Online security

As internet-based threats race up national security agendas and governments look at ways of protecting their national infrastructures a cyber arms race is causing concern to the developed world

US to hit China hackers before Xi’s visit

Retaliation against cyber espionage complicates president’s trip


cybersecurity threats
From ‘botnet’ zombie computers to abuse of lost information
cyberattack on the US electrical grid
This interactive explainer looks at how a cyberattack on the electrical grid could unfold
Large military contractors are creating a cyberwar industrial complex by acquiring smaller specialist groups

US to hit Chinese hackers with sanctions

Obama sees growing threat to US economic and security interests

Chinese hackers target India

Cyber attacks aim to uncover strategic and commercially sensitive material

NSA skills leak to security start-ups

Digital counter terrorism practices put to work for business

Russia’s hackers hide behind Twitter

New surveillance technique blends high tech and spy tradecraft

West eyes Dr Strangelove strategy

Need for clearer offensive posture gains popularity

FBI blames China for 53% spy case surge

Beijing the ‘most dominant threat’ to US companies, says bureau

US President Barack Obama signs an executive order promoting private sector cybersecurity information sharing after speaking at the White House Summit on Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California on February 13, 2015
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IT budgets cut even as cyber threat grows

Many US agencies have squeezed technology spending despite hacks

Three of the agencies which have been targeted by hackers in the past two years
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Timeline: attacks on federal agencies

Increasing scale and frequency of attacks

US agency head resigns over cyber attack

Office of Personnel Management hackers stole data on 25m people

Tech experts in fight for web security

Group opposes US and UK power to crack encrypted private data

US veterans agency in cyber counterattack

Going public on risk of being overwhelmed brought help

US suspends new federal employee vetting

OPM bolsters security systems in wake of cyber attack

China ‘lead suspect’ in US cyber breaches

Intelligence chief points finger over data of millions of federal personnel

‘Thousands’ of cyber attacks daily on MoD

British military a magnet for espionage attempts, says brigadier

Senators call for renminbi retaliation

Cyber attack on US government employees attributed to Beijing

Chinese hack may be mapping US government

Experts believe attackers are building biographic database

Hackers in China suspected over US breach

Data on 4m government workers potentially exposed

China aims for faster but stricter web

Online crackdown includes network investment of $180bn

Hacking onslaught tests banks’ defences

Attacks co-ordinated by BoE show concern over cyber threat

US leads 20 companies on cyber mission

Poland and Romania to be enlisted in combat against hackers

China accused of Asia hacking campaign

US cyber security group says spies evaded detection for a decade

Rise in tensions drives cyber warfare danger

Conflicts grow more likely to be played out in the virtual world

Fighting an invisible enemy

President Barack Obama has ratcheted up the rhetoric, but how can we tackle threats?

France’s TV5 hacked by Isis

Group disrupts broadcaster for several hours to show opposition to French role in US-led anti-Isis coalition