Austerity in Europe

Europeans are braced for a new age of austerity as governments across the region take action to eliminate unsustainable budget deficits

Osborne’s pledge puts focus on axe

‘Rollercoaster’ profile for spending gives chancellor a headache


A government insistent on cutting debt should not make it worse with bungs for wealthy savers
UK chancellor should shoot Labour’s fox by trimming spending cuts
There is no need for vacuous and irrelevant balanced budget laws

Osborne eases austerity as poll nears

Breaks for middle Britain partly funded by bank levy

Lib Dems attack Osborne over austerity

Tories accused of making ideologically motivated cuts

Osborne pledges an easing of austerity

Chancellor vows ‘truly national recovery’


Voices of dissent in Frankfurt

Activists from the leftwing Blockupy on their antipathy to the ECB

Anti-capitalist protesters mar ECB opening

Clashes before inauguration of HQ

Watchdog fears ‘radical surgery’ of cuts

Audit chief concerned at effect of unwieldy financial scalpel on services

Northern Ireland workers fight cuts

Hospitals, schools and transport network closed

Austerity hits poor hardest, says charity

Continuing cuts not sustainable, says Joseph Rowntree Foundation

France wins EU budget reprieve

Paris secures time to bring deficit under 3% ceiling

Coeuré calls for respect for EU budget rules

Decision to allow France and Italy flexibility questioned

Osborne finds austerity breathing space

Low inflation and tax receipts offer £30bn of Budget flexibility

Tories accused of ‘extreme’ cutback plans

Balls says budget surplus target will hit social care and police numbers

Pensions staff face 30,000 job cuts

Sweeping losses feared across Whitehall after election

Rehn slams successors over France budget

Paris repeatedly flouted EU deficit limits

Cuts hit poor hardest, research finds

Deprived districts at risk of losing out again, warns think-tank

Northern Ireland braces for austerity

Stormont departments face axe and unions warn of protest action

EU budget reprieve for France and Italy

Deadline extended for Paris to meet bloc’s deficit target

Greek crisis opens Portuguese faultlines

Lisbon faces cross-party criticism for tough Athens stance

Ireland takes hard line on Greece

Dublin says no EU state should expect special concessions