US economist aims to boost business in Mozambique

Brigit Helms surrounded by ‘capulana’ bags hanging from trees at an artisan market in Maputo
©Mário Macilau

Brigit Helms’s desire for more family time and a new career challenge led her to the emerging economy

German chef who is a star of Italian cuisine

Heinz Beck has used his 20-year experience as an expat in Rome to promote fine Italian cooking around the world

José Pemán
©Noam Ofir

A globe-trotting banker settles in the Balearic Islands

The Spanish financier and father of 11 returns to the island of his youth

Ha Jin by the frozen Charles River in Boston
©Jason Grow

Dissident Chinese author Ha Jin in Boston

Despite 30 years in the US, the writer and poet continues to feel the pull of a homeland he can never return to

Ben Bravery in Sydney and Sana Qadar in London
©Adrian Cook; Victoria Birkinshaw

Australian and Canadian who fell in love in Beijing

Couple’s romance has survived separation, cultural clashes and serious illness

Jock Zonfrillo in woodland just outside Adelaide
©Randy Larcombe

The Scottish chef redefining Australian food

‘Nomad chef’ Jock Zonfrillo collects wild ingredients used by Aborigines to cook in his two restaurants in Adelaide

Paul Rapacioli
©Lina Haskel

Londoner behind media company in Stockholm

After moving to Sweden for love, Paul Rapacioli spotted a gap in the market for an English-language news site

Pankaj Sinha at the Country Club Johannesburg
©Marc Shoul

Ups and downs of lift firm boss in South Africa

Pankaj Sinha left Mumbai to find hospitality, quality schools and infrastructure in Johannesburg, but also some difficulties

Joey Foster Ellis on the Corniche, Doha’s waterfront promenade
©Anthony Hunt

US artist finds inspiration in Qatar

Joey Foster Ellis on his work to uncover artefacts that might build a history of the country and help its quest for an identity

Jonathan Kos-Read in Panjiayuan antique market, Beijing
©Ben McMillan

American who became a Chinese movie star

Jonathan Kos-Read moved from LA to Beijing, learnt Mandarin and became a film actor with his own television show

Expat lives: Australian teacher’s lessons from the UAE

How Louise Lucantonio gained insights into Middle Eastern culture after her move to Sharjah and Dubai

Expat lives: FT reporter returns to a changed Mumbai

Avantika Chilkoti recalls feeling like a foreigner after moving back to the Indian city she lived in as a child

Expat lives: Belarus theatre director’s dramatic exit

Natalia Kaliada set up an underground theatre movement in Minsk but was forced to flee to the UK

Expat lives: the US flower exporter in Ecuador

Daniel Gaus’s company links local flower producers in Quito to wholesalers in the US

Expat lives: FT’s Ireland correspondent in homecoming

Vincent Boland returns to Dublin after 22 years away to find that the country has undergone a revolution

Expat lives: London musician finds harmony in Kuwait

Harriet Petherick Bushman teaches piano and stages operas in the Middle Eastern country – while also running a silk business

Expat lives: Rwandan finds new hope in Australia

Ex-law student who fled the aftermath of slaughter to begin a new life in Sydney and win a role in ‘Star Wars’

Expat lives: Bulgarian IT worker’s London love affair

Anton Chernev was forced to give up his British business ambitions, but won’t hear a bad word against his adopted country

Expat lives: FT bureau chief’s skate through Paris

From state dinners to roller-tours, three years in the city gave Hugh Carnegy some memorable moments

Expat lives: the American who roasts coffee in Prague

Charles Fleer left his pharmaceuticals job to set up a roasting business and café in the Czech Republic