Big ideas for borders at Hillier gardens

Centenary Border at Sir Harold Hiller Gardens in Hampshire
©Shaun Matthews

Garden-lovers seeking inspiration should visit the site for its design and excellently chosen varieties

The central canal in the Dillon Garden, Dublin
©Helen Dillon

Dublin’s delight: Helen Dillon’s walled garden

The garden in Sandford Road continues to change and evolve, to the fascination of its thousands of visitors

Silphium perfoliatum with tiger swallowtail butterfly
©Tom Uhlman/Alamy

Plant Finder: the gardeners’ bible

It has taken me to new nurseries, to new varieties of long-known plants, and to new families of which I knew nothing

Organ Fountain at Villa d’Este
©Paul Williams/Alamy

Sex, drugs and heavy pruning

Last chance to feed and neuter the flowers before the holidays – and how not to feel homesick abroad

New York’s High Line shows one-track thinking

The plantings along the defunct rail line work in their setting but there is too much grass and too little to brighten the soul

View of Botanic Garden House and Reach, Calcutta, 1829
©The Art Archive/Alamy

How botanical gardens helped build the British Empire

The role of plants in Britain’s colonies – a theme explored in a new BBC radio series on botanical science

'The Olive Orchard’ (1889) by Vincent Van Gogh

A pitted history of the olive

A look at the deep and diverse mythology surrounding ‘the first of all trees’

Digitalis purpurea

Skyscraper plants to transform a garden’s skyline

Foxgloves, delphiniums, lupins and verbascums can all add height to lowly flower borders

The garden at Petworth House, Sussex

The countess gardener of Petworth House

Caroline Egremont’s work at the Sussex stately home shows she is one of the best designers and planters of her generation

Wild flower meadow garden with camassia, buttercup and dandelion, and Highgrove in the distance
©GAP Photos

A tour of Highgrove Gardens

‘To the Prince, my use of handy weedkillers is a quick-fix approach out of harmony with the environment’

‘Feed the soul’ at Highgrove

The gardens where the Prince of Wales expects what he preaches to be practised

The gifts of time

Derbyshire’s Melbourne Hall might be England’s best surviving Queen Anne garden, but it hasn’t stood still

The importance of Britain’s hedgerows

The unfarmed borders of fields help maintain biodiversity and shape our countryside

Midsummer roses and other voluptuaries

The beauty queens have made an early, but welcome, entrance

The threat to topiary favourite Buxus

New techniques are being developed to protect the box hedge in the fight against blight

Bearded beauties: the best irises to grow in the UK

French and English growers share their expertise on which varieties are best suited to gardens north of the Channel

Lost plots reinvented

Can important heritage plots be given a viable future beyond the restoration and preservation model?

Box clever

A little ingenuity will help with plant containers to ensure huge returns, value and long seasons

Life on the open road

The great indoors

‘I am really enjoying this year’s Chelsea Flower Show but it is a bipolar experience’