Volatile digital currency

Bitcoin is a decentralised currency that exists mainly in digital form and is neither issued nor guaranteed by central banks. It began in 2009 as an open-source project and is administered over a shared computer network with untraceable transactions

Mt Gox chief faces rearrest over bitcoins

Founder to be questioned about $48,000 four-poster bed

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Karpelès quizzed on great bitcoin mystery

Mt Gox founder questioned on exchange’s missing digital currency

Former Mt Gox chief arrested in Japan

Karpelès is suspected of falsifying data at bitcoin exchange

Trader Daniel Masters in New York
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Oil trader who joined bitcoin brigade

Daniel Masters is an early convert from mainstream finance

Coinbase boss: bitcoin needs killer app

Co-founder looks to micropayments for virtual currency start-up

Argentine small traders turn to bitcoin

Use of virtual currency soars as way to bypass capital controls

Bitcoin in haven rally on Greek woes

Exchanges report pick up in interest while gold ETFs barely move

Explainer: Blockchain and the markets

A closer look at the financial networks underpinning bitcoin

Bitcoin’s blockchain catches Wall St’s eye

Wall St lured by efficiency promise of the technology behind bitcoin

digital gold

‘Digital Gold’ by Nathaniel Popper

The anarchic birth of a cryptocurrency

How bitcoin could rock the back office

Electronic currency can help standardise securities settlements


A guide for the uninitiated

Nasdaq to step up blockchain trials

Exchange operator hopes bitcoin backbone will reshape settlements

Digital currencies: The bitgold standard

Bitcoin-like currencies backed by the yellow metal show promise

Nasdaq adopts bitcoin backbone for stocks

Blockchain seen as way to streamline many types of transactions

Why women stay away from bitcoin

They care less about the payment process than the retail experience

Goldman backs Circle fundraising

Cash infusion will help fund start-up’s expansion beyond bitcoin

Coinbase opens bitcoin exchange in UK

Company targets British enthusiasm for digital currency

MtGox ‘lost coins’ long before collapse

Exchange’s vaults routinely raided since 2011, report claims

A cryptocurrency fit for Wall Street

Bitcoin works for money transfers, legitimate and illicit

Two US agents charged over Silk Road

Pair allegedly stole hundreds of thousands of dollars in digital currencies during probe

Budget rules could ease way for bitcoin in UK

New package of regulation for digital currencies

Masters joins cryptocurrency start-up

Ex-JPMorgan commodities head aims to make transactions easier

Boom or bust for bitcoin?

Bitcoin appeals to libertarians on the basis that governments cannot arbitrarily make more of it

Bitcoin hack report suggests inside job

Clearest account yet of what could have happened at Mt Gox