Regional spats increase

Clashes in the South and East China Seas have escalated significantly over the past two years, with Japan, the Philippines and Vietnam accusing Beijing of upsetting regional stability by aggressively claiming disputed territories and waters

China builds ties along with airstrips

Beijing courts other nations to support its position over territory

US needs a determined response to China

The Chinese have acted less like a responsible stakeholder and more like a bully, writes John McCain

Kerry makes historic visit to Hiroshima

US secretary of state’s reconciliation gesture marks breakthrough

Arms industry cashes in on Asia tensions

Global defence spending grows for first time in three years

A suburb of Djibouti City
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China forces to set up first overseas base

‘A few thousand’ troops and staff to be deployed to Djibouti

ITU ABA ISLAND, CHINA - APRIL 28, 2013: Itu Aba Island, also known as Taiping Island, is one of many disputed islands in the South China Sea. The island is administered and occupied by the Republic of China, but other countries, including Vietnam, the Philippines and the People?s Republic of China, also claim sovereignty. The site for the naval frigate terminal will likely be the area of the existing harbor, which is notably the only section with shipping access to the island through the coral reef. (Photo DigitalGlobe via Getty Images)

Taiwan pushes case for South China Sea isle

Island status for Taiping would bring rights to contested waters

Indonesia alarm over South China Sea clash

Protest lodged after China coast guard tries to free detained vessel

US and Japan urged to beef up alliance

Report calls for better co-ordination and interoperability

Australia to beef up armed forces

Spending to rise 80% within decade amid rise in Asia tensions

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China said to build radar on disputed isle

Area’s ‘operational landscape’ may change, says US think-tank

China arms exports continue to surge

Shipments nearly double in 5 years, mostly to India’s neighbours

Australia and NZ warn China on sea tensions

Prime ministers Turnbull and Key call for restraint and use of legal channels

US accuses China of ‘militarising’ island

Kerry says missile deployment in disputed area breaks Xi pledge

China deploys missiles on disputed island

Tensions rise as images show batteries on contested territory

US seeks backing in South China Sea spat

Obama to use summit to raise diplomatic pressure on China

US warship sails near island claimed by China

Freedom of navigation operations becoming more politically charged

US history offers clues to China’s intent

American fleet was created to fight pirates off north Africa

China and US try to build on summit gains

Maritime dispute, North Korea and hacking dominate talks between Kerry and Wang

China steps up Senkaku incursions

Japan claims Beijing trying to change the East China Sea status quo

Vietnam’s ruling Communists assert power

A tale of traditional pomp and changing circumstance

Key themes facing Vietnam as party meets

Economy, reform and China loom large over five-yearly congress

China steps up building in disputed waters

Runways fit for jets on South China Sea ‘reefs’ near completion

Philippines clears US defence agreement

Washington looks to counter assertive Beijing in South China Sea

China builds second aircraft carrier

Defence ministry announces construction of 50,000-tonne vessel

Japan grows an island to check China plans

Reviving a tiny reef looms large in minds of military planners