Expat lives: the American who roasts coffee in Prague

Charles Fleer left his pharmaceuticals job to set up a roasting business and café in the Czech Republic

John Reed outside Damascus Gate, the Ottoman-era portal to Jerusalem’s Old City
©Eyal Warshavsky

Expat lives: FT correspondent’s life in Jerusalem

The stew of cultures and religions is fascinating and disorienting, says John Reed

Jeremy Baker at his 220-hectare polo club and hotel estate in Argentina
©Hernan Zenteno

Expat lives: City trader opens polo club in Argentina

Former Goldman Sachs high-flyer tells how he ditched his career in London to run an estate near Buenos Aires

©Christian Jungeblodt

Expat lives: FT correspondent on life in Berlin

The German capital has become international but its growing prosperity is a mixed blessing, writes Jeevan Vasagar

Charlie Birkett
©Grégoire Bernardi

Expat lives: English yacht enthusiast in Monaco

The co-founder of a high-end yacht company on the French Riviera talks about his uncertain start as a young boat hand

Expat lives: Canadian scholar in Poland

Soviet history expert felt inspired to write about the Warsaw uprising after settling in the forward-looking city

Paul Joseph at Dollis Brook viaduct, near his home in north London
©Jessica Alexander

Expat lives: South African freedom fighter in London

How a friend of Nelson Mandela who fled to London 50 years ago has dedicated his life to tackling injustice

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Expat lives: Canadian’s road to ‘Shangri-La’

How an obsession drove a writer, explorer and tea fanatic to live in a remote mountain region in China

Matthew Garrahan in Santa Monica, Los Angeles
©Jack Belli

Expat lives: FT correspondent’s LA story

Matthew Garrahan looks back on eight years of star spotting and shark dodging in California

Albina du Boisrouvray in Sion, Switzerland, in front of a picture of her son François-Xavier, who died in a helicopter crash
©Niels Ackermann/rezo

Expat lives: mother’s mission to fight poverty

Albina du Boisrouvray talks about her efforts to lift millions out of poverty and the tragedy that drives her

Expat lives: British restaurateur in Chile

Arts project head Cecile Latham-Koenig moved to Santiago for love only to open an innovative eatery

Farewell to Rome: FT correspondent’s last dispatch

Despite the rain, bureaucracy and crumbling infrastructure, Rome remains mesmerising, says Guy Dinmore

Athens to Beijing: consultant Gerry Mattios

The graduate of The Prince’s business programme now works with business leaders in China on sustainability issues

From Wivenhoe to Moscow: charity worker Shona McGrahan

At a women’s club meeting, the mother of three was introduced to the work of Action for Russia’s Children

Zimbabwe to Portugal: sculptor Toin Adams

After going on holiday in the Algarve, the artist decided to stay permanently and set up a ‘mini-community’

Los Angeles to Paris: property developer Ashley Maddox

US businesswoman has learnt to do things the French way

Informal ambassador

British businessman Simon MacKinnon builds bridges between the UK and China

Thinking space

Google creative Tom Uglow explains why moving to Australia enabled him to explore his love of digital art

Catalan makeover

British interior designer Graham Collins finds style inspiration in Barcelona

Queen of the desert

Head chef Michéle Müller describes working in a male-dominated industry in Abu Dhabi