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In-depth news, commentary and analysis of the eurozone’s debt crisis and its faltering recovery as it struggles with austerity and attempts to regain competitiveness

Weak euro helps ease eurozone deflation

Unemployment at three-year low as signs of recovery strengthen

Comment and analysis

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Accidental exit from the eurozone is quite likely — not because Greece or its partners want it
– Martin Wolf
This Greek tragedy will not end happily for any of the protagonists
– DeAnne Julius
Economic sentiment rises in March to a near-four-year high
– Ralph Atkins

Greek exit fears climb eurozone agenda

Quantitative easing ‘artificially’ masks pain, says economist

US money invades eurozone shores

QE and weaker euro bring equity fund inflows of $9bn in March

Growth alone will not stabilise Europe

Fear of immigration and anger at elite corruption, as well as austerity, bolster extreme politics

Gloomy forecast for eurozone jobs

Depth of crisis means one in 10 workers would remain jobless

Eurozone QE relies on a confidence trick

Programme’s impact unknown without evidence of how the policy transmits to the real economy

Tsipras vows to accelerate reforms

Wrangles continue as PM fails to secure urgently needed cash

Yellen fights back in euro-dollar drama

Euro fall shows disruptive potential of central banks

Lisbon maintains degree of balance

Portugal’s crisis appears to have been well contained compared with some peripheral eurozone countries

Belgium questions Greek tactics over debt

Finance minister says eurozone countries prepared to let Greece go

Smoke and mirrors safer than cold turkey

Grexit would bring economic misery in the short term

Euro plunge tests ECB inflation forecast

Speed of fall takes central bank economists by surprise

Ultra-low interest rates could run and run

Instead of Japanification, we should probably now switch to a new term: Europification

Greek WW2 demands set creditors on edge

Athens rhetoric stirs debate on Syriza party’s intentions

Dollar surge poses policy dilemma for Fed

Draghi says eurozone growth slowdown ‘has reversed’

Low euro tailwinds lift European business

Currency effects have a dual effect on earnings

Is the eurozone overtaking the US?

An astonishing crossover in 'now-casting' models

France wins EU budget reprieve

Paris secures more time to bring deficit under 3% ceiling

Coeuré calls for respect for EU budget rules

Decision to allow France and Italy flexibility questioned

Euro’s fall triggers dollar parity chat

Speed of drop has surprised and forecasts are being revised

Rehn slams successors over France budget

Paris repeatedly flouted EU deficit limits

Draghi calls recovery with perfect timing

Bond-buying plan has already helped boost confidence in the eurozone

Eurozone inflation expectations jump

Surge cited by Draghi as evidence ECB policy is working

Greece in talks for bailout of up to €50bn

De Guindos says no alternative to solidarity

Eurozone’s march to QE enters its final stages

How the ECB runs its bond buying will set tone for yields

Oil fall keeps eurozone inflation low

Energy prices in the currency area are 8% lower than they were in February 2014

How Dijsselbloem did the Greek deal

Eurogoup finance chief describes a turbulent month of talks

Investors slash exposure to the euro

QE and negative interest rates erode single currency

Rays of sunlight amid Europe’s gloom

German wage agreements ought to help prevent deflation

Eurozone approves Greek reform proposal

IMF and ECB raise concerns over new plan