Egypt divided

While human rights and political freedoms remain under intense pressure, a combination of geopolitical chance and domestic economic measures have helped Abdel Fattah al-Sisi consolidate his rule and raise Egyptians’ hopes of a return to stability and the chance of prosperity

Pressure builds on Egypt to devalue pound

Foreign currency shortage hits businesses that rely on imports

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Women, who were found guilty of obstructing traffic during a pro-Islamist protest in October, gesture during their appeal hearing at a court in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria, 230 km (143 miles) north of Cairo December 7, 2013 ©Reuters
Weak parties and rift in society have led to political vacuum

Egypt backs down on wheat imports ban

Grain with ergot traces at international standards now accepted

Egypt cancels wheat tender

Authorities at odds with each other on grain fungus restrictions

Security dominates Egypt anniversary

Heavy advance crackdown undermines demoralised opposition

Choppy waters for Suez

The canal upgrade is an ambitious move by Egypt but revenue is vulnerable to a slump in world trade

Five killed in blast at Sinai hotel

Judge and four others die at election supervisors’ building

Egypt deficit falls on fuel subsidy cuts

Aid cut by $1.3bn but power generation fails to keep up with demand

Cameron to host Egypt’s Sisi

UK visit planned despite outcry on human rights

Voters stay at home in Egypt poll

Government tries to boost turnout with holiday for civil servants

Old guard eye comeback in Egypt polls

Prevalence of Mubarak-era candidates raises doubts about assembly

Egypt nears number two spot in Africa

Despite tough backdrop, country’s GDP nears that of South Africa

Corporate lending takes off in Egypt

A large proportion of loans still go to the Egyptian government

Currency woes hinder Egypt’s economy

Fight against black market has hit illicit trade in dollars, but has left many businesses struggling

Egypt pardons Al Jazeera journalists

High-profile figures among 100 prisoners to be released

Egypt to buy French Mistral warships

Doubt over cost of deal for vessels at heart of diplomatic row

Security forces kill tourists in Egypt

Mexicans among dead after safari convoy mistaken for militants

Egypt and Tunisia row back on corruption

New laws underline resilience of elites, say observers

Egypt to hold elections in October

Parliamentary vote comes amid criticism of crackdown on dissent

Egypt’s Sisi approves anti-terror law

Critics say stringent legislation curtails basic human rights

Egypt pins hopes on Suez Canal expansion

Officials hope revitalisation will jump-start economy but analysts sceptical

Isis claims Cairo consulate blast

Attack will raise fears that foreigners are now being targeted

Terrorism law provokes outcry in Egypt

Legislation would grant police wider powers and speed up trials

Egyptian army hits at foreign media

Military says overseas journalists acting to dent morale

Egypt militants kill at least 64 soldiers in Sinai

Clashes raise fears of spiralling violence

Egypt’s top prosecutor dies in car bomb

Escalation in campaign of violence targeting members of judiciary