Britain and the EU

With pro-Europeans remaining an isolated voice within the Tory party and a strong eurosceptic mood on its backbenches, pressure is building on David Cameron to hold a referendum after negotiating a new settlement with the 28-nation bloc

UK eyes diplomatic dividends of Tusk

Tusk vows to tackle British concerns, such as benefit abuse by migrants


British PM’s cabinet changes raise new doubts on EU
Choice of Juncker is a huge challenge, not least for Britain
UK’s Lib Dem leader has impressed with his defence of EU

UK companies back EU reform

Survey supports more powers for Westminster

Cameron backs Tusk for EU council job

U-turn by UK leader after pair forge Ukraine links

‘Brexit’ threatens London’s prospects

Dublin seen as alternative for US banks to UK capital

US banks plan for UK exit from EU

Wall Street institutions look to Ireland

Osborne’s role in foreign policy grows

Chancellor’s influence rises after Hague’s departure

Johnson questions Britain’s EU membership

Mayor aligns with eurosceptics as he considers options

London warned of jobs axe if UK quits EU

Report says 1.2m could be lost if nation turns inwards

UK ranks in Brussels face sharp fall

Scarce younger cohort means less clout as older colleagues retire

Cameron opposes Tusk for senior EU job

UK and Polish premiers have clashed over migration reforms

Cameron government given eurosceptic edge

Juncker opposes ‘United States of Europe’

Schäuble vows to keep UK in EU

Cameron insists ‘there is business we can do’ with Juncker

Britain left isolated by Juncker defeat

Swedish prime minister offers to ‘walk the extra mile’ to keep strategic ally in EU

Juncker nominated for top EU job

Former Luxembourg PM gets backing of 26 heads of state

Merkel set to limit Juncker fallout

German chancellor acts to avoid UK isolation

Voters back Cameron’s Juncker stance

Poll suggests PM will benefit even if he loses EU fight

Cameron risks EU isolation over Juncker

PM tells Van Rompuy that nomination should be put to a vote

Cameron prepares to force Juncker vote

PM warns appointment risks ‘dangerous precedent’

Q&A: The Juncker fight and why it matters

The bitter dispute over the next leader of the European Commissioner

Farage forecasts Cameron EU humiliation

Ukip leader predicts ‘embarrassing defeat’ over Juncker

Cameron to go down fighting over Juncker

Prime minister challenges other EU leaders to vote against him

Major sees silver lining in Juncker row

Ex-PM moves to dispel gloom over top EU job

Germany seeks to avoid clash at Ypres

Scramble to avert PR disaster in row over Jean-Claude Juncker

Cameron faces setback over Juncker

Merkel to push for prompt appointment to curtail EU dispute