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US urges EU to do more to aid economy

G20 finance ministers seek steps to stimulate eurozone growth

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We need extreme and co-ordinated policy to make it possible for Italy to ultimately stay in the eurozone
– Wolfgang Münchau
The eurozone has been running on luck – a commodity that tends not to last
– Wolfgang Münchau
Europe’s leaders must follow the direction set by ECB chief
– Editorial

Weak ECB loans demand paves way for ‘QE’

Banks took just over half expected loans in TLTRO operation

Poor ECB take-up a sign of eurozone woes

Many banks shun money as they see little demand from customers

Draghi’s eurozone jump start falls flat

Low take-up of four-year loans deals blow to the ECB

Negative interest rates far from absurd

Need for eurozone action forces out boundaries of economics

Shortfalls likely to emerge from ECB test

Unprecedented probe expected to expose banks’ capital weaknesses

Eurozone inflation revised to 0.4%

Price pressures remain significantly below ECB’s target

ECB poised to start its lending spree

Central bank will offer up to €400bn in cheap loans

Europe stock fund inflows reverse sharply

Investors turn cool, with outflows in nine of past 10 weeks

Eurozone leaders warn on fiscal rules

Intervention could set up a conflict with France and Italy

Draghi hits back at critics of ABS plan

ECB chief aims to ease fears over risks

ECB to press ahead with ABS buying

France and Germany rebuff calls to back purchases

Germany rejects spending splurge

Schäuble says only reforms and fiscal discipline can lift growth

Europe has to do whatever it takes

The new commission needs to take a stand for growth

Ireland in talks to refinance IMF loans

Italy calls for eurozone reform benchmarks

Finance minister moves to rally EU

Economists hail birth of ‘Draghinomics’

Policy mix signals important evolution of thinking

Eurozone borrowing costs turn negative

Yields on two-year bonds see further significant falls

Draghi’s intervention startles markets

ECB cuts rates and agrees to purchase asset backed securities

Draghi pins hopes on ‘orphan child’ plan

ECB set to revive dormant securitisation market

German banks dismiss ECB rates move

Asset-purchase programme unlikely to reviving economic growth

Eurozone services recovery falters

PMI dip highlights precariousness of economy’s return to health

Factory go-slow increases pressure on ECB

Ammunition for those seeking radical action from Draghi

Eurozone slips a step closer to deflation

Pressure mounts on ECB to ease policy next week

Spectre of ‘lost decade’ haunting Europe

Pressure grows on ECB to start quantitative easing

Eurozone banks set for €250bn injection

Banks expected to borrow in September and December

Eurozone economy shudders to halt

Dismal data from Germany, France and Italy prompt QE calls

Q&A: How bad is the eurozone slowdown?

Bloc’s core hit by snags as QE pressure grows on ECB

France warns on budget deficit target

France braced for almost zero growth

No respite for Hollande as economy continues to stagnate