The wasted power of Bitcoin

Could an energy intensive, electrical mining rig offer a smart solution to heating our homes?

illustration of a plan for a green urban landscape
©Luke Waller

Under threat: Britain’s green urban space

Where are the visions for new Arcadias and public parks that inspire others to follow? By Jane Owen

Illustration of farming
©Jane Smith

Crops v conservation: farmers’ dilemma

Farmers and environmentalists need to work together to ensure the industry is both productive and ecologically sound

Build like a Bond villain

If you’re not one of the elite, you’ll end up being a servant to them in some shape or form

London Perspective, illustration by Clare Mallison
©Clare Mallison

London developers on unsteady ground

The city’s increasingly commodified real estate market is dominated by speculative foreign buyers

An illustration of mountain climbers
©Laura Redburn

Summits wrong

‘The hunt for fresh snow, the new scarce commodity, has begun to resemble a Klondike gold rush’

Illustration for Izabella Kaminska's Capitalism’s threat to space
©Oliver Polanski

Capitalism’s threat to space

‘This is the point when a power-hungry billionaire finds a legal path to building his own Death Star’

Illustration for Perspective, House & Home October 26 issue. By Chris Rice
©Chris Rice

A cautionary tale in sq ft

House measurements can vary depending on who is wielding the tape measure, with hangovers and Friday afternoons also a factor

In the market for a revival

Plans to redevelop Smithfield could mutilate the London building – but there is an alternative

An illustration depicting coolness under one roof
©Chris Rice

How to lose one’s cool – and cash

Tenants in a new West End block may well be London’s hippest cats when they sign the lease – but it won’t last

Izabella Kaminska: The property illusion

One man’s wealth tax becomes another man’s wealth confiscation

Home insecurities

The more we barricade ourselves behind iron doors, the greater our fear of the world

Prefab dreams and the meaning of life

Imagine being able to upload a program and sit back as the machine constructs a bespoke dwelling

Super-prime’s invisible driver

To overpay for real estate at least secures you relative value, a positive yield and a perch above Hyde Park

Undemocratic developments

Time and again residents claim that consultations are carried out in name only

Small plan syndrome

Europe uses history as far too much of an excuse for turning down visionary ideas

Extensions are no substitute for new homes

Sending us off to play about with shovels might be easier than tearing up the greenbelt

Locked in the security cycle

A new report aims to examine the impact of increasing security on fear and trust in British communities

The rise of the high-end flat-pack

With the stigma hanging over prefab now cleared, whole homes created in such a way could help solve a global problem

Ghetto super-prime

The best areas have become bespoke airport lounges for the transitory super-rich


The Perspective column gives a tangential view of the property world. It is written, mostly, by the FT’s Property Correspondent Ed Hammond.

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