Egypt divided

While human rights and political freedoms remain under intense pressure, a combination of geopolitical chance and domestic economic measures have helped Abdel Fattah al-Sisi consolidate his rule and raise Egyptians’ hopes of a return to stability and the chance of prosperity

Egypt tries to mend economic credentials

BG Egypt November 2007 Idku Gas Hub, Rashpetco

Cairo seeks to phase out energy subsidy and cut budget deficit

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Women, who were found guilty of obstructing traffic during a pro-Islamist protest in October, gesture during their appeal hearing at a court in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria, 230 km (143 miles) north of Cairo December 7, 2013 ©Reuters
Weak parties and rift in society have led to political vacuum

Protesters killed as Egypt marks 2011 uprising

At least 16 dead as police confront demonstrations

Egypt party leader warns on repression

Huge obstacles in fielding candidates, claims former Islamist

Mubarak sons freed before anniversary

Pair released on bail pending retrial on corruption charges

Egypt lets pound hit low against dollar

Analysts see ‘managed depreciation’ as ministers woo investors

Mubarak corruption conviction overturned

Former president could soon be released from military hospital

Egypt court orders Al Jazeera case retrial

Three journalists will remain in custody

Egypt top destination for equity investors

MSCI index for Egypt has almost doubled since mid-2013

Al Jazeera unit that angered Egypt closes

Affiliate accused of Morsi bias to reopen only with Cairo’s blessing

Egypt and Qatar edge towards detente

Cairo meeting signals Riyadh’s reconciliation drive

Egypt’s biggest problem is restoration of the security state

Army ring-fences its privileges and expands its economic empire

Court drops Egypt uprising deaths charges

Ousted President was charged withof ordering the killing of protesters during the 2011 revolt

Egypt and Cyprus strengthen energy ties

Anti-Turkey bloc emerges in Eastern Mediterranean

Tourists return to Egypt

Visitor arrival numbers rise despite continued political tensions

Egypt issues tender against oil revenues

$2bn in funding guaranteed by sales of crude oil for five years

Egypt militants back Isis

Ansar Beit al-Maqdis group posts 10-minute recording on internet

Human rights groups fear Egypt crackdown

NGOs must register and risk penalties for taking foreign funding

Egypt steps up crackdown on militants

Vital infrastructure put under military authority after spate of attacks

Islamists kill 31 Egyptian soldiers in Sinai

Cairo said to be preparing retaliation

Carter Center withdraws from Egypt

‘Narrowing of political space’ prompted decision to leave country

Investors eye Egypt energy opportunities

Sentiment improves on perception stability is returning

Sisi secures position at home and abroad

Geopolitics and domestic measures legitimise president

Blast in central Cairo kills at least two

Attack is latest targeting Egyptian security services

Egypt swelters in nationwide power cut

Problem that damaged Morsi now returns for Sisi

Islamists kill 11 Egyptian troops in Sinai

Violence by Ansar Beit al-Maqdis group follows Morsi ousting