In-depth news, commentary and analysis of the bloc’s fragile economic recovery as it attempts to regain competitiveness in the wake of the sovereign debt crisis and its struggles with austerity

Concerns over political influence at IMF

The fund must continue to reduce the undue dominance of Europe european banking authority

Bank stress tests highlight lending fears

EU policymakers concerned poor results could damp credit revival

IMF swayed by eurozone politics, says report

Damning evaluation of debt-crisis bailouts fuels debate on Greece

The danger of eurozone banking fudges

Stress test results will put the focus on weaknesses, writes William Rhodes

The high price of Europe’s pragmatism

The sustainable solution consists of a more integrated eurozone and a less integrated EU

Eurozone economy resilient despite Brexit

PMI figures show only slight slowdown in pace of recovery

Draghi backs bailout of Italian banks

Shares jump on hint of backstop as ECB keeps rates on hold

Brexit takes toll on German confidence

ECB sees eurozone lending so far undisturbed despite ZEW findings

Weak growth is Italy’s fundamental problem

There is a limit to what EU partners can expect of Renzi for now

The German balance of payments quandary

The consequences of ignoring a surging current account surplus could be profound

IMF downgrades eurozone growth post-Brexit

Impact depends on closeness of UK ties after leaving EU

How Europe should respond to Brexit

Is the best way to preserve the bloc to make it a prison?

Bond vigilantes expect eurozone fireworks

US hedge funds look ready to bet that without ever-closer union, the eurozone will break up

Brexit stirs eurozone break-up fears

Asset managers are concerned that Britain leaving the EU could trigger the end of the euro

US urges EU to ease austerity after Brexit

Obama administration to encourage UK to ‘raise its game’ in Nato

Eurozone can weather storm, says ECB

Vice-president maintains upbeat stance in face of lower growth

Brexit: Haunted Europe

The UK vote to leave throws into doubt the EU’s survival

Italy may be the next domino to fall

The country has a decisive referendum in October

The single currency: eur-on your own

Worry more about the euro than the pound

Britain left EU long before the exit vote

I am torn between fear of disintegration and hope that Brexit will force the bloc to fix its faults

Eurozone PMI at lowest level since 2014

Fears rise over single currency area’s growth

Hard choices if Britain leaves

EU leaders must share responsibility for past mistakes

Germany’s judges give ECB a grudging nod

The Karlsruhe court should allow flexibility in monetary policy

ECB prepares for Brexit contingencies

Impact of UK exit from EU on eurozone ‘very difficult’ to predict, says Mario Draghi

Germany to rule on legality of ECB weapon

Outright Monetary Transactions programme has never been used

ECB heads to develop post-Brexit strategy

Fears that British exit from EU would snuff out economic recovery

IMF warns of political risk to eurozone

Fund urges policymakers to act to counter divisions

The eurozone is no obstacle to UK growth

A vote to leave would destabilise Britain’s main trading partner

Brussels lambasted on national budgets

Jeroen Dijsselbloem, president of the eurogroup, raises concerns that some countries are treated better than others

Investors gamble on Europe ultra-long debt

Keenest buyers are pension funds because clients want regular income