Mini-budget: December 3

George Osborne plans to put the regeneration of northern England at the heart of his Autumn Statement with the promise of new money for infrastructure, transport and science in the region

Widows’ annuity tax expected to be axed

George Osborne, the chancellor, announced a future Conservative government would freeze working age benefits for two years
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Osborne likely to bring payments in line with ‘death tax’ reform

Rabbits for chancellor’s hat

Osborne could reform stamp duty and scrap inheritance tax without forfeiting any revenue

The A303 near Stonehenge, one of the roads earmarked for improvement
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Osborne to pledge £15bn road improvements

Stonehenge tunnel is among list of more than 100 projects

Leeds and Sheffield to win more power

Chancellor expected to give cities greater control of spending

Osborne set to boost innovation centres

Significant rise in funding expected in Autumn Statement

Fall in investment overshadows UK growth

Economy expanded 0.7% in the third quarter

Chancellor George Osborne
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Osborne to pledge balanced budget law

Trap for Labour in statute to eliminate deficit by 2017-18

Parties told to close ‘candour deficit’ over cuts

Resolution Foundation says politicians are failing to inform the public over fiscal targets

Autumn Statement 2014: Kids TV tax boost

Chancellor ‘looking seriously’ at helping children’s creative sector

Business seeks action on rates and roads

Osborne lobbied for ‘affordable measures to keep growth motoring’

Chancellor pressed to aid UK oil and gas

Industry lobby says price fall threatens to hit development

Weak oil and tax revenues hit Osborne

Treasury concerned as figures disappoint despite buoyant economy

Autumn statement: Business wish lists

Lobby groups submit plans ahead of chancellor’s December 3 speech

Osborne accused of ‘grand deception’

Alexander criticises chancellor’s promise of unfunded tax cuts

Watchdog warns on cuts to council budgets

Funding reductions inadequately monitored, says audit office

Cameron changes tack on economy

Tories seek to focus voters’ attention on recovery

Time for a radical rethink on tax and North Sea oil

Britain and the cuts: Osborne hangs on OBR forecasts

Fiscal watchdog’s last judgment before election could give chancellor a nasty surprise

Pensions tax loophole under scrutiny

Treasury will ‘closely monitor’ fiscal risks

Cameron pledges £15bn for roads schemes

List includes Stonehenge tunnel for A303 and dualling of A1

Manchester to host materials research hub

Osborne to pledge £200m for ‘Crick of the north’ facility

Industry demands rise in road spending

Manufacturers warn that poor state of roads will hinder growth

Osborne to back ‘northern powerhouse’

Greater control, rather than tax powers, to be handed to region

Minister seeks winter funding for NHS

Danny Alexander wants to avoid pre-election crisis

Cable pledges rates relief for business

Action would tackle ‘real problem area’, minister says

Osborne plans tax move on tech groups

Chancellor aims to stop multinationals ’abusing system’

Osborne vows to revitalise north

Cities propose £15bn infrastructure plan