Mini-budget: December 3

George Osborne has set the political battleground for the next election with a crackdown on multinational tax avoidance in a populist Autumn Statement that also seeks to tap banks for more revenues and radically revamp the system of stamp duty on houses

Osborne channels spirit of Victorian PM

Chancellor steals policies from opposition party

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George Osborne
Full text of the chancellor’s speech and Treasury documents
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Misplaced homage to Wigan Pier

We are miles away from the hardship of the prewar years, writes Giles Wilkes

Stamp duty divides buyers and sellers

OBR estimates for every 1% fall in effective tax rate, house prices rise 1.4%

An illustration of George Osborne as Robin Hood
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Cuts alone may not hit fiscal target

The accounts will only be balanced through an unprecedented squeeze on public spending

Labour is stuck in the political doghouse

It is possible to ridicule the Tories’ missed targets, and still favour them over the shabby alternative

Ingram Pinn illustration

A political chancellor’s delusional plan

The economic priority for the UK was never fiscal austerity; it was securing growth

True-colour image of Mars seen by OSIRIS

Osborne takes Commons on a mission to Mars

Things, after all, seem so much smaller from space – like the deficit

The A-list

A mixed bag from the chancellor

Stamp duty change may look good politically but economically it is odd, says Stephanie Flanders

Flash of 1980s style offers few benefits

Banks will groan at another lash but the agony will be bearable, writes Jonathan Guthrie

An illustration of George Osborne as Robin Hood
©Jonathan McHugh

Osborne dons populist garb for election

Chancellor takes aim at banks, multinationals and top-end property

Osborne plays down spending cuts fears

Chancellor attacks ‘hyperbolic’ coverage of the BBC

Osborne’s £18bn question

Savings on debt interest aid the medium-term outlook

Master of giveaways did not give much away

Osborne skilled in popular announcements that do not cost much

Q&A: How strong is UK economy?

Chancellor’s numbers conceal worrying trends

UK plans to raise £1bn with ‘Google tax’

Osborne to make sure that multinationals ‘pay their fair share’

Extra spending cuts to balance the books

Projected tax receipts are really bad news for public finances

Stagnating productivity threatens finances

Forecasting a budget surplus is one thing – delivering it is something else

Stamp duty reform echoes Scottish system

Chancellor’s way will win greater favour from wealthy

Recovery in wages to start next year

OBR sees growth slowing but productivity beginning to pick up

Osborne cracks down on banks and multinationals

Chancellor announces changes to structure of stamp duty

Government fine-tunes election strategy

Chancellor wrongfoots his opponents by penalising the wealthy

Cable asks OBR to spell out differences

Business secretary seeks to distance party from Treasury

Stamp duty reform ends ‘tax on aspiration’

‘Slab’ structure scrapped from midnight on Wednesday

Public sector squeeze risks 1m jobs

Pay pain to continue for employees as salary freeze has saved £12bn

No new money, says infrastructure sector

Building companies welcome details on construction projects

UK ‘Non-doms’ face higher charges

Tax on expensive homes held through ‘envelopes’ also going up

Candour deficit matches fiscal one

All the political parties face similar unanswered questions

Green light for ‘driverless car’ trials

London, Bristol, Coventry and Milton Keynes chosen as test sites

North gains in search for regional balance

Manchester a big winner with investment in arts and innovation

North Sea oil tax burden eased

Supplementary charge on profits trimmed to 30%

Changes will not halt North Sea decline

Nothing in the chancellor’s statement that can override weak economics

A dose of wishful thinking

There is something decidedly odd about George Osborne’s medium-term fiscal and economic outlook

The 2 minute visual guide to the Autumn Statement

Chris Giles cuts through the official data

Autumn Statement – the winners and losers

Those buying a home worth less than £937,500 will pay less stamp duty than before

P2P lenders welcome tax relief boost

From 2016 individuals will be able to offset losses from bad loans