Regional spats increase

Clashes in the South and East China Seas have escalated significantly over the past two years, with Japan, the Philippines and Vietnam accusing Beijing of upsetting regional stability by aggressively claiming disputed territories and waters

US military’s South China Sea flight lifts tension

Surveillance aircraft with CNN crew aboard ignores China warning

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Meeting between Xi Jinping and Shinzo Abe must mark a fresh start
China’s disputes with neighbours are becoming dangerous
Negotiations are essential to resolve conflicts over resources

US South China Sea patrols ‘positive step’

Top Democrat backs Pentagon plans as tensions mount with Beijing

Philippines seeks to defuse China tensions

President Aquino reins in rhetoric as fears of conflict grow

China and US seek to defuse tensions

Wang Yi defends construction but pledges ‘peace and stability’

US ‘welcome’ to use China’s new islands

Beijing offers access for civilian purposes ‘when time is right’

Man-made islands add to Asian sea spats

Mushrooming of man-made islands is latest flashpoint

Beijing alters strategy over disputed waters

Former stance regarded as eroding soft power in region

Xi tones down foreign policy rhetoric

Chinese president emphasises ‘win-win co-operation’

US, Japan and Australia to deepen alliance

Pledge follows American reaffirmation of security commitment to Asia

Xi and Abe hold landmark summit

Meeting signals thaw in China-Japan relations

China and Japan to resume security talks

Ground being laid for Xi and Abe to meet at Apec summit

Japan presses China over coral poachers

Tokyo calls for halt to illegal marine harvesting

China and Vietnam to resume military ties

Tensions soothed after South China Sea stand-off

US eases curbs on arms sales to Vietnam

Policy shift likely to anger China

Hopes rise of Xi-Abe meeting

Leaders reported to be considering talks at Apec forum in November

Chinese majority expect war with Japan

Poll finds 93% of Japanese have unfavourable view of neighbour

Modi chides China as he embraces Japan

Summit with Abe seen as part of effort to counterbalance Chinese influence in Asia

Taiwan accuses China of breaching airspace

Fighter jets scrambled to shadow Chinese spy planes

China maritime feud ensnares fishermen

Freedom of navigation behind dispute between China and Vietnam

China downplays South China Sea tension

Kerry proposal dismissed as ‘setting up a separate kitchen’

Japan condemns ‘dangerous’ Chinese acts

White paper may impede Abe’s efforts to meet Xi

China finds signs of oil in disputed waters

Withdrawal of rig could ease tensions in South China Sea

Abe sought meeting with Xi Jinping

Japan’s PM made the overture during a committee meeting

US faces dilemma in South China Sea

Debate rages on how to respond to China’s ‘salami-slicing’ tactics

US to counter Chinese naval advance

Show of force would seek to deter incremental advances