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In-depth news, commentary and analysis of the eurozone’s debt crisis and its faltering recovery as it struggles with austerity and attempts to regain competitiveness

Spain faces Brussels rebuke over budget

Commission to warn over deficit targets and call for more cuts

Comment and analysis

The refugee crisis alone will reduce Germany’s financial and political room for manoeuvre
– Wolfgang Münchau
Local soldiers of the Hungarian Army's technical unit set the first elements of a 150 meters long metal fence at the Hungarian-Serbian border nearby Morahalom village on July 15, 2015. Hungary's parliament on July 6, 2015 overwhelmingly approved the construction of a controversial fence on the border with Serbia to keep out migrants, under new legislation that also tightens asylum application rules. Over the last two years, Hungary has been one of the main routes for people hoping to cross into Austria and Germany, most coming from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Kosovo. AFP PHOTO / CSABA SEGESVARI ©Daniel Pudles
Refugee issue has overshadowed the euro, but the single currency’s problems have not gone away
– Gideon Rachman
China’s market rumbles highlight the limits of a more aggressive ECB, writes Stephanie Flanders

Italy pushes for eurozone jobless scheme

Finance minister says proposal a big step towards risk-sharing

Regling plays down Greek debt expectations

Loan terms are the most concessionary ‘in world history’

Eurozone deflation stirs talk of QE boost

Energy cost slide of 8.9 per cent drives fall in prices

Brussels likely to end Spanish bank probe

Lenders would no longer have to raise billions in extra capital

Macron calls for radical eurozone reform

French economy minster eyes euro bloc treasury and parliament

Draghi cautious on more QE

Weaker recovery expected even as economic activity picks up

Focus shifts to further ECB stimulus

Central bank may take time before upping pace of asset purchases

Eurozone races to restructure Greek banks

Corporate depositors may be on the hook after January 1

Berlin fights Brussels integration push

Schäuble hits at plan for eurozone to pool more financial risk

Italy shines among euro stock gloom

FTSE MIB still offers positive returns in dollar terms this year

Downbeat Draghi ready to beef up QE

ECB downgrades eurozone growth and inflation projections

Europe ready to counter China slowdown

EU will use the tools at its disposal to prevent a broader crisis

Low inflation adds to ECB conundrum

Downgrades set to dominate governing council meeting

Weak eurozone inflation revives QE debate

Headline inflation remains unchanged at 0.2%

Concern as China turmoil lifts euro

Pressure could escalate as investors seek havens, say analysts

Weaker euro boosts eurozone export orders

PMI shows region’s economy strengthened a little in August

Weak eurozone data show recovery fragile

GDP disappoints in four of region’s five largest economies

ECB signals inflation turning point

Bank’s minutes indicate easing of deflation pressures

Germany criticises Greek bailout

Objections raised hours before Athens parliamentary debate

Industry slump weighs on eurozone recovery

Fears for bloc’s economy as production falls 0.4 per cent in June

Berlin must lead Europe to closer union

Integration is a noble attempt to overcome the EU’s problems

Democracy at the heart of fight for Greece

Desire to keep the euro but with different policies is unacceptable to eurozone elite, writes Martin Sandbu

Investment drop hinders eurozone recovery

Research shows companies prefer to hoard cash or buy back their stocks

Berlin’s devotion to rules harms EU

A confident leadership sets aside rule book in times of crisis

Eurozone remains on the edge of deflation

Inflation steady at 0.2% but plummeting commodity prices still weigh

Schäuble plan limits EU Commission powers

German proposal is response to EU body’s political shift

Something is rotten in the euro kingdom

Plan would have eased Greece’s chronic liquidity shortage

Let debtors exit euro, say German experts

Move should be option of last resort, says council of ‘wise men’

The EU must avoid a rupture with Berlin

Europe must create a fiscal union and a eurozone finance minister