George Osborne’s statement featured more optimistic growth and borrowing forecasts as well as attempts to offer households help with the cost of living in an attempt to regain the political initiative from Labour

Osborne has little left to squeeze, IFS says

Autumn Statement raises questions over realism of coalition plans

The Stone Mansion

Autumn statement: Property

More sales could now attract capital gains tax

Key documents

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Full report, policy decisions, costings and impact on households

George Osborne keen to focus on growth, not cost of living

Chancellor believes Labour has been wrongfooted on the recovery

Osborne heads in ‘right direction’ for poll

Claim economic plan working undercut by OBR warnings

ElringKlinger managing director Ian Malcolm

Business people react to Osborne’s speech

Broad welcome for chancellor’s statement and policies

Comment and Analysis

This is no time for a UK stimulus

The current period is reminiscent of 1937, when Keynes said the time was wrong to boost spending

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Britain, things are going to get better

The consensus about the UK’s growth prospects is far too bleak, writes Stephanie Flanders

Q&A: Six key Autumn Statement questions

Good forecasts mask underlying concerns

The Autumn Statement in eight charts

Economics editor Chris Giles cuts through the spin

Editorial: Rebalancing and belt-tightening

The risk from a consumer-led recovery is rises amid heavy household indebtedness

Britain’s needlessly slow recovery

The government has been led astray by focusing on deficit and debt rather than the health of the economy

Sketch: Osborne triumphs in Balls battle

Chancellor gave shadow a pummelling not seen since Tyson’s prime

A deficit memento and a cap trap

The goal is to place the burden centre stage and show that only the Tories can handle it

George Osborne sticks to the deficit

The chancellor’s measures go some way to reminding voters of the magnitude of Britain’s borrowing, writes Janan Ganesh

Removing the caps on caps and gowns

Flipside of changes is they will increase pressure on poor-performing universities, writes Emran Mian

Political discipline is as vital as fiscal

Politicians’ tinkering has created an increased set of regulatory risks for investors, writes Alison Smith

Chancellor raises banking levy

Future rate more than three times the rate initially envisaged two years ago

Welfare capped and Whitehall budgets cut

Two-pronged approach to reducing government spending

Surge in growth conceals long-term flaws

OBR unveils biggest upgrade to forecasts in 14 years

Osborne removes ‘cap on aspiration’

University student quota to be abolished to benefit growth

Corporate UK seeks curb on energy costs

Some argued cap on rate rises ‘should have gone further’

Balls’ focus on deficit is drowned out

Speech earns largely muted support from his own benches