Online security

As internet-based threats race up national security agendas and governments look at ways of protecting their national infrastructures a cyber arms race is causing concern to the developed world

Bank of England warns on cyber attacks

Review highlights risk of hacking by nation states


cybersecurity threats
From ‘botnet’ zombie computers to abuse of lost information
cyberattack on the US electrical grid
This interactive explainer looks at how a cyberattack on the electrical grid could unfold
Large military contractors are creating a cyberwar industrial complex by acquiring smaller specialist groups

GCHQ warns of cost of cyber attacks

Surveillance agency says eight in every 10 big companies affected

Cyber attackers target French media

Attack on websites follows anti-terrorism rally in Paris

UK prime minister David Cameron with US president Barack Obama at November's summit of the G20 group of leading economies in Brisbane

Agents to wage cyber war games on City

Cameron announces moves to toughen resilience to online attacks

Obama calls for cyber security bill

Legislation proposed ahead of tampering of military social media

US military Twitter account hacked

Attack on Centcom social media sites by parties claiming links to Isis

Obama to unveil cyber security plans

President seeks improved consumer protection

Hackers attack German government sites

Ukraine separatist group CyberBerkut blocks Merkel website

FBI details North Korean attack on Sony

Comey says Pyongyang ‘got sloppy’ in cyber assault on studio

Sony chief condemns ‘vicious’ cyber attack

Hirai defends freedom of speech in first comments since hacking

North Korea blasts US over new sanctions

Pyongyang reiterates denial of involvement in action against Sony

US imposes new sanctions on North Korea

Washington increases heat on Pyongyang after Sony hack

North Korea threatens attacks on US

Pyongyang warns of strikes in response to hack allegations

Sony to tighten control of US film unit

Hands-off relationship with entertainment arm is set to change

US struggles to respond to hack of Sony

Obama tones down the rhetoric against North Korea

North Korea hackers ‘world class’ reputation

Nation refuses to admit any cyber warfare capability

Sony hack a US ‘national security matter’

White House debates response to attack by ‘sophisticated actor’

Sony scraps film release on hacker threat

Largest US cinemas had opted out of screenings of ‘The Interview’

View: Police must face up to cyber threats

Survey finds UK forces lack skills and tools to do job

Sony tells media to ignore hacked emails

US film unit warns of legal action in attempt to contain the damage from cyber attack

Banks face tougher cyber security tests

NY regulator steps up oversight of lenders such as Barclays

Deutsche Telekom forms cyber security JV

Partnership with FireEye to focus on European companies

Sony cyber attack reveals new threat

Hackers appear to be moving increasingly towards data destruction

Iran accused of Gulf state hack attacks

Islamic republic alleged to have penetrated energy groups