Quooker tap

Design classic: Quooker boiling water tap

Once people had one they loved it, but the challenge was getting people to like the tap — and convince them it was safe

Illustration of a digitised home by James Fryer
©James Fryer

How robots are taking over our homes

WiFi-controlled smart-home technology could soon develop into droids as pets or even family friends

32-piece Bauhaus chess set, designed by Josef Hartwig

Design classic: the Bauhaus chess set

In ridding the game of all religious and monarchical symbolism, Josef Hartwig updated the game for the modern era

Fresh from the furniture archives

The work of acclaimed designers from the past is being reissued — and revised — to attract a new audience

Calyx fabric

Design classic: Calyx fabric

Lucienne Day’s material, a new stylised take on natural forms, was exhibited at the Festival of Britain in 1951

Young design stars in the spotlight

Two experts pick out some of best emerging talents showcased at London’s New Designers’ show

Manitoga’s dining area
©Tara Wing

Russel Wright’s design for life at Manitoga

House remains relatively unknown even to collectors of the designer’s tableware

Bauhaus Cradle

Design classic: Bauhaus Cradle

Peter Keler’s design applies constructivist ideas on to furniture

Vienna, mesguichmosaik.co.uk

Mosaics for modern times

A well-crafted design is a work of art that can be the focal point of any living space

Design classic: Plumen 001 light bulb

The Plumen ushered in the era of the naked bulb

Craftmakers ahead of the digital curve

How technology is helping designers create new forms

Design classic: Tray Table

The furniture has a removable table top which can be used as a tray

Mexican designers step into the light

Trailblazers emerge from shadows of dominant US

Old Masters, new pastures

Bendor Grosvenor explains how historical paintings can work in contemporary settings

Design classic: Barcelona chair

The chair, a cushion sewn from 148 pieces of leather, was created for the 1929 German Pavilion

Apsley House: a home fit for victory

The duke opens up the house that Wellington rebuilt after the battle of Waterloo

Design classic: the Bibendum chair

Eileen Gray’s 1926 design, inspired by the Michelin Man, set her apart as an art-deco furniture pioneer

Breaking the mould

Ceramicists in the US are experimenting with traditional techniques

The state of clay in the US

Ceramicists in California and New York are reinventing age-old traditions to create modern forms

Design classic: Le Creuset casserole dish

The flaming-orange dish first brought colour into French kitchens in 1925 and now sells in 60 countries worldwide