Regional spats increase

Clashes in the South and East China Seas have escalated significantly over the past two years, with Japan, the Philippines and Vietnam accusing Beijing of upsetting regional stability by aggressively claiming disputed territories and waters

China finds signs of oil in disputed waters

Withdrawal of rig could ease tensions in South China Sea


China’s disputes with neighbours are becoming dangerous
Negotiations are essential to resolve conflicts over resources
Tokyo and Beijing must defuse rhetoric before it is too late

Abe sought meeting with Xi Jinping

Japan’s PM made the overture during a committee meeting

US faces dilemma in South China Sea

Debate rages on how to respond to China’s ‘salami-slicing’ tactics

US to counter Chinese naval advance

Show of force would seek to deter incremental advances

Japan slams China over mushroom cloud map

Foreign minister attacks newspaper article saying Tokyo wants war

China accuses Vietnam of ‘hyping’ dispute

Islands spat continues as Hanoi told to ‘stop disrupting’ drilling

China given deadline in maritime case

Court says Beijing has 6 months to respond to Philippines claim

Beijing hits out at US and Japan alliance

Tension rises over support for Asia nations

China and US spar over maritime claims

Defence secretary says US will not ignore coercion and intimidation

China and Vietnam in row over sunken boat

Fishing vessel capsizes in disputed waters

Philippines warns on Chinese expansion

President fears Beijing could explore for oil in its waters

Abe condemns Chinese jet manoeuvres

Beijing blames Tokyo over ‘dangerously’ close aircraft

Vietnam considers taking China to court

Maritime dispute becoming more dangerous

Vietnam’s nationalism exposes weaknesses

Lack of links to west undermines attempts to face up to China

Compensation sought after Vietnam riots

Formosa Plastics Group demands $3m from Hanoi

Thousands of Chinese evacuated from Vietnam

Foreign companies plead for no repeat of violence

Factories face rebuilding task in Vietnam

Hanoi’s response to anti-Chinese riots under scrutiny

Apple supplier halts Vietnam production

Taiwan’s Foxconn gives workers three days’ leave as a precaution

Anti-China protests force Vietnam shutdown

Violence spreads as foreign workers flee country

Vietnamese mobs attack Chinese factories

Nike and Adidas supplier suspends production

Manila accuses Beijing of stoking tensions

China believed to be constructing runway on contested reef

China reverses Vietnam charm offensive

Oil rig dispute sours relations after period of calm

Vietnam allows anti-China oil rig protests

Demonstrators show anger over South China Sea dispute

China accuses Hanoi of harassing oil rig

Comments follow US criticism of ‘provocative’ Beijing

US condemns South China Sea spat

Chinese and Vietnamese vessels in face-off