Edwin Heathcote: the beauty of Brutalism

Illustration of a man at a museum by James Fryer
©James Fryer

Once seen as ‘concrete monstrosities’, now even the National Trust is celebrating British modernism

Illustration of an estate agent
©James Fryer

Ed Mead: love your estate agent

It is time professional property brokers got some credit for making people’s dreams come true, says Ed Mead

Mansion tax illustration
©James Fryer

Ed Mead on pre-election nerves

Uncertainty over taxes is rattling the UK market but further investment in its top end seems inevitable

©Bill Butcher

Anna Minton on Britain’s ‘broken’ planning system

Why speculators are benefiting from rising land values instead of local communities as was originally intended

Izabella Kaminska: a London-only interest rate?

The logic behind the theory lies in the assumption that the UK capital is transforming into a sovereign city-state

Izabella Kaminska: Real estate’s deadly secrets

Why you may struggle to unearth the devil in the detail when you find your perfect property

Izabella Kaminska: a fridge too far?

Before spouting forth on smart appliances interfering with our consumer choices, think of the upsides they bring

Best of 2014 - In business there’s no place like home

Why a group of lawyers was prepared to pay ‘hedge-fund level’ rent to keep its office in the General Motors building

Izabella Kaminska: can our cities stay in the race?

The bigger the urban system gets, the more energy-intensive it becomes and the faster and bigger life needs to be to sustain it

The wasted power of Bitcoin

Could an energy intensive, electrical mining rig offer a smart solution to heating our homes?

Under threat: Britain’s green urban space

Where are the visions for new Arcadias and public parks that inspire others to follow? By Jane Owen

Crops v conservation: farmers’ dilemma

Farmers and environmentalists need to work together to ensure the industry is both productive and ecologically sound

Build like a Bond villain

If you’re not one of the elite, you’ll end up being a servant to them in some shape or form

London developers on unsteady ground

The city’s increasingly commodified real estate market is dominated by speculative foreign buyers

Best of 2014 - Izabella Kaminska: summits wrong

‘The hunt for fresh snow, the new scarce commodity, has begun to resemble a Klondike gold rush’

Capitalism’s threat to space

‘This is the point when a power-hungry billionaire finds a legal path to building his own Death Star’

A cautionary tale in sq ft

Measurements can vary depending on who is wielding the tape measure, with hangovers and Friday afternoons also a factor

In the market for a revival

London’s Smithfield quarter is under threat, warns Marcus Binney of Save Britain’s Heritage

How to lose one’s cool – and cash

Tenants in a new West End block may well be London’s hippest cats when they sign the lease – but it won’t last

Izabella Kaminska: The property illusion

One man’s wealth tax becomes another man’s wealth confiscation


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