Volatile digital currency

Bitcoin is a decentralised currency that exists mainly in digital form and is neither issued nor guaranteed by central banks. It began in 2009 as an open-source project and is administered over a shared computer network with untraceable transactions

Bitcoin unlikely to enjoy widespread use

Bank of England study says virtual currencies pose little risk

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Coinbase starts eurozone Bitcoin service

Consumer service to be available in 14 countries

Bitcoin promoter to plead guilty

Shrem reaches a plea deal over Silk Road currency sale

Tech race fuels Bitcoin mining bubble

Prices for the latest computer hardware have been chased higher

Selling pressure sends Bitcoin reeling

Price on BTC-e exchange drops 38% before recovering somewhat

Investigators work to close Mt Gox net

Many unanswered questions for Bitcoin exchange chief Mark Karpelès

Bitcoin: small change in financial innovation

Monetary manias fuelled the tulip craze and the South Sea bubble

Mt Gox creditors want payouts in Bitcoins

Group threatens bankruptcy shake-up in Tokyo unless demands met

Ex-Credit Suisse manager turns to Bitcoin

Adam Knight to chair Coinfloor after fundraising round

Silicon Valley’s A list climbs on the bitcoin bandwagon

Venture capitalists are increasingly backing digital currency start-ups

Draper to use Bitcoin hoard to fund new marketplace

EBA warns of more than 70 Bitcoin hazards

Report argues benefits of virtual currencies outweighed by risks

California investor wins Bitcoin auction

Tim Draper to back venture selling Bitcoin to emerging markets

Bitcoin venture opens digital payment system to jewellers

Companies using the currency are urged to proceed with caution,

Bitcoin site owner fined for share sales

US clamps down on unregulated share trading in virtual currency

Divorce lawyers warn on use of Bitcoin

The electronic currency is hard to link to an individual

Dish Network signs up to Bitcoin

US satellite broadcaster will use Coinbase to convert payments

Silicon Valley rush to back Bitcoin worries

Questions over security, volatility and regulatory uncertainty

BitPay secures $30m in fundraising drive

Virtual currencies attract growing attention from investors

Bitcoin supporters target Mt Gox lifeline

Sunlot wins partial backing for plan to save bankrupt exchange

More regulation offers greater security to Bitcoin users

Those investing in the virtual currency need to make a long-term bet

Alderney’s Bitcoin plans take pounding

Mt Gox Bitcoin exchange in administration

Tokyo court orders liquidation of virtual currency exchange

Bitcoin bound for ‘guns and gold crowd’

Tracker fund for virtual currency to be expanded to retail market

Bitcoin set for fresh attack from China

PBoC considers ordering banks to close trading accounts