Crisis in Ukraine

Pro-Moscow separatists in eastern Ukraine have escalated the political turmoil that threatens to tear the country apart

Ukraine to push for Nato membership

Rasmussen dismisses ‘hollow denials’ of Moscow involvement

Comment and analysis

The west is told what it wants to hear and turns a convenient blind eye, writes Susan Glasser
It is dangerous to believe that the skirmish in Ukraine will not develop into a calamity
– Niall Ferguson
SNIZHNE, UKRAINE - JULY 23: A woman walks past an apartment building damaged rocket fire on July 23, 2014 in Snizhne, Ukraine. Rockets struck the town of Snizhne, a major rebel stronghold, on the morning of July 15 killing 11 people in an attack blamed on Ukraine's air force but denied by Ukrainian sources. Two Ukrainian military fighter jets shot down by pro-Russian separatists in the east of the country on Wednesday. The security situation is continuing to affect the investigation into the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 crash. Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 was travelling from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur when it crashed killing all 298 on board including 80 children. The aircraft was allegedly shot down by a missile and investigations continue over the perpetrators of the attack. (Photo by Rob Stothard/Getty Images) ©Getty
Civilian casualties in the east increase, diminishing the chances of postwar reconciliation
– Guy Chazan

Russia moves to freeze Ukraine conflict

Offensive seen as strategy to force Kiev to call ceasefire

‘1,000’ Russia troops in Ukraine, says Nato

Putin applauds rebels for ‘intercepting Kiev’s military operation’

Ukraine rebels extend fight to south

Separatist move adds to western fears of Russia role

Evidence grows of Russian army in Ukraine

Kiev releases videos of four captured soldiers

Ukraine president calls snap elections

Poroshenko to meet Putin in Minsk for first talks since June

Nato says Russia convoy could be distraction

Rasmussen warns of force build-up on Ukraine border

Russia to send second convoy to Ukraine

Kiev accuses Russia of sending tanks across border in the south

Poroshenko warns of ‘constant threat’

Ukraine holds parade and allocates $3bn for defence

Ukraine captures Russian armoured vehicles

Fresh accusations of Russian intervention could undermine diplomacy

Ukraine’s injured rebels vow to fight on

Most of those paying the price say they have no regrets

Ukraine forces hope to force rebels out

Ukraine’s army must work out how to win the final battles

Ukraine peace talks make little progress

Kiev closes in on pro-Russian rebel strongholds in east

Ukraine claims breakthrough in east

Kiev says troops have advanced into Lugansk as talks resume

Ukraine rebels boast of Russian military aid

Heavy weapons and fighters crossing border, say separatists

Ukraine says it attacked military convoy

Moscow denial but markets rattled and diplomatic efforts stepped up

War for ‘New Russia’ drives Ukraine separatists

Local warlords take over as head of rebels

Strelkov departure raises more questions

Former Russian commander leaves Ukraine rebel force

French politician joins plans for Crimean theme park

Links to blacklisted businessmen likely to attract controversy

Bombs fall in centre of Donetsk

Putin says he is keeping an eye on situation

Russia’s men in beige drive aid convoy

Column of over 200 trucks heads towards Ukraine border

Ukraine races to beat Russian convoy

Kiev sends its own humanitarian aid to war-torn east

Russian convoy stokes Ukraine fears

Observers suspect Putin of Trojan Horse operation

Kiev vows to halt Russian aid convoy

Operation seems to contradict deal to join Red Cross-led mission

Kiev agrees to international aid convoy

Red Cross to lead mission to Lugansk in eastern Ukraine

Moscow steps up warning of refugee crisis

UN backs up Russian claims about Ukrainians fleeing war zone

Ukrainian army edges closer to Donetsk

Pro-Russian rebels rule out ceasefire with Ukrainian forces

Russia threat to go beyond food blacklist

Western aerospace, shipbuilding and cars could be targeted

Russian consumers prepared to swallow food ban

President has record approval but drawn-out sanctions could hurt

Rebel Donetsk ‘prime minister’ quits

Change at top comes as Ukrainian forces close in on city