Brexit: If Britain goes

David Cameron is hoping to negotiate a new settlement between Britain and the 27 other members of the European Union prior to a promised referendum by the end of 2017 on the UK’s continued participation in a reformed Europe

Osborne warns on UK exposure to Asia

Chancellor George Osborne

Chancellor stresses need for economic reform at home


Cameron will need French consent to strike an EU deal
Prime minister should enforce collective responsibility on EU vote
The CBI is right to argue for early engagement on the referendum

Osborne seeks Scandinavian support on EU

Chancellor to visit three capitals in a day

UK Independence Leader (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage gives a speech on how the 'No' campaign can win ahead of the referendum on the UK's membership of the EU Credit: Euan Cherry/Photoshot

Farage says Ukip will not lead Brexit campaign

Leader hopes sport or business figure will head official No push

Irish central bank weighs Brexit options

Officials assess effects on economy if Britain leaves the EU

Irish Ambassador Daniel Mulhall Photograph: Rosie Hallam

Cameron eyes Irish path from EU impasse

Postdated treaty change solved Dublin’s Europe dilemma in 2009

PM to meet EU leaders in quest for deal

Osborne upbeat as Cameron seeks to convey sense of progress

Cameron replaces business advisory board

New executive group to assist No 10 in run-up to EU referendum

Osborne faces diplomatic test in Paris

Chancellor tries to persuade French to back Britain’s EU reforms

Obama warns Britain over leaving EU

President says UK membership gives America ‘much greater confidence’

Europen flags including Britain, Ireland, EU France and Germany ID 21844063 © Gradts |

Parties build foundations of Yes campaign

Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem figures set up pro-EU group

MPs attack ministers over EU purdah risk

Committee ‘unconvinced’ by reasoning

Ineos chief makes case for UK to leave EU

Norway said to have access to EU without ‘expensive bureaucracy’

Ukip donor offers £100,000 Brexit prize

Arron Banks campaigns against EU membership

Unite union eyes campaign for Brexit

Concern PM may water down EU protections of workers’ rights

Brexit presents opportunities to Ireland

Dublin keen to be more than just a financial satellite of London

UK companies fear speaking out on Brexit

Groups worried about alienating customers

German groups in UK urge against Brexit

Businesses have 500,000 British workers in 2,500 companies

Debate rages over who speaks for business

CBI fights back after ministerial rebuke for EU enthusiasm

German carmakers raise fears over Brexit

Manufacturers worry about losing one of their biggest markets

UK lobby group lays out EU reform demands

TheCityUK proposes a ‘better, more thoughtful Europe’

Vanguard warns on risk to EU from Brexit

Bill McNabb says union itself could splinter if Britain departs

Cameron warned over EU reform

Leaders agree to start talks on British proposals

Queen ‘poorly advised’ on EU, says Farage

Ukip leader criticises sovereign’s speech in Berlin

PM drops aim of treaty change before vote

Renegotiation starts with low-key summit dinner presentation

Cameron aims to launch EU renegotiation

Greek and migrant crises overshadow British membership at summit