From ranch girl to fashion designer

Gabriela Perezutti Hearst’s glitzy life in Manhattan is a far cry from her family’s livestock estate in Uruguay

Jaakko Sorsa on Hong Kong’s Park Island
©Belinda Bamford

Finnish chef in Hong Kong’s melting pot

Jaakko Sorsa misses snow in the heat of Asia but identifies with the locals’ love of salmon and saunas

Musa Okwonga in Macondo, a café in east Berlin
©Christina Theisen

Writer Musa Okwonga: ‘outsider’ in Berlin

He seldom felt at home whether at Eton College, in London as a bisexual man or in Uganda where his father ‘was assassinated’

Hou Hanru is artistic director of the Museum of 21st Century Arts in Rome
©Emanuele Camerini

Chinese-born art curator in Italy

Hou Hanru, artistic director of Rome’s MAXXI museum, on being part of the Tiananmen protests and why he left his homeland

Henry Prince Mak, member of K-Pop band JJCC

Australian who is a K-pop star in Seoul

Life in a popular boy band leaves Sydney-born Henry Prince Mak little time to enjoy South Korea

Tony Smith at Quinta de Covela, his wine estate in the Douro Valley
©Antonio Pedrosa

Ex-journalist’s wine estate in Portugal

Tony Smith spent 20 years as a foreign correspondent before taking over an abandoned vineyard business in the Douro Valley

Behind the ‘myth’ of Mallorca’s Deià

US-born anthropologist Jackie Waldren has spent years studying the expats living in a village famous for its artistic community

Andrew Loog Oldham at his country home in Bogotá
©Karen Salamanca

The man who discovered The Rolling Stones

Bogotá in the 1970s was a suitably ‘far out’ choice of home for Andrew Loog Oldham

Mark Dybul, executive director of The Global Fund, on the terrace of his rooftop flat in Lausanne
©Yann Mingard

The fund manager who saves lives

As an escape from his job fighting global epidemics, Mark Dybul of The Global Fund chose to live in youthful, yet quiet Lausanne

Mumbai, India- 12 March 2016: James, Mary and Alexander walking home in the lanes of Colaba in South Mumbai.
©Asmita Parelkar

FT writer on bringing up a baby in India

When James Crabtree and his wife chose to stay in Mumbai for their son’s birth, they gained a new perspective on the city

South African sound artist in Suffolk

Electronic musician Mira Calix says the sense of space in her adopted home reminds her of the savannah where she grew up

UK banker who founded Dubai art fair

Benedict Floyd only went to the emirate for a holiday but, having set up art and design events there, is in no rush to leave

Brazilian lawyer on remote Swedish island

Helen Beltrame-Linné love for Ingmar Bergman’s films inspired her to start a new life on the Baltic island where he lived

North Korean writer who fled to Seoul

Jang Jin-sung, once an official poet to Kim Jong-il, is preparing for the day he can return to Pyongyang

Refugee who became a writer in Brisbane

After fleeing the Democratic Republic of Congo as a child, Future D Fidel has taken on a storytelling role in Australia

Pleasure and pain of challenging moves

Expats on second-tier city assignments share their experiences

Robotics expert in Australia

‘Robots are easy; humans are complex’: Sydney-based Mari Velonaki explores the interactions between man and machine

Tirana to New York: soprano Ermonela Jaho

The opera star recalls the hardships of growing up in communist Albania and how she began a new life in the US

US to Israel: Jerusalem festival director

Karen Brunwasser met her future husband in a city marketplace, only to encounter an unexpected hurdle to happiness

Venice’s first female gondolier

German Alex Hai had to fight off a bid to ban her from the city’s canals but she has the backing an aristocratic patron