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ECB warns of populist risk

Central bank says insurgent parties present obstacle to reform

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Eurozone creditor governments need to give Athens more fiscal room
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Mariano Rajoy, Prime Minister of Spain, photographed in La Moncloa Complex, Madrid, Spain, during an interview with the FT today. ©Charlie Bibby
But reprieves for Spain and Portugal will deepen divisions with Berlin
Greece's Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras addresses lawmakers during a parliamentary session in Athens, on Sunday, May 8, 2016. Greek anarchists hurled firebombs, chairs and wooden planks at riot police in brief clashes outside parliament while lawmakers were debating a controversial austerity bill, disrupting a much larger peaceful rally on Sunday. (AP Photo/Yorgos Karahalis) ©AP
There is no good alternative to helping the Greeks in the task before them, writes Mark Mazower

Poll points to eurozone growth slowdown

Purchasing managers’ index dips to 16-month low

ECB to demand data on 100m eurozone loans

AnaCredit database set up to help spot threats to financial stability

ECB steps up call for reform

Central bank wants looser fiscal policy and structural changes

Spain and Portugal win EU fiscal reprieve

Commission delays decision on fines for missed deficit targets

Italy wins Brussels’ ‘flexibility’ on debt

Renzi lobbying pays off as Rome wins room for manoeuvre

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Germany is the eurozone’s biggest problem

The monetary union will fail if it is run for the benefit of creditors alone

Politics clouds Greek debt talks

IMF and EU disagree on outlook for Athens’ growth

IMF tells eurozone to start Greece talks

Letter from Lagarde calls for negotiations on debt relief

Alarm bells ring over negative rates

Investors challenged by meagre sovereign debt returns

Eurozone growth contradiction explained

Yawning output gap is one reason why inflation remains so weak

Eurozone inflation forecasts downgraded

European Commission blames low oil prices and global economic weakness

Brexit ‘could boost eurozone GDP’

Financial activity would relocate, says leading French economist

Sovereign risk system needs reforming

Dutch EU presidency proposes more realistic risk weights

Rating agency gives Portugal lifeline

Investment grade decision allows ECB to keep buying country’s bonds

Eurozone GDP returns to pre-crisis levels

Strong French performance helps single currency area beat growth expectations

Draghi defends ECB’s ultra-low rates

Central bank chief fights back against German criticism

Spain poised to breach deficit targets

Shortfall of more than 3% will break threshold set by Brussels

Italy bank plan sets up bankruptcy fight

Bankers urge Renzi to bring laws in line with European norms

Italy agrees €5bn fund to rescue lenders

Move aims to calm concerns over stability of banking sector

Italy bank rescue plan watched closely by EU

Rome faces rules over public backing

Italy pushes for bank rescue fund

Padoan calls meeting to agree ‘last resort’ bailout plan

ECB minutes reveal stimulus divisions

Concerns raised over auction incentives and corporate bonds

Debt tide turns again for Portugal

Novo Banco crisis helps sour sentiment towards the country

Lagarde dismisses Greek default claim

Content of leaked transcript prompts anger in Athens