Bank Bonuses

The issue of bankers’ bonuses continues to be a political hot potato as bank chiefs defy political and public pressure to curb pay-outs as public sector cuts begin to bite

Personality key to banks’ risk taking

Study finds ‘style’ of executives holds more sway than pay


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Patrick Jenkins and Laura Noonan discuss what lies behind the new trend
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Banking slowdown hits Asian bonuses

Younger bankers never knew glory and excess of 1990s and noughties

Wall Street faces pay crackdown

Regulators plan to toughen bonus deferrals and ‘clawback’ regimes

Bank of England, London.

Fears over bankers’ bonus cap ‘unfounded’

Report says bonus cap has led to a small increase in fixed costs

Rules on US bank bonuses need tightening

It makes sense to extend ‘clawback’ periods for as long as 10 years

Bank Hapoalim chair attacks salary cap plan

Seroussi warns of serious impact on Israeli economy

Banks urged to beef up bonus clawbacks

Critics say existing policies for senior bankers are ineffective

UBS bucks trend and raises bonus payouts

Chief executive enjoys 28% boost in compensation

Why it’s tricky to curb tax-dodging banks

The system gives room for avoidance but taxpayers at least know what to expect, writes Clemens Fuest

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Barclays cuts share awards to top executives

Biggest payout goes to chief executive Jes Staley

Sajid Javid pressured over bonus scheme

Business secretary will not clarify position in tax avoidance scheme

Wall Street bonuses: misery loves company

Big banks are not the only ones suffering

Deutsche staff costs up despite bonus cut

Chief executive John Cryan says Germany’s biggest bank ‘remains very solid’

UBS and Deutsche lose bonus tax case

Banks ordered to pay back £50m each over shares loophole

Executive perks: The corporate jet files

FT investigation reveals the expensive benefit lives on

EU reviews bonus cap rules for small banks

European Commission looking at cap from view of proportionality

UK declines to extend EU bonus cap rules

BoE and FCA object over attempt to extend limits to small firms

Deutsche Bank gets all clear over triple probes

Relief for former co-chief Anshu Jain as BaFin ends actions

EU rethinks rules on bank bonuses

Bungle in latest rule change wiped out exemptions

HSBC dividend rise seen as unsustainable

UK bank’s chief executive argues the market is wrong

HSBC cuts pay for top executives

HSBC cuts pension payments to top executives by 40% after three years of share price falls

BofA chief’s pay rises to $16m

Payout for Moynihan contrasts with reductions at banking peers

Credit Suisse: solidarity

Thiam’s bonus is just the beginning

Bankers’ rock star excesses seem off key

Investment banking no longer needs highly paid whizz-kids

High-flying fund managers in demand

Bonuses for handling cash for super-rich clients are on the increase