Britain and the EU

With pro-Europeans remaining an isolated voice within the Tory party and a strong eurosceptic mood on its backbenches, pressure is building on David Cameron to hold a referendum after negotiating a new settlement with the 28-nation bloc

Cameron angry over €2.1bn EU surcharge

UK officials played role in endorsing budget calculations


Prime Minister David Cameron Delivers His Keynote Speech At The Conservative Party Conference...BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 01: Prime Minister David Cameron gives his keynote speech to the Conservative party conference on October 1, 2014 in Birmingham, England. The Prime Minister's address will be the last time he speaks to such a large gathering of the party faithful before the general election in 2015. (Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images) ©Getty
The PM’s pledge to curb EU immigration is an unrealistic gamble
The brash confidence of anti-EU politicians needs to be confronted
British PM’s cabinet changes raise new doubts on EU

EU tells Britain to pay extra €2.1bn

Better-performing UK economy leads to bigger slice for Brussels

Cameron puts on brave face in Europe

PM tries to look confident at summit with troubles at home

British Prime Minster, David Cameron makes his closing speech at the Conservative party conference in Birmingham this afternoon.
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Cameron’s pro-EU comments redacted online

Pledge to campaign “with all my heart” to stay in EU not included

UK voters put Europe relationship first

Twin polls contradict recent surge in support for Ukip

Eurosceptics seek immigration trap for PM

Cameron to outline policy before Christmas

Tory plans risk EU exit, warns Clegg

Lib Dem leader accuses Conservatives of panicking on immigration

Britain ‘irrelevant’ without EU, says Barroso

Outgoing European president fires parting shot at Cameron

UK ‘lighting fire under EU’, says minister

Hammond says ‘putative superstate’ enjoys only fragile consent

Cameron warned of Tory EU ‘opt in’ revolt

Police and security chiefs say justice measures are needed

PM considers ‘brake’ on EU migrants

Tories attempt to tackle threat of Ukip

Tory and Ukip team up to fight EU arrest warrant

Rees-Mogg’s Commons lunch over opt-out of justice rules

Hill poised to win approval for EU post

Meeting called to discuss fate of Slovenia’s Bratusek

Timmermans promises to slash EU red tape

Policies laid out to appease British eurosceptics

EU too busy to reform treaties, France tells UK

Valls tells Cameron free movement rules are ‘very basis of the EU’

Lib Dems ready to shift ground on EU vote

Party could ask heavy price in any coalition talks with Tories

Resentment of Strasbourg comes to head

Grayling unveils plans to curb European Court of Human Rights

Tories’ pro-business reputation ‘at risk’

Conservative party’s stance on EU could give Labour an advantage

PM treads a fine line on Europe

Ukip defections are harbingers of schism

Cameron ‘not heartbroken’ if UK exits EU

Redwood warns CEOs to keep out of debate

UK could find itself tied to EU rules but with no say

The prospect of a referendum on leaving the trade bloc creates business uncertainty

Prime Minister dragged back to the Major years

Cameron furious at second Ukip defection

PM hits out at ‘counter-productive’ move by Mark Reckless

Cameron seeks to seize political initiative

Prime minister looks to move beyond Ukip defection and sex scandal

Politicians urged to commit Britain to EU

EEF says priority is promoting industry and export growth