Euro in crisis

In-depth news, commentary and analysis of the eurozone’s debt crisis and its faltering recovery as it struggles with austerity and attempts to regain competitiveness

Portuguese yields drop on ECB QE hopes

Ten-year bond yields reach lowest since late 2009


Eurozone crisis interactive
Key moments in the eurozone crisis and a breakdown of bailout spending so far

Pressure on ECB as inflation falls

Sharp drop in March stokes eurozone deflation fears

Draghi intervention has limited euro effect

Verbal signals fail to stop investor appetite for bonds

Portugal open to radical action by ECB

Finance minister welcomes possible purchase of corporate debt

Draghi steers ECB towards negative rates

Policy makers look to make it less attractive to hold euros

Self-fulfilling prophecy of the doomsayers

Warnings about outright deflation and the call for ECB action are misguided, writes Jürgen Stark

This could be when Greece defaults

It not in recession nor is it recovering. It has collapsed. But there is another story

‘Whatever it takes’ may not be enough

The eurozone faces problems that are beyond the control of the president of the ECB

Pros and cons of investors’ new found love for Europe

Anybody who thinks the euro-story is over, is likely to get a nasty shock at some stage

The ECB should eschew easing

There is no clear threat of persistent deflation, writes Michael Heise

Finland risks losing triple A rating

S&P warns over the Nordic country’s links to Russia

ECB signals unconventional monetary policy plans

Draghi blames euro’s strength for disinflationary trend

News Analysis

Fears grow over eurozone bond rally

Periphery becomes haven for investors fleeing troubled EMs

Investors lift EU peripheral bond markets

Greece raises €3bn after attracting more than €20bn in orders

ECB’s bond-buying not yet a done deal

Officials grapple with challenge of how QE plan would work

German shoppers raise eurozone hopes

Retail spending and imports climb

Greek €3bn bond sale snapped up

Yield set at 4.95% after orders in excess of €20bn

Greece launches sale of five-year bond

Investors place €11bn of orders in first long-term issue since 2010

Greece draws up plans for market return

Athens poised for first bond issuance for more than four years

Eurozone warned not to rely solely on ECB

European companies demand structural reforms to sustain recovery

ECB ‘must spend big to lift prices’

Central bank would have to buy €1tn in bonds to raise inflation

ECB eases its way towards radical action

‘Ogre of deflation’ raises Frankfurt’s rhetoric

Draghi needs to move from words to action

The European Central Bank president has been cornered

ECB says it is prepared to embrace QE

Draghi says policy makers united on possible radical action

Eurozone at risk without reform, says OECD

Danger of financial turbulence without stabilising banks

Cypriots angry despite bailout ‘success’

Business leaders warn of generational brain drain

ECB seen as unlikely to act despite deflation fear

Few analysts expect the central bank to ease policy

Europe’s banks load up on sovereign debt

Domestic debt accounts for 5.8% of banks’ combined assets

French growth plan reopens eurozone rift

President wants to put back targets to reduce the deficit

Eurozone unemployment stays near record

Joblessness dogs gradual economic recovery