Emerging Market Turmoil

Emerging markets are taking a battering as investors withdraw at the prospect of higher global interest rates, exposing their economic and political weaknesses

EMs turn local as dollar rally pauses

Differentiation is key again but liquidity shortage is accentuating currency movements


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The prospect of higher US rates is putting EMs under renewed pressure
– Hard Currency

EMs will struggle with secular stagnation

Policy makers have few options as they try to raise productivity, says Alan Beattie

Prepare for a rough ride in EM bonds

Good times are ending for corporate borrowers in emerging markets

EM central banks: doves into hawks

Investors see emerging market central bankers as doves. But they are likely to turn hawkish

Stuttering emerging markets add to fears

Developing nations hit by strong dollar and weak commodity prices

Emerging market banks face tough challenge

Slowdown in loan growth could lead to better credit allocation

Mutual funds deny EM systemic risk

Regulated funds only own small slice of emerging market assets

Reserves in emerging markets shrink

Concerns over US policy trigger first fall in two decades

Moody’s warns on EM dollar finance costs

Brazil, Turkey and South Africa likely to face particular problems

IMF fears emerging markets instability

Lagarde talks of renewed ‘taper tantrum’ when US raises rates

Emerging market currencies extend slide

South African rand touches 13-year low

Real and rupiah lead EM currency slide

But some respite for Turkish lira on central bank intervention

Jobs report deepens emerging market rout

Scale of the week’s sell-off sparks fears of a new taper tantrum

Brazil inflation hits highest in a decade

Rising prices add to woes confronting Rousseff government

South America seeks new economic model

End of commodities boom opens dangerous trade and financing gaps

Fed may add to emerging markets pressure

Sending a strong signal on US rate rises could turn screw tighter

Emerging markets grapple with rouble fall

Investors unclear if differentiation or contagion will follow

EM currency sell-off claims bigger scalps

Mexico, long seen as stable, has begun to become unstuck

EM rout highlights China currency caution

Renminbi remains a bastion of stability amid the turmoil

Dollar rise set to harm emerging markets

Competitiveness outweighed by sliding confidence and soaring debt

Oil and dollar hammer emerging markets

Developing currencies fall to 14-year low

The good, the bad and the ugly of EM debt

From Mexico to Venzuela and yields of 3.7% to 18%

Hawkish Fed hits emerging market currencies

Dollar strengthens across the board as QE3 ends

Emerging markets exposed by end of QE

Developing countries have had 6 years of cheap money

EM stocks are cheap but not cheerful

Political woes, weak profits and debts justify hefty discount

Global turbulence triggers flight from EM

$9bn removed from stocks and shares across Africa, Latin America, eastern Europe and Asia

Emerging markets enter slow growth era

Fading China and spluttering Latin America and E Europe blamed

Emerging markets face ‘new normal’

Investors seek options as dollar strength, lower prices and slower growth hit asset prices

EM inflow forecast raised despite turmoil

IIF bumps up its 2014 prediction by $130bn to $1.2tn

Dollar’s rise threatens EM carry trades

Reversal threatens developing world growth, analysts warn