Russia annexes crimea

Russian President Vladimir Putin moved swiftly to annex Crimea on March 18, in the first land grab in Europe since the second world war. The move was condemned by the US and EU and worries remain over Moscow’s intentions elsewhere in Ukraine

Putin says Russia ready to act in Ukraine

President says he hopes military intervention will be unnecessary

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Obama may be going too far in rejecting lessons from the past
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Russia's President Vladimir Putin attend...Russia's President Vladimir Putin attends a meeting with his Armenian counterpart Serzh Sarksian in Yerevan, on December 2, 2013. Putin slammed today street protests in Ukraine against the government's decision not to sign a key agreement with the European Union and seek closer ties with the Kremlin. "The events in Ukraine seem more like a pogrom than a revolution," he said during a visit to Armenia. AFP PHOTO/ RIA-NOVOSTI/ POOL /MIKHAIL KLIMENTYEVMIKHAIL KLIMENTYEV/AFP/Getty Images ©AFP
Russia neither needs nor intends to intervene militarily in Ukraine’s east
– Dmitri Trenin
West must respond if Kremlin persists in provocations
– Editorial

Kiev’s weak grip on east falters

‘Donetsk Republic’ in the throes of a quiet but uneasy coup

‘Little green men’ mask their identity

Are they Russian soldiers, or at least Russian-directed?

Hopes low for Ukraine as peace talks held

Protagonists set to meet in Geneva to seek diplomatic solution

EU sanctions push on Russia falters

Companies warn that Kremlin retaliation could cost them dear

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Pro-Russia militia intensify defiance

Nato strengthens presence on eastern border

Russia threatens US with WTO action

Sanctions over Ukraine crisis rile Moscow

Ukraine oligarchs accused of double dealing

Tycoons deny they are using the threat of breakaway areas as a negotiating chip with Kiev

Kiev sends troops to dislodge separatists

Provincial airport ‘retaken’ in face of Russian concern

Hague warns of ‘creeping oligarchisation’

UK foreign secretary aims to stiffen EU resolve on Russia

Ukraine forces move against separatists

President pledges ‘balanced’ operation to retake seized buildings

Kiev’s troops invisible in east Ukraine

Pro-Russian militants control civic buildings in up to 10 towns

Sanctions ‘grey zone’ leaves west in quandary

US prepares fresh action but Europe shows little unity

Ukraine raises rates to defend economy

Obama tells Putin of ‘grave concern’ over support for separatists

Russia’s Ukraine endgame unclear

Analysts question capability and desire to take military action

Russia calls on UN as Kiev cracks down

Ukraine sends army in to eastern cities in attempt to regain control

US warns Russia over fresh Ukraine unrest

Threat of further sanctions over police station seizure

Ukrainians ‘reject anti-Russian nation’

President to unleash ‘large-scale antiterrorist operation’

Russian moves hurt Ukrainian businesses

Moscow’s actions accentuate underlying economic problems

Putin threatens to cut off Ukraine gas

Move would imperil Europe supply, Putin warns in letter

Kiev in dilemma over Donetsk

Ukraine and west have no doubt protesters are working for Kremlin

Russia presses Ukraine on gas bills

Moscow threatens to force cash-strapped Kiev to pay in advance

Baltics call on Nato for permanent force

Promise of more planes in coming months not seen as enough

US blames Moscow for Ukraine unrest

Kerry accuses Russia of destabilising sovereign state

A glimpse inside a puppetmaster’s mind

Moscow’s ‘political technologists’ specialise in creating pure spectacle, where nothing is ever quite real

Ukraine fears being torn by separatists

Kiev blames Moscow after clashes in eastern cities

Stand-off over $2.2bn Ukraine gas bill

Pro-Russians seize government buildings in three eastern cities

Ukraine raises fears of gas war with Russia

Kiev accuses Moscow of economic warfare as Gazprom demands $11.4bn

Nato chief defends eastern advance

Rasmussen denies Russian accusation alliance violated ‘red lines’

Ukraine and Russia swap terror claims

Moscow arrests Ukrainians while Kiev implicates FSB