Time to branch out: trees to plant with confidence

Liquidambar Worplesdon
©Anne Gilbert

Aspiring nursery owners and ordinary gardeners should focus on varieties that are not at risk from killer diseases or insects

The High Garden at Great Dixter

All the fun of the rare

Great Dixter is one of many gardens, large and small, that regularly host events for buyers and sellers of unusual plants

Greenhouse grotto with giant water lily pads at La Mortella
©Carole Anne Ferris/Alamy

Lady Walton’s flourishing legacy in Italy

The semi-tropical garden on a volcanic island in the Bay of Naples continues to thrive, 50 years after its formation

Mosaic from the ancient Roman city of Palestrina depicting life on the banks of the Nile c75BC
©Bridgeman Images

Arches, arbours and other garden storeys

Green and flowery upper storeys are especially charming because they have such a long history

Edwin Hillier’s flower shop in Winchester, Hampshire, in the mid-1880s
©Hillier Nurseries

The horticultural dynasties of Victorian Britain

In the 19th century many garden nurseries were founded as family businesses – but few have survived

©INSADCO Photography/Alamy

Gardens: the culinary art of pest control

Forget traps and poisons – here are some meal ideas using uninvited visitors, from rabbits to squirrels and snails

The Ruined Abbey on the edge of Painshill lake
©Fred Holmes

The restoration of Painshill’s English landscape garden

How Charles Hamilton’s 18th-century masterpiece in Surrey regained its former glory

Lobelia cardinalis at New York Botanical Garden
©Robert Benson

New York Botanical Garden goes native

This new, wild-style garden in the Bronx has benefited from naturalistic planting and careful ‘editing’

Iris Katharine Hodgkin
©Living Colour Bulbs

A spring bulb moment in the garden

Now is the time to start planning for February and March – including crocus rings and other magic

The riddle of the Moceniga rose

History proliferates in rosebeds and adds to what we can see in these gorgeous flowers as they prepare for this month’s second flowering

True colour of an August garden

Ever better varieties keep coming back to disprove the myth that this month’s flowers are all a strong shade of yellow

Big ideas for borders at Hillier gardens

Garden-lovers seeking inspiration should visit the site for its design and excellently chosen varieties

Dublin’s delight: Helen Dillon’s walled garden

The garden in Sandford Road continues to change and evolve, to the fascination of its thousands of visitors

Plant Finder: the gardeners’ bible

It has taken me to new nurseries, to new varieties of long-known plants, and to new families of which I knew nothing

Sex, drugs and heavy pruning

Last chance to feed and neuter the flowers before the holidays – and how not to feel homesick abroad

New York’s High Line shows one-track thinking

The plantings along the defunct rail line work in their setting but there is too much grass and too little to brighten the soul

How botanical gardens helped build the British Empire

The role plants played in Britain’s colonies – a theme explored in a new BBC radio series about botanical science

A pitted history of the olive

A look at the deep and diverse mythology surrounding ‘the first of all trees’

Skyscraper plants to transform a garden’s skyline

How foxgloves, delphiniums, lupins and verbascums can be used to add height to lowly flower borders

The countess gardener of Petworth House

Caroline Egremont’s work at the Sussex stately home shows she is one of the best designers and planters of her generation