Volatile digital currency

Bitcoin is a decentralised currency that exists mainly in digital form and is neither issued nor guaranteed by central banks. It began in 2009 as an open-source project and is administered over a shared computer network with untraceable transactions

Bitcoin: Identity crisis

Despite revelations this week, the creator of the cryptocurrency still eludes treasure hunters

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Will the real Mr Bitcoin please not stand up

‘Very few mysteries maintain their allure once the truth is revealed’

Craig Wright

Australian pulls bitcoin proof

Craig Wright faced scepticism over claim he was Satoshi Nakamoto

Being Satoshi Nakamoto, being Mr Bitcoin

His name is a perfect anagram, if you remove and add a few letters

Backtrack on Bitcoin invention claim

Wright pulls plans to provide proof of Satoshi identity

Craig Steven Wright

Q&A: Has bitcoin creator been revealed?

The claims of Australian Craig Wright that he invented digital currency

Australian claims to be bitcoin creator

Craig Steven Wright says he is Satoshi Nakamoto

Free currency exchange app launches

Holiday money commission ‘could become a thing of the past’

Bitcoin money transfer hits the high street

Read the small print from techno-utopians

Barclays partners with bitcoin payments app

Bank to share infrastructure with Goldman-backed currency group

Bitcoin users ready for big reveal

Speculation on true identity of creator ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’

Digitised diamonds battle to defy thieves

Could new technology have stopped the Goodwood House robbery?

Bitcoin is losing the Midas touch

The currency’s advocates are right: money is a confidence trick, a form of frozen desire, writes Henry Farrell

Digital world faces two key tests

Managing domain names and bitcoins take wildly different approaches

Blythe Masters forges blockchain tie-ups

Digital Asset Holdings agrees alliances Accenture, PwC and Broadridge

Bitcoin threatened by software schism

Developers release rival version of code behind digital currency

Bitcoin stigma hobbles blockchain take-up

Asset managers unconvinced about the benefits of the technology

Five UK fund houses explore blockchain

Asset managers test if bitcoin technology can cut trading costs

EU to probe €500 notes’ terror links

High number of bills in circulation raises suspicions

JPMorgan and Masters in blockchain trial

Tie-up with Digital Asset Holdings in effort to cut trading costs

Blockchain backers pressed on fraud cover

Regulator says groups should consider protecting users from fraud

Masters’ blockchain start-up raises $50m

Digital Asset Holdings to upgrade Australian exchange’s systems

Blockchain eclipses Basel III at Davos

Bankers and start-ups clash over the future of finance

Blockchain raises fundamental questions

Banking and law will be fundamentally changed if shared ledger technology takes off

Use bitcoin technology for NHS, expert says

Blockchain has potential to transform the provision of public services