Crisis in Ukraine

Pro-Moscow separatists in eastern Ukraine have escalated the political turmoil that threatens to tear the country apart

EU resists Ukraine’s plea to find funding

Assistance sought from governments to avoid a possible default

Comment and analysis

People light candles to form the shape of Ukraine's national coat of arms as thousands gathered in Kiev's Independence Square on November 21, 2014 to mark the first anniversary of protests which unleashed a year of turmoil. A crowd of several thousand gathered in Kiev's Independence Square, known as Maidan, to remember the more than 100 protestors who died in demonstrations that started on November 21 last year. AFP PHOTO/GENYA SAVILOVGENYA SAVILOV/AFP/Getty Images ©AFP
The west should make its support dependent on corruption being ended
– Victor Pinchuk
General view of the gas station near the border between Ukraine and Poland in the settlement of Drozdovychi, 120 km (75 miles) west of ukrainian city of Lviv. ©Dreamstime
The IMF and western donors need to inject $15bn of emergency funding
– Editorial
Under pressure: his inner circle is worried that Vladimir Putin has overplayed his hand ©Getty
Ukraine will never succeed with a hostile Russia on its borders
– John Thornhill

IMF warns Ukraine bailout faces collapse

Shortfall of $15bn needed within weeks

Merkel accuses Putin of ‘creating problems’

German concern over Russian actions beyond Ukraine

Nato video

Nato seeks weapons to counter Russia’s information war

Alliance fears persuasive power of Kremlin argument

Hollande meets Putin in Moscow

French president makes unexpected stopover to discuss Ukraine crisis

Ukraine’s solvency under renewed threat

Government borrowing costs hit record high

Merkel offers Russia trade olive branch

German chancellor aims to ease tensions with more talks

Shadow trading signals financial crisis in Ukraine

Calls for bailout to avert economic meltdown

Biden balks at heavy weapons for Ukraine

Russian build-up in the east intensifies US calls for arms to Kiev

Naftogaz warns of gas cuts to east Ukraine

State-run company says it stands to lose almost $1bn over a year

Under-fire Putin in early exit from G20

Russian president departs before final communiqué

Putin berates Kiev for cutting services

Russian leader says move amounts to ‘economic blockade’

Cameron warns Putin to pull back in Ukraine

UK prime minister threatens further sanctions unless Russia pulls back

Russian build-up sparks guessing game

Debate over Moscow’s aims in Ukraine follows military movements

Russian aggression revives sanctions talk

Mounting evidence of intervention in Ukraine strengthens EU stance

Moscow ‘helping rebels form viable state’

Nato chief Breedlove says Russian columns seen entering Ukraine

Heavy shelling renews Ukraine war fears

Russia accused of supplying rebels with heavy weaponry

Gorbachev warns of new cold war

Former Soviet leader warns trust between Russia and west has collapsed

Tensions mount in Ukraine

Minsk protocol hangs by a thread

Poroshenko calls for poll to be annulled

President to send reinforcements to eastern cities

Moscow cracks down on Crimea’s Tatars

Memories of Stalin-era flare after Russian annexation

Moscow recognises Ukraine separatist vote

EU’s foreign policy chief calls polls ‘a new obstacle’

Voting held in rebel regions of Ukraine

Results suggested by exit polls could spark fresh diplomatic showdown

Russia and Ukraine reach gas deal

Agreement forestalls potential winter energy crisis for Europe

Russia and Ukraine close to gas deal

EU-brokered agreement would end months-long standoff

Ukraine sets its face towards the west

Elections mark a break with the country’s old, discredited politics

Polls cement Ukraine’s shift to west

Parliamentary polls held against the backdrop of shaky ceasefire in east of country

Ukraine elections mark generational shift

Young hopefuls emerge from crisis-torn country

Rightwing muscles in on Ukraine election

Concerns rise about xenophobic candidates

Zakharchenko stumps for votes in Donetsk

Separatist leader seeks mandate in contest lacking credible rivals