Online security

As internet-based threats race up national security agendas and governments look at ways of protecting their national infrastructures a cyber arms race is causing concern to the developed world

Nato leaders plot cyber fightback

Military alliance looking to counter Russian propaganda coup


cybersecurity threats
From ‘botnet’ zombie computers to abuse of lost information
cyberattack on the US electrical grid
This interactive explainer looks at how a cyberattack on the electrical grid could unfold
Large military contractors are creating a cyberwar industrial complex by acquiring smaller specialist groups

Apple denies iPhone security risk report

Chinese TV claims iPhones pass state secrets to US intelligence

US charges China businessman with hacking

Computers of Boeing and other defence contractors allegedly targeted

China TV claims iPhone security threat

Broadcaster’s report says smartphone could reveal ‘state secrets’

‘Energetic Bear’ malware linked to Russia

European and US companies infected by apparent state-backed group

GCHQ to pass data to companies

Move aims to combat threat of digital espionage

Hackers claim attacks on World Cup sites

Anonymous says it hit Brazil bank and military police on eve of contest

BoE to probe banks’ computer defences

A new framework aims to uncover vulnerabilities to cyber attacks

Second China unit accused of cyber crime

Security company says military team is stealing trade secrets

Illustration of two men in a cyber crime scene
©Øivind Hovland

High-profile hacking provokes fears

While attacks online have made cyber security a widespread concern, regulators are outgunned by criminals and state-sponsored attackers

Kremlin alleged to wage stealthy online campaign against Kiev

Western analysts sense unequal ‘war in the shadows’

Darktrace aims to safeguard private sector

Ex-GCHQ man searches for the ‘unknown unknowns’

US state and local government bodies lack defences

More resources are needed to protect plum targets

Energy makes frontline target of potential threat to infrastructure

Authorities are recognising risks to vital public services

China denounces US tech ‘pawns’

China clamps down on US consulting groups

Fears commercial secrets being passed to Washington

German business wary of China cyber spies

US charges reinforce disquiet over theft of intellectual property

Cyber threats rise up US business agenda

Reports of cyber risks have doubled in two years

US takes moral high ground on spying

Distinctions over ‘good’ and ‘bad’ espionage not always clear to others

Israel makes headway in cyber security

SenseCy part of a cluster of companies funded by venture capital

US to charge Chinese with cyber spying

Justice department action is escalation of row over hacking

Spy agencies recruit corporate IT staff

MI5 tells UK companies to improve internal digital defences

BoE to oversee ‘ethical hacking’ of banks

Exercise will test resilience of computer systems

Report links Chinese military to hacking

Study says attacks on western companies persist

Think-tank warns on Scottish security risk

Warning on scaled down service in an independent Scotland