Why I love my office building

Just when designers are building better work spaces, people are losing the habit of working in them

Pencil-thin furniture down to a fine art

Designers are focusing on objects that display the finesse of line drawings but are made from industrial materials

Design classic: the Dalilips sofa

Salvador Dalí designed the sofa based on Hollywood actress Mae West’s distinctive rosebud lips

Tim Gosling setting the scene for Christmas dinner
©Rick Pushinsky

Interior designer’s ‘Kitschmas’ decor tips

Tim Gosling, designer to the rich and famous, has an OTT approach to Christmas when it comes to styling his own home

Designers compete in the Great Heal’s Bodging Race, held at Heal’s store on Tottenham Court Road, London
©Malluma Chelavo

The furniture makers using living wood

Designers working with unseasoned ‘green’ wood aim to fuse the traditional craft of bodging with a modern aesthetic

Swirl, hand-knotted Tibetan wool, designed by Paul Smith for the Rug Company, £985 per sq metre

Time for a rug rethink

Hugh Carnegy on how to buy the most overlooked of furnishings at a good price

Merry-go-round at the Kawaii Monster Café in Tokyo
©Kawaii Monster Café Harajuku

Cult of the cute: Japan’s ‘kawaii’ culture

The infantile, yet also rebellious, style forms an eye-catching part of the V&A museum’s revamped Japanese gallery

Eames RAR chair

Design classic: the Eames RAR chair

The rocking armchair was designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1948 using material developed by the US army

The bad, the ugly and the dysfunctional

The influence of modernism and the power of the brand have led to many designs that do not work but remain desirable

Popular designs that are bad, ugly or just don’t work

Some products may be dysfunctional but that doesn’t always stop people wanting to own them

Design classic: the .03 chair

Maarten van Severen put maximum effort into making the .03 chair look minimalist, yet it is surprisingly comfortable

How lightbulbs came out of the shade

Banned then revived as ‘decorative’ lighting, the 19th-century wonder symbolises our yearning for something real

Bespoke for beginners: the DIY designers

Customising a ready-made piece is an easy way to acquire a one-off — and now you can do it all online

Design classic: the Reclining chair

Created by Robin Day in 1952, the chair is not a piece for the mass market but it is no less iconic, and has never been out of production

The rise of DIY designers

Customising a ready-made design is an easy way to acquire a one-off — and now you can do it all online

Design classic: the Model 548 table lamp

The lamp designed by Gino Sarfatti in 1951 has an adjustable spotlight that can be directed up towards the oversized plastic head

Bamboo shoots into the design spotlight

Often overlooked as a cheap, low-grade material, more designers are making use of the plant’s natural qualities

The wonder of bamboo

Strong, versatile, economical and natural — the plant is increasingly being used in interiors

Porcelain sculptors who are shards apart

From sharp flower petals to ‘diseased’ cups, Zemer Peled and Tamsin van Essen have wildly contrasting styles

Textiles and the fabric of Indian society

The links between cloth production and the country’s history are laid bare at London’s V&A Museum