Boneheaded aphorisms from Davos

The World Economic Forum’s 36 best quotes are almost all dismal. But the idiots are not the speakers

Davos 2016

Discussion with Gillian Tett and Felix Salmon about why the annual gathering in the Swiss Alps is more than one big party
– Podcast
Advances in technology pose difficult moral questions for humanity
– FT Special Report

Kuroda calls for China to tighten capital controls

New measures could help with exchange rate management

Why the Disrupted are privately griping about tech upstarts at Davos

Grumblings from the old guard

Those Davos clichés in full

The mood at Davos maybe hard to grasp but the clichés aren’t

Davos: Global economy hangs in balance

World poised between recovery and further crisis, say economists

Brazil helps companies hedge currency risk

Country’s finance minister rules out capital controls

Shadow of populism hangs over Davos

Delegates mull Trump presidency, UK vote and borders crackdown

Argentina pledges to pay holdout creditors

Finance minister says accumulated interest costs to be negotiated

Draghi defends Fed over US rate rise

ECB chief says move by US central bank was ‘flawlessly executed’

Draghi confident on Europe’s migrants crisis

New entrants can ease demographic problems, says ECB president

The grand illusion of empowerment

‘The internet gives people the impression that they have a voice but in most countries power remains firmly in the hands of the elite’

Davos sees brave face on torrid outlook

Aberdeen’s chirpy boss Martin Gilbert splashes out on a big do

Saudi Arabia says $30 oil is ‘irrational’

Chairman of state oil company suggests no production cut looms

Blockchain eclipses Basel III at Davos

Bankers and start-ups clash over the future of finance

Tiny shifts that can signal huge changes

Deep in the bowels of the system, financial flows are switching course

EU warned it has weeks to save Schengen

Dutch premier says onset of spring likely to bring more migrants and pressure for controls

China admits renminbi communication flaws

Confusion over exchange rate policy sparked global market turmoil

Lagarde wins backing for new IMF term

UK, France and Germany support managing director

Cameron urges business to speak up for EU

Corporate voice must be heard in Brexit debate, says PM

Davos must reform its troublemakers

To tackle the world’s big problems, leaders will need to implement what they learn at Davos

Smart machines set to transform society

Forum delegates predict robotics and AI will transform economies just as steam power once did

Tech start-ups need to grow faster

Clusters of enterprises abound but too few expand enough

Bono surveys a ‘conscious’ Red decade

U2 singer and other prominent figures assess the ‘cause marketing’ push against HIV/Aids

German president backs refugee quotas

Austria sets first EU cap on asylum seekers

Davos elite misjudges fame and legitimacy

People do not even trust the company they work for

Davos 2016: The 4 big themes

Annual conference to be dominated by talk on automation, China, emerging markets and Brexit

IMF predicts pick-up in global economy

Rich and poor nations will see faster growth in 2016, says fund

Guest post: The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the dollar dilemma

Developed and emerging market divide likely to be exacerbated

Rise of the robots will boost the dollar

Automation is of greater benefit to developed economies

Top CEOs struggle for name recognition

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is the world’s best-known, but only one in 10 recognise him in poll

WEF 2016

The forum's 46th annual meeting at Davos, in the Swiss Alps, had at the heart of its agenda a theme entitled ‘Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution’ - as delegates discussed how best to respond to the rapid technological change that is disrupting most industries throughout the global economy