The beginning of everything

Russian émigré cosmologist Andrei Linde on the biggest discovery of all time

Josh Hooper in the Cambridge university team’s boathouse in Ely
©Guilhem Alandry

A steady course

Melbourne rower fits his studies around strict training regime in the hope of a Cambridge win at the Boat Race

Alejandro Zaera-Polo
©Jon Roemer

Green dean

Spanish architect Alejandro Zaera-Polo is on a quest at Princeton University to create more sustainable suburbs

Nick Reding in the Mathare slums of Nairobi, Kenya, where he established the NGO SAFE (Sponsored Arts for Education)
©Georgina Goodwin

A dramatic turnround

British actor Nick Reding on why he quit his film and TV career to set up an NGO in Kenya

Radu Serban at the Shoun-Ji Buddhist temple in Tokyo
©Eric Rechsteiner

Ever the diplomat

Romanian ambassador Radu Serban discusses life under Ceausescu and the delights of Japan

Anthony Armstrong Emery in Brazil, where he has established a successful property business
©Anna Berthier

Across the divide

Social housing entrepreneur Anthony Armstrong Emery splits opinion in the Brazilian city of Natal

Babak Javid, a British-Iranian scientist working at China's prestigious Tsinghua University poses for a portrait by a lake on the campus where he works in Beijing, China on January 16, 2013
©Adam Dean

Disease specialist with infectious enthusiasm

Iranian-born Babak Javid took a pay cut so he could work in China, ‘the country of the future’

Helen Clark in London, shortly before flying out to Davos
©Victoria Birkinshaw

Helen Clark, eyes on the summit

The former New Zealand PM, and now the UN’s number three, on helping Syrians to rebuild their lives

Eleanor Cardozo at work in her Geneva studio

UK sculptor carves out a niche in Geneva

Eleanor Cardozo enjoys creating big works for public places, such as her gymnast sculptures at the Olympics

Joelle Gordon
©Arwen Kidd

Ready to go, eager to stay

Canadian ex-banker Joelle Gordon talks about her quest to provide safe water in war-torn Liberia

The US writer who fell for Copenhagen

Thomas E Kennedy moved to the Danish capital 37 years ago following a memorable business trip

Our health in his hands

David Heymann, who helped to halt the spread of Sars, says moving to London has been a homecoming of sorts

Style amid the sprawl

Le Mill co-founder Cecilia Morelli Parikh on setting up a high-end fashion and home store in Mumbai

Mumbai on the move

Le Mill co-founder Cecilia Morelli Parikh and the city she calls home

A passage to England

Rani Lall left India as a teenager and found love and liberation in Oxford

‘I will take huge risks’

Chef Brian McKenna tells why he dropped everything to work in China

Woven into the fabric of Istanbul

Canadian businesswoman Jennifer Gaudet seeks to revive traditional textile-making in Turkey

Istanbul’s Sultanahmet district

Canadian businesswoman’s favourite spots near her home in Turkey

Art dealer’s Singapore opening

Swiss gallery owner on taking the big gamble to move across the world

Man behind the cask

Port winemaker Adrian Bridge says his ‘outsider’ status in Portugal has its benefits