George Osborne announced measures to squeeze the rich, and people who receive benefits, to help middle-income workers and motorists, as he confirmed in his Autumn Statement that he had missed one of his key public finance targets.

Moderate earners seen as the only winners

Rich and poor to lose most from UK Autumn Statement, says IFS


The economic backdrop and the options open to the chancellor

UK triple-A rating faces cut, say investors

Agencies reassess national finances after Autumn Statement

Coalition seeks £10bn election year cuts

Ministers to work on tough austerity plans for 2015-16

Business seeks focus on emerging markets

Data fuel fears UK net trade will be negative in fourth quarter

Tax warning over ‘inconceivable’ cuts

Next government likely to put up levies, says think-tank

Osborne fights off attacks over 4G

Chancellor rejects claims 4G sale artificially eased deficit

Rating threat after Autumn Statement

Chancellor admits targets will be missed

Fiscal watchdog slashes UK forecasts

Dismal economic performance set to last five years

Chancellor draws cheers from Tory benches

Concedes deficit hopes too optimistic but still discomfits Labour

Pension tax grab extends beyond wealthy

Cuts to relief not only for ‘largest’ pension pots

Time stands still for Osborne

Recovery is slower than for any past downturn

Infrastructure funds disappoint industry

Spending has declined by 11.3 per cent in the past 12 months

Tax changes won’t reverse fiscal drag

Higher-rate taxpayers can expect only temporary relief

Small businesses broadly positive

Praise for tax cuts but access to funds that help SMEs still difficult

Corporation tax cut again

Osborne excludes banks from benefit

Osborne pulls off welfare masterstroke

Benefits move raises big money and is overwhelmingly popular

Autumn Statement: Winners and losers

Middle-income workers, drivers and companies benefit

Tax to be levied on £40bn in Swiss banks

Chancellor closes four loopholes in anti-avoidance drive

Bond investors braced for more austerity

Fund managers resigned to extended period of low growth

Osborne plays safe to the squeezed middle

Chancellor has ruled out further taxes on property

Pensions proposal raises eyebrows

Some fear rethink on liabilities would sweep problem under carpet

Business chiefs press for radical action

Osborne’s words must ‘translate words into building sites’, warns CBI

Road network gets £1bn boost

Four big roads schemes get go-ahead, including a £314m upgrade to A1

Scientific research wins fresh funding

Renewable energy storage and data analysis to benefit

Regional pay for public sector rejected

Performance-related pay to be encouraged