Volatile digital currency

Bitcoin is a decentralised currency that exists mainly in digital form and is neither issued nor guaranteed by central banks. It began in 2009 as an open-source project and is administered over a shared computer network with untraceable transactions

Bitcoin — and a scam easy to spot

The trouble with the currency is that it is accountable to no one, writes Izabella Kaminska

FT Alphaville

FT Alphaville takes you through the latest news as well as the history of Bitcoin
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inside the east London Barclays Accelerator

Osborne wants London to be fintech leader

Chancellor says regulators will play key role

Bitcoin slips in pyramid schemes parade

Surges in cryptocurrency undermines its use as an exchange medium

Russian fraudster’s site boosts Bitcoin

Chinese testimonials on MMM website trigger 20% spike

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Technology: Banks seek key to blockchain

Financial groups race to harness the power of the bitcoin infrastructure to slash costs

European court ruling bolsters bitcoin

Decision will boost UK efforts to make City a bitcoin trading hub

Banks embrace shared database idea

Innovation will help to speed up trading times

UK group claims blockchain breakthrough

Setl prototype performs large-scale payments processing

Winklevoss bitcoin launch ready to open

Regulator approves licence as start-ups struggle for sustainability

Blockchain initiative pulls in 13 banks

Citi, BofA and Morgan Stanley join movement to broaden use

CFTC acts against bitcoin trade platform

TeraExchange move is third this year against bitcoin venues

21 Bitcoin: A sideline in bitcoin-mining

New device will create bitcoins as you do regular computing tasks

NYU Stern broadens impact of bitcoin expertise

Stern launches two-day course on bitcoin and the blockchain

Mt Gox founder charged with embezzlement

Prosecutors however fail to make case over $500m bitcoin theft

Ex-Merrill banker hails bitcoin potential

Wigley joins executives exploring ways to apply the technology

Mt Gox chief faces rearrest over bitcoins

Founder to be questioned about $48,000 four-poster bed

Karpelès quizzed on great bitcoin mystery

Mt Gox founder questioned on exchange’s missing digital currency

Former Mt Gox chief arrested in Japan

Mark Karpelès led world’s largest bitcoin exchange before it collapsed in 2014

Oil trader who joined bitcoin brigade

Daniel Masters is an early convert from mainstream finance

Coinbase boss: bitcoin needs killer app

Co-founder looks to micropayments for virtual currency start-up

Argentine small traders turn to bitcoin

Use of virtual currency soars as way to bypass capital controls

Bitcoin in haven rally on Greek woes

Exchanges report pick up in interest while gold ETFs barely move

Explainer: Blockchain and the markets

A closer look at the financial networks underpinning bitcoin

Bitcoin’s blockchain catches Wall St’s eye

Wall Street lured by promise of the technology behind bitcoin

‘Digital Gold’ by Nathaniel Popper

The anarchic birth of a cryptocurrency