Egypt divided

Egypt’s former army chief, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who led the coup in July last year that ousted the elected Islamist president Mohamed Morsi, has won a landslide victory over his only opponent in the country’s presidential election, albeit with a low voter turnout

Egypt swelters in nationwide power cut

Problem that damaged Morsi now returns for Sisi

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Women, who were found guilty of obstructing traffic during a pro-Islamist protest in October, gesture during their appeal hearing at a court in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria, 230 km (143 miles) north of Cairo December 7, 2013 ©Reuters
Weak parties and rift in society have led to political vacuum

Islamists kill 11 Egyptian troops in Sinai

Violence by Ansar Beit al-Maqdis group follows Morsi ousting

Egypt unveils $8bn Suez Canal investment

President kicks off first phase in vast public works scheme

Egypt protest deaths come under scrutiny

Rights group attacks government response to protests

Sisi leaves Hamas to fight own Gaza battle

Cairo takes hands-off stance as Israeli assault persists

Egyptians rail against rising fuel costs

Slashing of subsidy to cut deficit proves unpopular

Egypt cuts spending on energy subsidies

Government budget for 2014-15 risks popular backlash

Sisi will not interfere in Al Jazeera case

Egypt’s president ignores calls for pardon of journalists

Egypt president kicks off austerity drive

Sisi vows to give half his salary to country

Global anger as Egypt jails journalists

Seven to 10 -year sentences raise freedom of speech fears

Egypt confirms Brotherhood death sentences

Leader and supporters convicted for violence after Morsi’s overthrow

New Egyptian government sworn in

Sisi retains more than half the ministers of outgoing government

Egyptian court jails secular activist

Fifteen years given to Alaa Abdel Fattah, symbol of 2011 uprising

Sisi sworn in as Egypt’s president

Former army chief inherits divided country

Saudis call on region to help Egypt

Riyadh seeks donor meeting as Sisi face huge economic challenges

Apathy over Sisi vote echoes Mubarak era

Under half the electorate vote in presidential election

Sisi wins landslide victory in Egypt poll

Former army chief secures 93% of presidential votes

Low turnout in Egypt alarms Sisi camp

Second day of election declared a public holiday to boost vote

Voters count on Sisi to revive Egypt

Two-day presidential election begins

Sisi expected to win presidential vote

Ex-field marshal is seen as candidate of state, army and business

Egypt’s ‘other’ candidate says he can win

Few expect socialist leader to beat Abdel Fatah al-Sisi

Sisi puts state before democracy in Egypt

Presidential candidate emits exhortations rather than concrete policies

EU scales back plan to monitor Egypt poll

Sisi supporters crave security in Egypt

‘Military man’ expected to halt economic decline

Sisi vows to put state at heart of economy

Egypt presidential candidate says private sector profit must fall