering deflation

US money invades eurozone shores

QE and weaker euro bring equity fund inflows of $9bn in March

QE will lower living standards long term

Prospect of improvement in growth is largely a monetary illusion

Draghi yet to shift inflation expectations

Gauge watched most closely by ECB barely risen since QE began

Draghi hits back at QE hawks

ECB president denies programme delays national reforms

Stanley Fischer Governor of the Bank of Israel at his office in Jerusalem, Wednesday June 19 2013. Photo by Eyal Warshavsky

Fed’s Fischer flags US export boost

Growth in Europe will spur trade with North America

Euro dollar graphic

Exchange rates: Transatlantic divergence

There are signs Europe’s economy is turning a corner, but will dollar strength curb the US recovery?

Eurozone QE relies on a confidence trick

Programme’s impact unknown without evidence of how the policy transmits to the real economy

Life expectancy of eurozone QE shrinks

The ECB has made its move just when the economy appears to be on the turn, says John Plender

Yellen fights back in euro-dollar drama

Euro fall shows disruptive potential of central banks

Positive buzz about Europe hard to defend

‘Outperformance’ of EU shares due to weak euro and strong dollar

Draghi QE is stoking bond bubble risk

Eurozone bond prices losing touch with fundamentals

Japan’s big lesson for the eurozone

Be patient and prepare for a bumpy ride, writes Peter Tasker

Quantitative easing and the euro decline

Recent falls in the European single currency are no cause for alarm

Euro plunge tests ECB inflation forecast

Speed of fall surprises central bank economists

Central bankers warn on QE impact

German and Dutch chiefs fear nations will shirk reform

Eastern Europe feels dollar heat

ECB QE also contributes to weakening currencies

Euro stocks: flooding the zone

Shares are up in a continent dealing with Greece, and Ukraine

Dollar surge poses policy dilemma for Fed

Draghi says eurozone growth slowdown ‘has reversed’

Hunger for QE outweighs loss risk

Eurozone debt price likely to rise as issuance lags behind demand

Central banks dive into ECB QE

Eurozone policy makers purchase debt at negative yields

QE pushes the bond markets out of sync

The signalling role of German Bund yields has become confused

Five ways to tell if ECB’s QE is working

Mainstream and more obscure indicators on central bank’s watchlist

More negative rates to follow Europe’s QE

US dollar credit hailed as winner of new regime

European QE may not meet Draghi’s hopes

Recovery in Europe will be longer than in UK and US, says David Oakley

Bond moves will be test of Draghi’s QE

Falling yields will add to fears; rising ones signal market faith

Good news at last from the eurozone

The European Central Bank should push on with quantitative easing

Draghi calls recovery with perfect timing

Bond-buying plan has already helped boost confidence in the eurozone

ECB set to fire starting gun on QE

Central bank revises growth forecasts upwards

ECB prepares to give details of QE scheme

Euro falls to 11-year low ahead of announcement

Vanguard asset management

Vanguard’s Europe march tracks ECB’s QE

Passive investment provider expects rising demand for stocks

Why ECB risks running out of ammunition

Constraints lie in 25% issue and 33% issuer limits on bond purchases

Eurozone’s march to QE enters its final stages

How the ECB runs its bond buying will set tone for yields

There are positives to negative yields

Returns can be made as large scale ECB buying pushes up prices

Germany sells debt at negative yield

Once a rare phenomenon, such securities are becoming more common

ECB opens up with minutes release

Central bank ends a decade of silence over policy meetings

Negative rates to rattle financial system

Impact to hit pension funds and insurance groups

Nordic central banks leap into unknown

Experts worry people could hoard cash if rates remain negative

ECB board member says eurozone picking up

QE and falling oil prices begin to boost output in euro area

Eurozone junk-rated debt holds its appeal

ECB stimulus keeps high-yielding debt in vogue

ECB breathes sigh of relief over QE

Markets respond positively as start of controversial programme nears