WEF 2014

The 44th annual meeting taking place at Davos, Switzerland, between 22-25 January has at the heart of its agenda a main theme entitled ‘The Reshaping of the World: Consequences for Society, Politics and Business’

Globalisation and growth are no cure-all

Ingram Pinn illustration

New forms of political conflict have emerged that are resistant to traditional prescriptions

Davos 2014

The Davos World Economic Forum 2014 ©Bloomberg
Rolling coverage from the World Economic Forum
James Ferguson illustration for The World 2014 special report ©James Ferguson
The FT’s key writers examine the economics, politics and business factors that will shape the coming 12 months
– Special Report

BoE in need of more enduring policy

Rates plan undone by poor forecast of unemployment

ECB poised for battle to ward off deflation

Draghi signals purchases of bank loans

Davos ends on a note of cautious optimism

Volatile markets fail to dent sense of global recovery

Martin Wolf Davos 2014

Martin Wolf strikes note of caution

The FT’s chief economics commentator, reviews the economy panel

Davos 2014: what EM private equity investors are thinking

Cyclical events, or the lack of them, matter more than immediate GDP or consumption growth

Brazil goes on corporate charm offensive

President Rousseff and team meet investors

China rejects Abe’s 1914 comparison

Foreign minister admits Sino-Japanese relations ‘very bad’

Osborne and Summers clash on austerity

Ex-Treasury secretary ‘gratified to see the growth in Britain’

Cameron urges EU against shale gas curbs

British PM says Europe needs dose of ‘Tory common sense’

Carney tips low rates over medium term

BoE governor also confirms dropping direct jobless rate link

Tech revolution divides Davos delegates

Summers warns of lack of a Bismarck or Gladstone for digital era

Abe and Rouhani delight Davos

BoE signals scrapping of forward guidance

Google chief warns of IT threat

Range of jobs in danger of being wiped out, says Schmidt

Bono and the banker join in Aids fundraising

BoA chief turns to pop in post-crisis search for lost trust

Rouhani outlines growth plan for Iran

President calls for greater engagement with rest of the world

Lew and Dimon warn of Bitcoin dangers

Fears that virtual currency could be used to fund terrorism

Bankers assess once-in-a-generation reform

Talk of permanently lower and steady profitability

WTO seeks to build on Bali deal

Key group of ministers in Davos will question group’s relevance

Australian PM seeks to refocus G20

Nation wants group to rise above ‘talkfest’ during chairmanship

Look beyond Davos to indebted Detroit

If investors want to forecast asset prices in western markets, they should look past official economic numbers

Iran courts western oil majors at Davos

Chiefs remain reluctant to spend

Corporate leaders at Davos are resisting calls to aid recovery

Drive to cut green trade barriers

China joins US, EU, Japan and others in initiative to end WTO deadlock