Crisis in Ukraine

Pro-Moscow separatists in eastern Ukraine have escalated the political turmoil that threatens to tear the country apart

Ukraine-Russia trade war escalates

Gas supplies between the two neighbouring countries also halted

Comment and analysis

ATTENTION EDITORS - REUTERS PICTURE HIGHLIGHTRussian President Vladimir Putin attends a meeting with Jordan's King Abdullah at the Bocharov Ruchei state residence in Sochi, Russia November 24, 2015. Speaking before a meeting with Jordan's King Abdullah, Putin called Turkey's downing of a Russian fighter jet "a stab in the back" carried out by the accomplices of terrorists, saying the incident would have serious consequences for Moscow's relations with Ankara. REUTERS/Maxim Shipenkov/Pool TPX IMAGES OF THE DAYREUTERS NEWS PICTURES HAS NOW MADE IT EASIER TO FIND THE BEST PHOTOS FROM THE MOST IMPORTANT STORIES AND TOP STANDALONES EACH DAY. Search for "TPX" in the IPTC Supplemental Category field or "IMAGES OF THE DAY" in the Caption field and you will find a selection of 80-100 of our daily Top Pictures.REUTERS NEWS PICTURES. TEMPLATE OUT ©Reuters
Ukraine must not lose moral high ground in its conflict with Russia
Syria's president, Bashar al-Assad, and Russia's president, Vladimir Putin ©Reuters
An anti-terror alliance with Russia must have clear goals and limits
James Ferguson illustration
This is barefaced cheek and such behaviour must not succeed
– Martin Wolf

Russia denounces Kiev on Crimea blackout

Moscow threatens retaliation over failure to restore power

Ukraine blockades blacked-out Crimea

Kiev places embargo on all freight shipments

Blackout in Crimea after power line blasts

Reminder of annexed peninsula’s economic reliance on Ukraine

Ukraine adapts amid trade war with Russia

Exports to EU and China increase while rift with Moscow deepens

Nato chief wants new treaty with Russia

Stoltenberg says rules covering military exercises are outdated

Mariupol dispute mars Ukraine elections

Voting cancelled in strategically important port city

Ukraine rebels agree to scrap elections

Hopes rise for lasting peace in war-torn industrial heartland

Ukraine talks in Paris end on upbeat note

Summit overshadowed by military push in Syria

Ukraine fight ebbs as Syria claims focus

Rebel leader says Russia air strikes may mean end to E Ukraine war

Syria clouds Russia-Ukraine accord

European leaders wary of playing into Putin’s hands

Ukraine approves debt restructuring deal

Concerns remain over $3bn payment due to Moscow

Kiev fears default if debt reform stalls

Ukraine parliament prepares to vote on $18bn plan

US open to more money for Ukraine

New loan guarantee would aid in $18bn debt restructuring

Police officer killed in Kiev clashes

Protesters oppose reforms giving eastern regions more autonomy

Ukraine secures debt restructuring deal

Agreement paves way for $40bn IMF support programme

Russia prepares to force pace in Ukraine

Putin aims to keep up the pressure but dodge tougher sanctions

Kiev revamps police to rebuild trust

Pilot project seen as step towards ending public sector graft

Ukraine fighting threatens peace accord

Kiev warns of retaliation after rebel attacks near Starohnativka

The museum of New Russia’s ambitions

Media tones down anti-Ukraine rhetoric, but its message lives on

Rightwing militia puts Kiev in its sights

Leader of Right Sector turns on Ukraine’s president

Demoralised troops lose faith in Kiev

Echoes broader ebbing of public support for political leaders

Return of Ukraine fighters alarms Russia

As volunteers drift home, authorities fear what it could mean

Explainer: Ukraine’s debt crisis

Default fears rise as repayments are due and reserves shrink

Ukraine showdown with creditors comes to head

Kiev faces decision to pay up or default on $70bn debt

Ukraine creditor talks extended

Country could default this week if no agreement is reached

Ukraine closer to giving regions self-rule

Fears remain for Minsk peace accord as fighting flares

EU agrees to extend Russia sanctions

Persistent violations of Minsk accord harden resolve in Brussels

EU’s Russia sanctions fail to dent oil deals

ENI, Statoil and BP among groups continuing joint venture work

US considers storing weapons in East Europe

Move seen as commitment to newer members of Nato