Emerging Market Turmoil

Emerging markets are taking a battering as investors withdraw at the prospect of higher global interest rates, exposing their economic and political weaknesses

Emerging market funds bounce back

Asset managers start to rotate back into developing economies


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Hard Currency: How to explain the relative stability in emerging markets currencies
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Fund flows surge back to emerging markets

Equity and bond funds receive $4.7bn in past week

More to rupee recovery than Modi mania

Improving growth outlook and central bank action have been key

Death knell for Brazil’s economic strategy

Pressure mounts on President to change strategy

Indonesia shines in post-tapering world

Investors pile in as election hopes fuel economic optimism

Investors re-engage with emerging markets

‘Fragile five’ currencies most exposed to Fed ‘taper’ have rallied

India seeks to shed ‘fragile five’ tag

Analysts say recovery follows hitting the bottom

EM held back by weak global recovery

Economies with reliance on commodity exports remain fragile

Renminbi falls to biggest weekly loss

China’s currency hits 13-month low as PBoc loosens reins

The escalating tensions over Ukraine are viewed through the prism of financial contagion to Russia, an important emerging market
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‘Teflon’ markets push limit of resilience

The line between confidence and complacency has become blurred

EM assets hit by chance of Fed tightening

Indonesian rupiah rally halted, but current account improves

Renminbi rate hits ‘red line’ losses level

Renminbi falls to 11-month low

Investors will be cautious in testing its tolerance of greater volatility

Bargain hunters snap up Russian equities

Investors take advantage of steep falls in share prices

Indonesia rebuffs ‘fragile five’ tag

Deputy finance minister talks up investor interest

Thailand cuts rates as others look to raise

Emerging markets looking to increase interest rates

Investors more bearish on emerging market consumer

Successful investor narrative comes back down to earth

Turmoil threatens Thailand investment

Bargain hunters move into Russia

Stocks are cheap but threat of conflict still looms

Investors count cost for Russian rouble

Return to cold war tactics will sour perceptions of Russia

Rouble likely to be casualty of conflict

Analysts anticipate Russia will use large quantities of foreign reserves

Emerging market debt fears abate but concerns persist

Retail investors have been exiting the sector but institutional interest has been steady

Rand rallies despite nervy global markets

Concerns over China policy keep currency traders on their toes

Renminbi’s fall marks seismic shift

Many believe China’s currency depreciation is engineered

Renminbi suffers fresh sell-off

Biggest weekly fall in years on heavy PBoC activity

China dismisses concern on renminbi fall

Central bank says market should not over-interpret sell-off

Renminbi’s ‘one-way bet’ reputation sours

Currency’s volatility could spell trouble for investors

EM debt investors undeterred by turmoil

US markets remain wide open to crisis-hit emerging nations

Brazil vows $18.5bn cuts to woo investors

Move to restore fiscal credibility after downgrade threat

Emerging nations told to fix own faults

Osborne says western monetary policy not to blame