Volatile digital currency

Bitcoin is a decentralised currency that exists mainly in digital form and is neither issued nor guaranteed by central banks. It began in 2009 as an open-source project and is administered over a shared computer network with untraceable transactions

MtGox ‘lost coins’ long before collapse

Exchange’s vaults routinely raided since 2011, report claims

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A cryptocurrency fit for Wall Street

Bitcoin works for money transfers, legitimate and illicit

Two US agents charged over Silk Road

Pair allegedly stole thousands of dollars in digital currencies

Budget rules could ease way for bitcoin in UK

New package of regulation for digital currencies

CU Denver is opening the J.P. Morgan Center for Commodities in downtown Denver, the first of it's kind, Thursday, April 05, 2012. Blythe Masters, head of global commodities at J.P. Morgan, announced their $5.5 million donation to the school. Joe Amon, The Denver Post

Masters joins cryptocurrency start-up

Ex-JPMorgan commodities head aims to make transactions easier

Boom or bust for bitcoin?

Bitcoin appeals to libertarians on the basis that governments cannot arbitrarily make more of it

Bitcoin hack report suggests inside job

Clearest account yet of what could have happened at Mt Gox


Professors stake out territory for bitcoin

Courses on the virtual currency are now available to students

Vision for bitcoin beginning to fade

Currency trading falls short, despite popularity with retailers

Bitcoin: possible bane of the diamond thief

Entrepreneurs aim to exploit technology behind virtual currency

Bitcoin start-up Coinbase raises $75m

Funding suggests growing mainstream interest in cryptocurrency

Stamp of approval for bitcoin from NYSE and BBVA

Coinbase raises $75m in funding round

Silk Road suspect hunt started at Mt Gox

Bitcoin exchange’s Karpèles says he is not Dread Pirate Roberts

Bitcoin believer warns of its perils

Gavin Andresen readies cryptocurrency for mass usage

Cyber heist halts bitcoin exchange

Bitstamp says about $5m worth of virtual currency lost

Breathe deep and pay in Bitcoin

In the tropical idyll of Bali, dozens of merchants now accept payment in this electronic exchange system

Regulator eases bitcoin licence burden

New York is first to float rules for the fledgling cryptocurrency

How to live with cryptocurrencies

Experts warn on the tax pitfalls of Bitcoin

Bitcoin 2.0 hopes rest on the blockchain

New version raises more disruptive possibilities than its predecessor

Bitcoin exchange to trade other currencies

Coinfloor to trade in US dollars, euros and Polish zloty to escape UK institutions’ limitations

Bitcoin bursts, but could change banking

Venture capital is exploring cryptocurrency technology

Bitcoin poised to shake up government-run currencies

Practical issues may reshape landscape in the longer term

Bitcoin unlikely to enjoy widespread use

Bank of England study says virtual currencies pose little risk

Coinbase starts eurozone Bitcoin service

Consumer service to be available in 14 countries

Bitcoin promoter to plead guilty

Shrem reaches a plea deal over Silk Road currency sale