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In-depth news, commentary and analysis of the eurozone’s debt crisis and its faltering recovery as it struggles with austerity and attempts to regain competitiveness

Eurozone approves Greek reform proposal

IMF and ECB raise concerns over new plan

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German wage agreements ought to help prevent deflation, writes Tony Barber
Birds fly past the Acropolis in Athens o...Birds fly past the Acropolis in Athens on February 19, 2015. Greece asked its EU creditors for six-month loan assistance, pledging to respect fiscal balance but rejecting further austerity, a government source said. AFP PHOTO / LOUISA GOULIAMAKILOUISA GOULIAMAKI/AFP/Getty Images ©AFP
There has rarely been a period when it is more urgent for Europeans to work together
– Gideon Rachman
There are creative solutions to the fiscal fight that now matters the most, writes Wolfgang Münchau

Eurogroup call raises hope for Greek deal

‘Constructive’ talks lead to invitation for conference call

Periphery bond yields drop on Greek hopes

Portugal’s 10-year yield falls below that of US equivalent

Greece scrambles to send draft reforms

Athens must spell out measures it will take to meet rescue conditions

Greek bailout extension deal agreed

Tsipras warns of tough times as four-month grace period leaves reform details undecided

‘Aegina gang’ holds key to euro crisis

Alexis Tsipras’s web of friendships could play defining role

Pace of recovery in eurozone quickens

Data suggest region’s exporters are benefiting from the weaker euro

Schäuble sets stage for Athens showdown

Greek crisis tests eurozone’s stability and Berlin’s EU leadership

Distrust hampers race for Greece deal

Varoufakis willing to yield but not on terms acceptable to Berlin

Greece bailout talks collapse in acrimony

Athens strongly objects to bailout extension

Impose capital controls in Greece

The resemblance to Cyprus is worrying and cannot be repeated

Gap yawns between Greece and creditors

Athens faces day of reckoning as eurozone finance ministers meet in Brussels

Greek crisis opens Portuguese faultlines

Lisbon faces cross-party criticism for tough Athens stance

Athens must stand firm on failed policies

The riskiest option would be a formal exit from the currency union

Ireland takes hard line on Greece

Dublin says no EU state should expect special concessions

Eurozone ministers to revisit Greek debt

Data watchers also to study minutes from Fed and Bank of England

Varoufakis faces game theory challenge

Greek minister hopes academic insights will produce triumph

Germany fuels hope for eurozone recovery

Markets rise as region’s economy grows better-than-expected 0.3%

ECB board member says eurozone picking up

QE and falling oil prices begin to boost output in euro area

Juncker revives eurozone integration plan

President seeks more consolidation despite anti-Brussels mood

Greek bailout talks with Europe break down

Recrimination as two sides fail to agree on way forward

Differences that divide union in Europe

French stagnation and Italian recession are not Germany’s fault

Eurosceptic UK advice falls on deaf ears

On the subject of Greece, Britain could not be much further from being a player in the game

Investors’ return stalls weak euro trend

Money has flowed back into eurozone since ECB announced QE, halting currency’s slide

Greece set for eurozone showdown

Parliament endorses hardline stance on bailout renegotiation

Two false paths and a third way for Europe

Rather than austerity plus reform we must offer growth and reform

Rome foresees economic benefit in euro’s fall

Finance minister hopes for boost to eurozone prospects

Merkel cautious on Greece’s bailout plans

Comments set the tone for a bruising week of financial diplomacy

UK draws up emergency plan for Greek exit

Cameron holds meeting with officials over risk of eurozone crisis

Risks in eurozone banks’ government links

Attractions of ‘carry trade’ could backfire in periphery