High-end homes with mills and farms

Fulling Mill, The Weir, Whitchurch, Hampshire, UK

From a 600-year-old Tuscan farm that locals claim was the original Garden of Eden to a 2,000-acre estate in Virginia

Villa Wide View, Toiny, St Bart’s, Caribbean, €4.95m

Five homes for those seeking sun in December

From a contemporary villa on St Barts in the Caribbean to a waterfront property in Phuket with direct beach access

Hunting Lodge, La Colle Sur Loup, Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur, France

Five homes perfect for theatre lovers

From a French hunting lodge with an open-air stage to an English mansion where HG Wells and Charlie Chaplin once performed

9 Eastern Terrace, Brighton, East Sussex, UK
©Andy Scott

Best of 2014 - Hot property: homes with libraries

From a 17th-century mansion where Charles II once lived to a former stable near Cannes with ‘his’ and ‘hers’ reading rooms

La Croix de Gardes, France

Best of 2014 - Hot property: five Renaissance-style homes

From a sprawling 12-bedroom villa on the French Riviera to a 14th-century estate outside Florence

Mooney Road, Queenstown, New Zealand
©R. Ian Lloyd

Dizzy heights: six mountain dwellings

From a Swiss chalet overlooking one of the world’s most popular skiing destinations, to a South African home surrounded by wine estates

Woodmancote Place, Brighton UK

Five English medieval houses

From an 11th-century estate in West Sussex to a manor house on the Isle of Wight said to have been owned by eight monarchs

Esquel Chubut Province Argentina

Good catches: five homes near fishing waters

From an Argentine estate with two private lakes to a seafront property with direct access to the Florida Keys

53 Contentment Island Road

Five homes in remote places

From the Connecticut property once owned by Charles Lindbergh to a coastal farm in Scotland’s Orkney Islands

Prima Luce, Montecito, California, US, $23.5m

Five high-end homes with literary links

From the home that inspired Charles Dickens’ ‘Bleak House’ to a palazzo in Venice where Henry James finished a novella

Five pieds-à-terre in city centres

From a two-bedroom apartment near Chicago’s Magnificent Mile to a one-bedroom flat close to Moscow’s Red Square

Six homes with stylish wine cellars

From a 19th-century château on the French Riviera to a renovated family home in a suburb of Cape Town

Five homes decorated with frescoes

From a 16th-century castle in Florence to a neoclassical-style villa near downtown Los Angeles

Five homes in the woods

From a Tudor style-mansion in Connecticut to a contemporary villa in a tropical forest in Phuket

Oil rush

Whether it’s argan, coconut, or black rose, this slickest of ingredients can treat your every beauty need

Five high-end homes on the waterfront

From a thatched cottage overlooking the river Thames to a villa built into the cliffs on the island of Menorca

Five swell homes for surfing enthusiasts

From a five-bedroom villa in Hawaii to an oceanfront home in Australia near one of the world’s most dangerous waves

Five homes perfect for opera lovers

From an oceanfront property east of Sydney Opera House to a villa near Salzburg’s Great Festival Hall

Five homes near major art fairs

From an apartment in a 15th-century palazzo in Venice to a 10-bedroom Swiss mansion handy for Art Basel

Five homes for sailing enthusiasts

From a waterfront villa in Mallorca to a Florida home in Fort Lauderdale