Austerity in Europe

Europeans are braced for a new age of austerity as governments across the region take action to eliminate unsustainable budget deficits

Madrid unveils ‘budget of recovery’

Tax cuts and higher salaries for public workers promised


Chancellor, George Osborne, leaves Downing street to deliver the budget ©FT
Britain’s councils are more efficient but now face serious challenges
– FT View
A government insistent on cutting debt should not make it worse with bungs for wealthy savers
UK chancellor should shoot Labour’s fox by trimming spending cuts

Greece crisis overshadows Portugal poll

Voters to deliver verdict on 4 years of austerity in October election

Irish debate how to spend surplus

National dialogue about best use of €1.5bn ‘fiscal space’

Renzi tax-cut plan risks Brussels clash

Italian prime minister seeks more leeway to energise economy

Osborne asks for 40% budget cut plans

Chancellor prepares to target unprotected departments

Austerity spurs wave of council innovation

Cash-strapped councils turn into engines of entrepreneurialism

The secret garden, Oldham with leader, Caroline Lawson and her friend Maureen.
©Charlie Bibby

Councils team up to soften austerity rigours

Secret garden blooms as people prepare for new ‘deal’

Ammunition for ‘armchair auditors’

FT data show how spending and services have changed in your area

Austerity’s £18bn impact on local services

FT finds welfare system creaking under weight of growing demand

Tsipras wins Greek vote backing bailout

Austerity pushed through to backdrop of violence and Syriza split

Sinn Féin embraces Syriza as ally

Move shows structural shift in EU politics after euro crisis

Greek poverty overwhelms charities

Voluntary groups take the strain of social service provision

Greek pensioners on warpath over austerity

Anger points to risk of wider public backlash

Greece’s defiant youth opt for ‘chaos’

Without work, many young Greeks feel they have nothing to lose

Finnish minister puts faith in austerity

Any EU deal with Greece faces hurdle in Helsinki

Austerity works, ECB economists say

Paper comes at time of heightened tension between Greece and international creditors

Cameron risks cuts backlash, study says

Think-tank says voters not aware how much state is set to shrink

OECD urges Osborne to ease back on cuts

Organisation says size of the state is being reduced too fast

‘Sir Angel’ exposes devil in detail of cuts

OECD urges chancellor to scale back pace of austerity

OECD tells Britain to spread cuts evenly

Group says deficit reduction should be smoother to protect growth