Online security

As internet-based threats race up national security agendas and governments look at ways of protecting their national infrastructures a cyber arms race is causing concern to the developed world

US scours Chinese plan for hacking clues

Link spotted between Beijing’s economic targets and cyber spying


cybersecurity threats
From ‘botnet’ zombie computers to abuse of lost information
cyberattack on the US electrical grid
This interactive explainer looks at how a cyberattack on the electrical grid could unfold
Large military contractors are creating a cyberwar industrial complex by acquiring smaller specialist groups
Data security design with blue padlocks and binary code

Business warned of cyber enemy within

Companies advised to adopt better safeguards against inside jobs

Exchanges urged to help in cyber defence

Utilities have key role in alerting markets to systemic attack

Fears over BoE cyber defences

Staff educated on social media and phishing

DWA9PR Security concept: Lock on digital screen
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Osborne warns of Isis cyber attacks

Chancellor announces £1.9bn for cyber defences

#techFT – Cyberwar intensifies post-Paris

How much were the Paris attacks planned covertly online, using encryption technologies?

Cyber sector struggles to fill skills gap

Demand looks set to exceed supply by a third before 2019

US warns on terrorists’ use of encryption

Tech groups face heat over coded messages after Paris

Spy chief warns on failing cyber security

Hannigan says government must act to ‘make market work better’

UK overhauls state internet surveillance

No need for judicial authorisation to access personal web data

China hackers sought healthcare know-how

US believes cyber attack aim was to obtain insurance system knowledge

Senate passes bill to help tackle hackers

Companies and government will be able to share cyber threat data

US warned China still hacking companies

Trade secrets still being stolen, despite deal

US targets Chinese groups in cyber feud

Chinalco and Baosteel in sights as espionage tension grows

Nuclear plants in ‘denial’ on hacking risk

Industry blind to dangers of cyber attacks, review warns

Sino-US tech: poor relations

Promise of shared ownership is deeper commercial ties

China group buys into Western Digital

Move comes at a time of tense Sino-US relations amid cyber hacking and other tech spats

FBI seeks younger class of cyber sleuths

Agencies are competing with pot and the private sector

US attacks ‘inaccurate’ spying assertions

State department rejects ECJ opinion on ‘safe harbour’ data deal