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In-depth news, commentary and analysis of the eurozone’s debt crisis and its faltering recovery as it struggles with austerity and attempts to regain competitiveness

Eurozone falls deeper into deflation

Prices fall by 0.6% in January

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Bank of England Governor, Mark Carney, speaking to the media about a transparency report at the Bank of England, in London, Thursday, Dec. 11, 2014. The Bank of England published an independent report by Kevin Warsh, which reviewed the transparency practices and procedures of the bank's Monetary Policy Committee, which sets Britain's interest rates. (AP Photo/Alastair Grant, Pool) ©AP
For the euro to survive, Europe needs political union or a rigid partnership, says Thomas Mayer
epa04573326 The 'Euro' sign shines bright above a waste container in Frankfurt, Germany, 20 January 2015. Financial experts are eagerly expecting the announcement of the European Central Bank (ECB) to acquire state bonds on a large scale after an ECB meeting to be held on 22 January. EPA/BORIS ROESSLER ©EPA
Sensible policy makers should see Syriza’s election success as a wake-up call not a nightmare
– Philip Stephens
The markets’ verdict on central bank policies is that they are failing on inflation and growth

Tsipras to meet eurogroup chief in Athens

Creditors fear Greek plans to roll back reforms

IMF points to failures in Ireland bailout

Fund says costs should have been borne by wider eurozone

Carney urges common eurozone policies

BoE governor criticises progress on joint taxation and spending

Eurozone leaders reject Greek debt relief

Rescheduling seen as possible if Athens sticks to reforms

Q&A: What now for Greece after Syriza win

The options for Athens in its wrangles over debt relief

Syriza win hands challenge to Europe

Far-left party falls two seats short of majority

EM currency boost seen as euro weakens

Analysts expect growth in euro-funded carry trades

EU cannot agree to write off Greek debt

The prospect of defaults would frighten the markets and increase the risk of another crisis

Who will blink now Syriza has won?

A new chapter of European instability is only just beginning, writes George Magnus

QE is an imperfect compromise for eurozone

By protecting itself from losses, the ECB recognises the possibility of European sovereign default

Euro falls to 11-year low after ECB move

Central bank’s QE sends euro and yields lower for second day

Monetary union is political union

The biggest problem is one Draghi can do nothing about

Grexit fears trump ECB QE on Greek yields

Anti-austerity party tops polls ahead of weekend’s election

ECB holds rates ahead of QE announcement

Bank is set to reveal the details of its large-scale sovereign bond-buying programme

Euro nears 11-year low as ECB acts

Barclays analysis points to potential ECB corporate bond buying

Finland opens door to Greece renegotiation

Stubb says debt maturity extension is possible

Super Mario strikes again

The ECB again breaks free of the constraints of eurozone politics

Draghi’s promise to do whatever it takes

Nobody knows whether ECB’s QE will work but it is a start at least

Weber queries euro’s future without reforms

Former Bundesbank head says countries need plans to boost long-term growth

Bolder steps from Europe’s banks

ECB’s QE programme must happen, the eurozone is at stake

European politics emerges as one of the top global risk factors

The European Commission has scaled down forecasts for growth against a background of deflation fears

Tensions simmer over eurozone QE

Concerns mount over concessions to Germany

QE will be different in the eurozone

Issues with bonds, banks, exports and politics key to outcome

Q&A: ECB bond buying and national losses

Some fear lack of mutualisation will make QE less effective

Monetary stimulus to avert apocalypse

The ECB is about to embark in earnest on a programme of asset purchases

The eurozone: A strained bond

The ECB’s debate with Germany threatens to lessen the impact of the expected asset-buying plan

Sapin open to debt dialogue with Greece

French finance minister calls on EU to respect election outcome

Why ECB should not dilute a QE programme

My plea would be to start with a big figure now. Size matters

Eurozone QE is on way — with conditions

ECB expected to force national central banks to take on losses for their national debt