Austerity in Europe

Europeans are braced for a new age of austerity as governments across the region take action to eliminate unsustainable budget deficits

Osborne says austerity not over yet

Chancellor insists billions must still be cut from public spending


Chancellor, George Osborne, leaves Downing street to deliver the budget ©FT
Britain’s councils are more efficient but now face serious challenges
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A government insistent on cutting debt should not make it worse with bungs for wealthy savers
UK chancellor should shoot Labour’s fox by trimming spending cuts

Devolution distances Westminster from cuts

No big shrinkage in state but power shifts to cities

Public sector austerity gathers pace

Civil service to shrink to smallest since second world war

France slams Brussels on budget warning

Brussels says Paris budget efforts fall short of recommended level

General strike brings Greece to standstill

Thousands of public sector employees and jobless people take part

Finance minister defends Italian budget

Padoan says government deserves to benefit from flexibility clauses

EU alert on Spain and France budget target

Madrid expected to miss fiscal limit by more than expected

Portugal faces months of upheaval

Concerns centre-left parties could partner anti-austerity groups

Disrupters rattle Europe’s old order

The postwar consensus that nurtured stability has crumbled

Portuguese left nears coalition deal

Socialist leader says left coalition would respect euro rules

Portugal’s socialists eye leftist alliance

Talks set to resume in week ahead

Spain faces Brussels rebuke over budget

Commission to warn over deficit targets and call for more cuts

Austerity activists march on conference

As many as 60,000 people rally against cuts

Tsipras appoints top negotiators to cabinet

Re-elected Greek PM shows commitment to tough new austerity programme

Greece looms over Portugal’s poll battle

Centre-right government defends its economic record

Osborne awaits sacrifices to austerity

Radical options may keep shake-ups in departments’ own hands

Councils warn of £10bn costs beside cuts

Living wage and social housing policies add to squeeze

Madrid unveils ‘budget of recovery’

Tax cuts and higher salaries for public workers promised

Greece crisis overshadows Portugal poll

Voters to deliver verdict on 4 years of austerity in October election

Irish debate how to spend surplus

National dialogue about best use of €1.5bn ‘fiscal space’