ECB’s bond-buying plan

The European Central Bank intends to purchase more than €1tn in assets, including government and private sector bonds, by September next year during a programme of QE aimed at revitalising the eurozone economy and countering deflation

Draghi hands markets a gift

ECB stands ready to bolster €60bn per month QE programme

Downbeat Draghi ready to beef up QE

ECB downgrades eurozone growth and inflation projections

Low inflation adds to ECB conundrum

Downgrades set to dominate governing council meeting

Weak eurozone inflation revives QE debate

Headline inflation remains unchanged at 0.2%

European yields up after refocus on growth

Chinese stock market convulsions fail to disturb sovereign bonds

ECB sees ‘few signs’ of slowdown in China

Vice-president Constâncio plays down fears over Chinese equities

Greek bonds rally on hopes of QE buying

Investors bet on inclusion in ECB programme after rescue deal

ECB signals inflation turning point

Bank’s minutes indicate easing of deflation pressures

European QE ‘no good’ for infrastructure

European Central Bank’s bond buying is crowding out pension funds

ECB urged to use firepower aggressively

IMF warns that Greece could still flare up as crisis point

QE inflating house bubble, warns study

Germany, Norway and the UK judged most at risk

Europe is the falling knife you can catch

Stocks now look cheap in Europe but China appears too risky

ECB adds state companies to QE buying

Expansion would increase substantially central bank’s firepower

Eurozone inflation dips in June

Price pressures remain weak, showing policy makers’ challenges

ECB must resist call to smooth bond moves

A QE buying spree might push up inflation expectations further

European court backs ECB bond-buying

Verdict seals central bank win against German opposition

German industrialists fear cheap money

Groups warn ECB campaign could create ‘another bubble’

Draghi denies ECB market leaks

Central bank chief says bond information was already public

Draghi says ‘get used to’ bond volatility

Bund yields at 8-month high on ECB head’s comments

Why optimism on Europe looks justified

There is less fear of outright deflation than at start of year, writes Stephanie Flanders

Periphery holds while centre falls apart

QE has induced volatility in German bonds and relative calm elsewhere

ECB steps up pace of bond buying

Euro sinks as bank says it will increase purchases

European QE is a threat to pensions

Comfortable retirement for millions of European citizens at risk

Draghi perches on both sides of the fence

QE is so far working well in Europe, whatever its supposed side-effects

Have bonds reached a tipping point?

Only if market liquidity proves poorer than many fear or the Fed forces the issue

Central banks warned against ‘blind’ risk

Draghi alert to danger of financial instability and inequality

Explainer: German bond yields

Why Berlin’s cost of borrowing has shot up in the past few days

German bonds measure success of ECB QE

Big swings in 10-year Bund yields of late could have wide repercussions

Recovery hopes drive Europe bond sell-off

Yields rise on German Bunds and periphery debt alike

Riksbank expands QE to boost recovery

Sweden’s bank hints rates could fall further

Corporate bonds laid low by QE indigestion

Reverse Yankee deals underperform

Greek worries cast shadow on bonds

Borrowing costs for countries such as Spain and Italy have risen

Greek contagion still on global risk list

Reduced liquidity and crowded trades mean danger remains

Bund yield nears zero on Grexit fears

Eurozone QE has also driven demand for German bonds

A ‘flash crash’ or two gives needed jolt

Too much volatility is harmful but too little and behaviour will not change

Bond yields move lower

Germany’s 10-year government borrowing costs fall to 0.10%

ECB holds rates ahead of upbeat assessment

Draghi expected to pronounce on unexpected strengthening

Europe’s debtor paradise will end in tears

Nasty surprises lurk for those who have embraced negative yields

Investors pile into inflation-linked bonds

QE triggers rush for inflation protection

ECB QE alchemy transforms junk bonds

Half of euro BB rated debt yields below 2%