Regional spats increase

Clashes in the South and East China Seas have escalated significantly over the past two years, with Japan, the Philippines and Vietnam accusing Beijing of upsetting regional stability by aggressively claiming disputed territories and waters

China fishermen caught in Asian conflict

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Local fish stock collapse pushes fleet away from domestic waters

Japan missile to test China’s strategy

Weapon would require Beijing to initiate conflict before landing

James Ferguson illustration

Why Australia’s luck may be running out

The country is becoming a lightning rod for Chinese anger towards the west

Philippines seeks to calm waters in China

Ice-breaking talks in Hong Kong longer on symbolism than substance

Sea dispute stokes China-Vietnam tensions

Claims of arms build-ups and cyber attacks add to strains

SUBI REEF, SOUTH CHINA SEA - MAY 20, 2016: DigitalGlobe imagery (Closeup-2) of the Subi Reef in the South China Sea, a part of the Spratly Islands group. Photo DigitalGlobe via Getty Images.

Photos add to doubts on China reef pledge

Satellite images suggest militarisation of contested Spratly group

Chinese vessels raise tension with Japan

Beijing boosts coast guard in East China Sea in face of Tokyo complaints

Russia-China exercises in South China Sea

Move could worsen tension after loss of court ruling by Beijing

China unveils world’s largest seaplane

Beijing furthers strategic reach with 4,500km-range amphibious aircraft

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Global disorder: from Trump to China

The belligerence of domestic politics is spilling on to the world stage

China hits at US over Hague sea tribunal

Washington accused of using legal process as well as warships to challenge Beijing

Beijing censors South China Sea protest

Efforts to head off domestic pressure to force China’s hand

South China Sea: Building up trouble

Enforcing a court ruling could set Beijing against the US

Duterte calls for calm after sea ruling

Philippines' win in territorial dispute with China threatens to widen regional divide

China struggles to influence neighbours

Beijing’s position on South China Sea erodes links with Asean members

Beijing warns neighbours after sea ruling

China says it will ‘take all necessary measures’ to protect its interests

Tribunal rules against China sea claims

US calls on Beijing and others to renew diplomatic efforts

UN ruling raises risks for US and China

Obama administration looks to cool tempers in the South China Sea

Asian nations hail South China Sea ruling

Beijing urged to accept UN tribunal’s verdict to ease regional tensions

Test for Beijing over the South China Sea

West must press China to reaffirm its fealty to international law

Timeline: South China Sea dispute

Longstanding tensions have been marked by sporadic confrontation

Beijing works to blunt sea ruling impact

China offers Philippines inducements to ‘set aside’ decision

UN tribunal rules for Philippines in South China Sea dispute

Decision could hurt China’s assertions that its presence is justified

Obama forced Xi backdown in South China Sea

Leaders worry about growing risk of confrontation

Beijing may harden resolve in seas dispute

The UN ruling could result in a robust response from government