Europe’s proposed Tobin tax

A Tobin tax on financial transactions has won the backing of the European Commission and the two governments at the heart of the eurozone, France and Germany, although wider agreement within the EU is proving more difficult

Corbyn backs Britain in EU and Tobin tax

Europe will help regulate financial sector, says Labour leader


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The previous death of the FTT lacked a sanity clause, says John Dizard
The UK can do little to counter US protectionism but it must resist Brussels, writes Martin Jacomb

Berlin eyes EU-wide transactions tax

Finance minister Schäuble wants the financial tax to apply to all

France seeks to revive Robin Hood tax

Plea for ‘fresh start’ for financial transactions group

Eurozone divided over FTT agreement

Outcry over vague terms of political deal

Court dashes drive to resist tax on City

Eurozone’s plan for levy on financial transactions survives challenge

Robin Hood tax has roots in 17th century

Despite fuss over EU plan it is likely to resemble UK stamp duty

UK loses challenge to EU transaction tax

Court notes Britain can still take action once FTT is adopted

Osborne faces defeat over ‘Robin Hood tax’

European Court of Justice to rule on chancellor’s legal challenge

City braced for EU ‘Tobin’ tax ruling

Rapid progress of case augurs ill for Britain’s prospects

Paris and Berlin push ‘Robin Hood’ tax deal

Two governments pledge to reach an accord by the end of May

European financial tax suffers backlash

Presidency considers restricting €35bn levy with global reach

‘Robin Hood tax’ is alive, warn Lords

EU financial transactions tax remains ‘serious threat’ to City

Noyer warns against ‘Robin Hood’ tax

French concern over European financial transaction levy plans

Germany’s SPD calls for bank bailout tax

Opposition party wants levy to finance European fund gap

Financial transaction tax hits legal wall

Top adviser’s conclusion points to far less ambitious common levy

EU legal opinion against FTT – Full text

Plus some quick points on its implications and importance

Italy starts high-frequency transaction tax

Move test case for further crackdowns

EU Tobin tax could force portfolio rejig

Lower returns expected for pension funds

Financial tax could ‘wipe out’ securities lending

Mooted levy could slash European securities lending by 65%

Europe’s transactions tax facing delay

Mounting concerns over impact on repo markets

European lawmakers back transaction tax

Support for lowering cost of trading for pension funds

France seeks overhaul of ‘Robin Hood’ tax

Paris agitates to scale back FTT’s reach into derivatives

ECB steps in on ‘Robin Hood tax’

Central bank fears paralysis in financial markets

Eurozone seeks ‘Tobin tax’ incentives

Officials look to ease levy collection so it is harder to sidestep

German companies weigh in against Tobin tax

Exporters voice concern over Brussels plan