Britain and the EU

With pro-Europeans remaining an isolated voice within the Tory party and a strong eurosceptic mood on its backbenches, pressure is building on David Cameron to hold a referendum after negotiating a new settlement with the 28-nation bloc

Cameron aims for ‘sweet spot’ in EU deal timing

PM sees his chance in gap between French and German polls


Revolt against Cameron will highlight weak leadership on Europe
epa04401962 British Prime Minister David Cameron delivers a speech to Better Together supporters in Aberdeen, Scotland, 15 September 2014. British Prime Minister David Cameron was set to hit the campaign trail in Scotland on 15 September, in a last ditch attempt to persuade voters to say "no" to independence from the United Kingdom. With opinion polls showing that the 18 September referendum is on a knife-edge, Cameron is expected to tell Scots there will be "no going back" if they vote to end more than 300 years of union with the rest of the UK. Meanwhile Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond was also set to meet business leaders in a bid to highlight the economic opportunities independence could bring. He told the BBC at the weekend the vote was a "once in a generation opportunity for Scotland." EPA/ANDY RAIN ©EPA
PM’s dispute with Brussels over a £1.7bn surcharge is unwarranted
The PM’s pledge to curb EU immigration is an unrealistic gamble

Britain looks for EU treaty shortcuts

Cameron warned of political impossibility of referendum strategy

Eurosceptics urge Cameron to avoid battle

Group outlines EU strategy without treaty change

Labour urges business to join EU fight

Party seeks to improve relations with corporate UK

IMA says City would prosper outside EU

Helena Morrissey says bank threats to leave are ‘not credible’

City/Brexit / BG / Dragon Oil

It is encouraging to see heavyweights backing an under-represented cause

City leaders: ‘Brexit’ would be disaster

Fears that London’s global relevance and region’s recovery could be at risk

Transcript: can City thrive post-Brexit?

Bischoff and powerful figures deliver points in their own words

Relief in EU at Cameron immigration plan

PM seeks ‘toughest system dealing with abuse of free movement’

PM cracks down on EU migrant benefits

Strategy eschews cap or quotas on numbers of immigrants

UK’s pro-EU business lobby chief quits

Alisdair McIntosh to leave post at BNE after less than a year

Pro-Brussels Tories begin fightback

Relaunch of Conservative MPs group aims to counter eurosceptics

Cameron pressed to make key address

Ex-minister urges PM to start two-year process of withdrawing UK from EU

German MPs criticise Cameron on migration

Delegation tells UK to use current legislation to control migrants

Rivals fight to speak for business on EU

Business for Britain and Business for New Europe face off

UK wins fight on European arrest warrant

Former Ukip treasurer loses High Court challenge

Ireland warns UK on freedom of movement

EU states will not support changes to migration laws, says Flanagan

Major sees serious risk of UK leaving EU

Former Tory premier calls for other member states to be flexible

Salmond mocks Westminster on EU stance

Scotland’s outgoing first minister explains how to handle Brussels

Police to share DNA data with Europe

Move threatens to reignite fears of eurosceptics in Tory party

Commons chaos caps bad day for Cameron

Labour to table another debate on EU arrest warrant on November 19

EU vote not deterring investors, says PM

Cameron rejects claims that referendum plan creates uncertainty

Miliband praises CBI ‘championing’ of EU

Labour leader defends tax policies at business group’s conference

Lord Mayor warns on risks of leaving EU

City ambassador fears ‘spectre of nationalism’ and protectionism

Osborne wins more time to pay EU bill

UK seeks to use accounting trick to cut surcharge in half