Egyptian unrest

The prospect of Egypt descending into civil war is growing as the army tightens its grip and the death toll from its crackdown on the opposition mounts

Mass death penalty scars Egypt

Harsh rulings stun detainees’ families and deepen fear of regime

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Women, who were found guilty of obstructing traffic during a pro-Islamist protest in October, gesture during their appeal hearing at a court in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria, 230 km (143 miles) north of Cairo December 7, 2013 ©Reuters
Weak parties and rift in society have led to political vacuum

Brotherhood probe stirs Whitehall tension

Inquiry ‘not intended to lead to proscription’

Egypt attacks end lull in violence

Bombings signal militants’ renewed offensive against security forces

Egypt presidential poll set for late May

Election expected to formalise Sisi’s de facto rule

Presidency could be poisoned chalice for Sisi

Former defence minister expected to coast to victory in elections

An Egyptian woman kisses a poster of Gen

Sisi leaves army to run for Egypt presidency

Leader of coup to oust Morsi considered unbeatable

Defence lawyers boycott Egypt mass trial

Death sentences in earlier case provoke outrage

529 Morsi supporters sentenced to death

Case against Muslim Brotherhood members held in Egyptian south

Strikes sweep Egypt as economy struggles

Bus drivers join stoppages in anger over pay policy

UAE focuses on putting Egypt economy on track

Generosity underlaid by aim of marginalising political Islam

Ibrahim Mehleb appointed Egypt’s PM

Member of deposed Mubarak regime asked to form government

Egypt’s interim government resigns

Unexpected move paves way for presidential bid by Sisi

Four killed in tourist bus blast in Egypt

No claim of responsibility for attack

Fitch upgrades Egypt to ‘stable’

Large inflows of funds from Gulf eases pressure on economy

Sabahi joins race for Egyptian presidency

Leftwing politician takes on country’s de facto ruler Sisi

Dutch journalist flees Egypt

Correspondent among those accused of terror-related crimes

Sinai jihadist group drives Egypt violence

Ties to notorious Syrian militants alarm security experts

Al Jazeera journalists to face Egypt trial

Charges related to outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group

Nationalism replaces revolution in Egypt

Pro-military messages in mass media drown out dissenting voices

Morsi in court on conspiracy charges

Toppled Egypt president on trial over jailbreak three years ago

Army chiefs back Sisi for run at Egypt presidency

Defence minister yet to say he will stand

Violence marks Egypt uprising anniversary

Al-Qaeda-linked group claims to have shot down helicopter

Presidential poll to precede elections

Egypt announcement may pave way for Gen Sisi to tighten authority

Bomb blast in Cairo

al-Qaeda-linked group claims responsibility for Cairo attacks

Six dead as bomb attacks rock Cairo

Four explosions on eve of anniversary of Egypt uprising