Gareth Neame
©Victoria Birkinshaw

Gareth Neame, the ‘Downton Abbey’ man

TV producer talks about Britain’s ‘negative’ class system and why the BBC must be protected

Dame Tessa Jowell at her home
©Chris Winter

Tessa Jowell: next mayor of London?

The former Labour minister aims to apply the Olympics model to help tackle the capital’s housing crisis

Yusuf Hamied in his home office ‘den’
©Carl Bigmore

Chemist and Cipla chief Yusuf Hamied

Battle to make cheaper HIV drugs has helped save millions of lives

Henry Marsh with his beehives
©David Sandison

Henry Marsh: brain surgery and beekeeping

The star of the English Surgeon on his ‘bodge’ DIY jobs and the buzz of the operating theatre

Evan Wolfson in his apartment
©Brian Shumway

Gay marriage crusader Evan Wolfson

The lawyer has helped win 65 court rulings in the past two years

©Algirdas Bakas

A trashpicker’s life in a Shanghai ‘hole’

Meet Cao — a migrant who makes a living from the city’s detritus

Lord March in his office at Goodwood House
©David Sandison

Lord March at Goodwood House

Meet the man who turned the historic property into a motor-racing mecca

Elizabeth Barlow Rogers in her apartment in Manhattan’s Upper West Side
©Brian Shumway

Saviour of New York’s Central Park

Writer and landscape preservationist Elizabeth Barlow Rogers on restoring the ‘jewel of the city’

Dame Sally Davies in her office at home in north London
©David Sandison

Dame Sally Davies, chief medical officer

England’s health chief on people’s lack of exercise, alcohol consumption and our growing resistance to antibiotics

French architect Christian de Portzamparc

The Pritzker Prize-winner is a favourite of skyscraper developers, but his home in Paris is a humble, low-key place

Howard Lerman, co-founder of Yext

The man behind the online data service discusses tech start-ups and why he identifies his staff by personality type

Scientist and singer Nazneen Rahman

UK cancer specialist talks about medical breakthroughs and her musical career

Greek archaeologist Nikos Stampolidis

The professor splits his time between excavations in Crete and running Athens’ Museum of Cycladic Art

UK fertility watchdog chair Sally Cheshire

The former consultant is helping Britain become the first country to adopt a controversial IVF technique

French count Jacques von Polier in Moscow

The businessman is a vocal supporter of Putin but is perhaps best known for his wild house parties

UK explosives expert Jackie Akhavan

World-class specialist discusses her counter-terrorism work and the struggle to recruit more women chemists

Evgeny Lebedev, newspaper proprietor

The Russian-born tycoon shows off the quintessential English country home he has restored — with a theatrical twist

Yolanda Kakabadse, president of the WWF

Former psychologist explains how environmental concerns prompted her to change career

Kailash Satyarthi, children’s rights activist

The joint winner of the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize on the difficulties and rewards of his campaign work in India

Software pioneer Dame Stephanie Shirley

The former child refugee who went on to create a £2.6bn IT business and now donates much of her fortune to combating autism


william wallis

Illustration by Luis Grañena of a globe showing the African continent ©Luis Grañena Here comes Africa

Olusegun Obasanjo

©Shonagh Rae My African utopia