Online security

As internet-based threats race up national security agendas and governments look at ways of protecting their national infrastructures a cyber arms race is causing concern to the developed world

Nato holds largest cyber war games

The Core Planning Team (CPT) from the Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence in Tallinn, during Exercise Cyber Coalition 2014
©Stefan Hass/Nato SHAPE photography

Scenario addresses threats – such as Ukraine – confronting the alliance


cybersecurity threats
From ‘botnet’ zombie computers to abuse of lost information
cyberattack on the US electrical grid
This interactive explainer looks at how a cyberattack on the electrical grid could unfold
Large military contractors are creating a cyberwar industrial complex by acquiring smaller specialist groups
Adrian Leppard city of london police

Police chief warns on cyber terror attack

Ties with New York bolstered in effort to increase security

Germany plans early-warning cyber defence

Berlin fears attacks from extremists and state-backed hackers

Groups urged to disclose cyber attacks

Government says more data would boost defences

Tech groups hit back at spy chief claims

Industry says it has been unfairly targeted

UK and Qatar sign security deal

Countries will share intelligence on terror and cyber issues

Polish spies return amid east-west tensions

Eastern European intelligence agencies fear Russian interest

China hits back over cyber hacking claims

Beijing net tsar says his country is the world’s biggest victim

Boards ‘not prepared’ for cyber attacks

Older directors have ‘modest understanding’ of threat

Russia behind cyber attacks, says group

FireEye tracking ‘longstanding espionage effort’

Apple chief in China security talks

Cook meets officials after reports that hackers targeted iCloud users

Wall Street wants cyber security group

Group calls for inter-agency government task force

Britain prime target for cyber attacks

More sophisticated assaults on UK than any other European state

Fidelity hack points to JPMorgan link

Group is one of 13 financial institutions to suffer cyber attack

NY bank regulator targets cyber threat

Move follows JPMorgan Chase data breach

Cyber insurance tempts new participants

JPMorgan hack raises sector’s profile

Homeland security chief in cyber venture

Lloyd’s of London link-up to close ‘dangerous’ gap in coverage

Hackers already exploiting Shellshock flaw

Businesses and government organisations urged to shore up defences

Shellshock bug leaves internet vulnerable

Software flaw believed to be more serious than Heartbleed

Shellshock shows internet ‘built on thin ice’

Foundations of network not fit for 21st century, experts warn

Q&A: Zero-days – hackers’ holy grail

Discovery of cyber flaws is highly prized by government and criminals

US financial sector to tackle cyber risks

Banks encouraged to share information about hacking

Warning over Isis cyber threat

Leading security company says terrorists are hoarding technology

Nato put on ‘high alert’ for cyber attack

Preparations have been under way since mid-July

US probes wave of cyber attacks on banks

JPMorgan among those targeted