View of the Dutch plantation Cornelis Friendship in Suriname
©akg-images/Quint & Lox

How Suriname became a vision of hell

The 17th-century destruction of an idyllic wonderland by the English shatters their image as guardians of the landscape

Why the cotoneaster is a berried treasure

There are several varieties of this underrated high-class oriental that are worth another look

‘Empty Lot’ by Abraham Cruzvillegas at Tate Modern
©Tate Photography

‘Guerrilla’ gardening at Tate Modern

An exhibition at the art gallery invites visitors to throw seeds or bulbs into giant planters filled with soil — and wait for the results

Crane fly on aster flowers
©Lynn Keddie/Getty Images

Warm welcome to UK’s mild autumns

Mid-October is no longer the signal to rush out to protect half-hardy plants, with flowers now lasting much longer into the year

Thomas Pakenham in the Pumpkin House at Tullynally
©Thomas Pakenham

Why trees don’t need passports

The family seat at Tullynally in Westmeath is for gardeners who love beauty, not arboreal ethnicity

Asters in the Picton Garden in Colwall, Herefordshire
©Paul Picton

It aster be the best

Asters have been on top form in England this autumn, though the most tempting varieties are still the most risky to grow

Frida with Idol – Coyoacán – 1939
©Nickolas Muray

Frida Kahlo: a fertile imagination

An exhibition in New York reimagines the Mexican artist’s garden and examines the hidden meanings behind her use of plant imagery

Aerial view of Ninfa, south of Rome
©Antonio Vaccarini

Italy’s Ninfa moves to its own rhythm

A visit to the famous garden uncovers ancient Roman myths about floating green islands moved by the stamping of feet

Out of this world: plants close-up

A new book by Teri Dunn Chace and photographer Robert Llewellyn reveals the hidden alien-like formations of seeds and pods

An auricula theatre (out of season) on the terrace outside the orangery of George Carter’s garden in Norfolk
©Tim Bowditch

The garden designer rooted in history

George Carter drew on the humour and theatre of designs through the ages as the inspiration for his English garden

A box of delights: Italy’s Castle Ruspoli

The castle near Rome and its hand-sculpted parterre garden have a rich history — Handel, Bardot and ‘La Dolce Vita’

Live within your greens

Cities are reaping the benefits of urban farms that enhance residents’ lives and cut the carbon footprint of food

The fruits of blood-soaked soil

Two hundred years after the Battle of Waterloo, the Belgian orchard that served as a pivotal site in the struggle is being replanted

The best bulbs for boxes and borders

Pick of the finest irises, crocuses, tulips and other spring flowers — and how to plant them to achieve a sustained burst of colour

Swarm enemy: impact of pesticides on bees

How the outcome of a debate on chemical use in the US and Europe could impact on the insects

A dalliance with dahlias

Chenies Manor in Buckinghamshire is home to flower-filled gardens and tales of 16th-century intrigue

UK plant nursery’s unusual offerings

Pan-Global in Gloucestershire is a source for bolder gardening, thanks to stock that would challenge any gardener

How to extend the buddleja flying season

Now is the perfect time to deadhead the shrubs for a second flowering that will draw in the butterflies

The château gift that keeps on giving

Not all tutors are rewarded with a French château, but this particular garden has other lessons to offer

Hitchhikers’ guide to gardening

New book tells of Frank and Marjorie Lawley’s 40-year journey to shape a one-acre masterpiece in Northumberland

This summer’s garden winners and losers

August is the new midpoint of the season and some flowers have excelled while others have struggled

Grand days out in England’s finest parks

August is the perfect time to resist foreign travel and revel in fine domestic landscapes, from Painshill and Croome to Studley Royal

Thorn amid the roses in a ‘German garden’

A look at the reality behind the 1898 novel — and how an imaginary invitation might be received today

Swimming pools with plants, not chemicals

Naturally purified freshwater ponds can be good for swimmers and the environment — as well as save money

French garden that’s made to odour

At the Château du Rivau in the Loire, roses are chosen for their scent, not colour

Lavender in a new light

The Abbaye de Pierredon in Provence puts my hard-won garden in the shade

Le Nôtre and Kapoor’s ‘Dirty Corner’

The artist’s Versailles exhibition caps a bad year for the greatest of landscape gardeners

Mulgrave, king of the landscaped castles

The private estate is keeping many old horticultural innovations alive

Bright fuchsia

The Hampton Court flower show is a good place to pick up some autumn flowers

The healing power of gardens

The health benefits of green space are profound. And, for terminally ill children, they provide comfort and balm

Great haul of China

The legacy of French Catholic missionaries to the country is the deluge of beautiful flowers they brought back

Arboreal apocalypse or anthropomorphic angst?

Wildwoods will survive without the misguided efforts of humans to halt the destruction wrought by tree diseases

Twisted oaks and tales of the pygmy forest

The Tolkienesque Wistman’s Wood is unlike any ‘normal’ woodland

Heavenly year starts to bed in

English gardeners are enjoying 2015 with ideal conditions for flowers like irises and deutzias

Time for tea?

David Austin’s heavily petalled roses have led the pack since the 1970s, but hybrid teas still have a place

How core skills boosted Kent’s apple yield

The work of a horticultural research institute has helped maintain the buoyancy of the domestic apple industry

Rooted in the past: plants within ruins

Nature plays a vital role in the life of historic buildings, from Rome’s Colosseum to derelict factories in Yorkshire

Flowers as works of art? Iris my case

Two exhibits at Chelsea showcased the legacy of an English painter and the expertise of a French nursery

Botanical drawings from the 1620s

Illustrations in the Paper Museum series reveal the first use of a microscope to study plants close-up

Stand-outs from the crowd at Chelsea 2015

Growers at this year’s flower show offered plenty of inspiration for urban gardeners, from cypripediums to violas