Austerity in Europe

Europeans are braced for a new age of austerity as governments across the region take action to eliminate unsustainable budget deficits

Tories seize on Syriza win to defend cuts

Cameron and Osborne urge voters to adopt safety-first approach


Chancellor George Osborne ©Charlie Bibby/FT
There is no need for vacuous and irrelevant balanced budget laws
Politicians prefer not to talk about a deficit that remains huge
OECD study offers no one-size-fits-all recommendations

Greeks vote to reject austerity

Fiona Symon discusses what happens next with the FT’s Europe Editor, Tony Barber

Syriza win hands challenge to Europe

Far-left party falls two seats short of majority

Osborne warns against post-poll spending

Failure to back austerity would ruin recovery, says chancellor

Middle earners ‘unscathed’ by austerity

Poor and wealthy are biggest losers, says think-tank report

Brussels boost for France, Italy budgets

New guidelines allow for greater flexibility over spending plans

Milan soup kitchen struggles to feed poor

Italy’s economic decline is seen in sharp relief

Balls vows spending cuts to clear deficit

Shadow chancellor toughens Labour stance on borrowing

The old order loses its grip in painful times of change

Fall of Espírito Santo may hold promise for more productive areas of economy

Enough is Enough public protest in Guernsey
©Andrew Le Poidevin

Island’s economy shows signs of recovery

Austerity measures have caused tensions but growth is improving

Brussels warns France over budget

France close to becoming first eurozone country to be fined under EU rules

Merkel ally doubts Hollande’s reforms

Oettinger says French budget does not deliver enough cuts

Unions will fight cuts, says McCluskey

Unite leader warns of ‘backlash’ against austerity

Anger at Ireland’s water charges boils up

After six years of austerity, move to charge consumers directly is last straw

Foreign Office loses direction due to cuts

Some wonder if FCO can regain former lustre as more austerity looms

Britain and the cuts: NI faces harsh reality

Finance minister welcomes agreement on plan to reduce spending

Britain and the cuts: Pain tolerated

Decision not to tighten screws further means tougher measures have been deferred

Britain and the cuts: Spain’s spend rise

Recent economic hardship had little to do with austerity

Britain and the cuts: Irish count cost

Last month’s budget did not raise taxes or slash public spending

Appetite for austerity evaporates

FT Series: Poll shows fewer voters think more hard cuts needed