Bank Bonuses

The issue of bankers’ bonuses continues to be a political hot potato as bank chiefs defy political and public pressure to curb pay-outs as public sector cuts begin to bite

Banking bonuses overtake trading rewards

London-based bankers advising on deals are reaping higher pay


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How pay relates to performance

City bonuses set challenge for Juncker

EU threatens to veto banking sector nominee

Brussels set to challenge UK bankers’ pay

Cash allowances ‘disregard spirit of bonus cap’

Citi pays allowances to avoid bonus cap

US bank joins peers in boosting fixed pay

Bank bonuses soar despite pressure

Rise for financial jobs twice that of rest of workforce

US bonus curb hit by regulators’ squabble

Plan to prevent excessive bank risk-taking bogged down

Former Investec traders lose bonus battle

Claimants set up bank’s retail structured products unit

Lloyds reviews rate riggers’ bonuses

Bank to consider ‘all options’ including withholding pay

Office workers pass clocks in the Canary Wharf business and shopping district in London
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BoE unveils stricter rules on bonuses

Proposals include threat of jail for reckless bankers

Banks beat bonus cap with cash allowances

Watchdog signals crackdown on ‘role-based’ payments for senior staff

EU bank watchdog signals allowances crackdown

Companies using them to dodge bonus limits

TSB in shake-up of staff rewards

Chief executive could still earn nearly £1.7m a year

Gulf opens in bank chiefs’ pay

Europe-US gap partly because of EU bonus cap

Pay rises for senior bankers hit 10%

US extends its lead over European rivals

HSBC shareholders revolt on pay

More than a fifth of votes cast against three-year policy

HSBC cuts chairman’s bonus with £1m cap

Reduction in Douglas Flint’s reward comes after protests

BBA attacks bankers’ bonus clawback plan

Lobby group says Bank of England proposals are ‘unenforceable’

RBS warns bonus cap puts it ‘out of pack’

Decision isolates bank from UK and European peers

Ministers accused of muddle over bonuses

Osborne lays himself open to charge of facing both ways

RBS forced to back down on bonus plans

Osborne and UKFI bow to demands for pay cap

Barclays feels shareholder anger on pay

Over third of investors refuse to back board

Regulations and lower returns put pressure on pay and bonuses

The edge over other professionals has narrowed as bankers’ bonuses are cut

Barclays investors still set for pay protest

Barclays replaces head of pay committee

Sunderland to step down amid investor anger over bonuses

Investors predict executive pay protest

Outcry expected at bank shareholder meetings that begin in April