Regional spats increase

Clashes in the South and East China Seas have escalated significantly over the past two years, with Japan, the Philippines and Vietnam accusing Beijing of upsetting regional stability by aggressively claiming disputed territories and waters

China detains two alleged Japanese spies

Move may worsen already strained relations between two countries

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US Navy personnel looks at Philippine Navy vessel BRP Ramon Alcaraz during the bilateral maritime exercise between the Philippine Navy and US Navy dubbed Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training (CARAT 2014) aboard the USS John S. McCain in the South China Sea near waters claimed by Beijing on June 28, 2014. The United States and the Philippines kicked off joint naval exercises in the South China Sea near waters claimed by Beijing, amid tense territorial rows between China and its neighbours. AFP PHOTO/NOEL CELIS/POOL ©AFP
Washington and Beijing cannot resolve tensions in the region alone
Meeting between Xi Jinping and Shinzo Abe must mark a fresh start
China’s disputes with neighbours are becoming dangerous

Philippines debates return of US forces

Move would extend America’s military reach in South China Sea

Call for China to tweak ‘nine-dash line’

Indonesian minister seeks map change and confirms naval base plans

China island-building halt claim in doubt

Fresh dredging threatens hopes for smooth Xi-Obama summit

Japan protests over Russia PM island trip

Posturing on disputed Kurils threatens improved Moscow-Tokyo ties


Chinese launch floating fortress project

Vast structures could have applications in energy and security

China’s island building enters new phase

Beijing to cease land reclamation and focus on building facilities

China military drills set to stir tension

Manoeuvres condemned as a ‘needlessly excessive show of force’

Japan ramps up warnings over China

Criticism highlights land reclamation activities

China island-maker eyes foreign flotation

Dredger behind Beijing’s land-reclamation efforts seeks listing

US struggles for South China Sea strategy

Pace of Beijing’s atoll reclaiming puts Washington on back foot

China defends island-building policy

South China Sea dredging is for ‘international public services’

China eyes airspace over disputed waters

Prospect of air defence zone in South China Sea

China rebukes US for stoking sea tensions

Beijing releases robust defence white paper

US military’s South China Sea flight lifts tension

Surveillance aircraft with CNN crew aboard ignores China warning

US South China Sea patrols ‘positive step’

Top Democrat backs Pentagon plans as tensions mount with Beijing

Philippines seeks to defuse China tensions

President Aquino reins in rhetoric as fears of conflict grow

China and US seek to defuse tensions

Wang Yi defends construction but pledges ‘peace and stability’

US ‘welcome’ to use China’s new islands

Beijing offers access for civilian purposes ‘when time is right’

Man-made islands add to Asian sea spats

Mushrooming of man-made islands is latest flashpoint

Beijing alters strategy over disputed waters

Former stance regarded as eroding soft power in region

Xi tones down foreign policy rhetoric

Chinese president emphasises ‘win-win co-operation’

US, Japan and Australia to deepen alliance

Pledge follows American reaffirmation of security commitment to Asia

Xi and Abe hold landmark summit

Meeting signals thaw in China-Japan relations

China and Japan to resume security talks

Ground being laid for Xi and Abe to meet at Apec summit