Matthew Festing, of the Knights of Malta

The ex-soldier is Grand Master of a Catholic fraternity that was founded in the 11th century and carries out aid work in 120 countries

Sylvie Bermann
©Rick Pushinsky

France’s ambassador to UK defends the EU

Sylvie Bermann says the two countries are ‘real allies’ that should work together to shape a ‘reformed Europe’

Franco Gussalli Beretta
©Francesco Merlini/Prospekt

Franco Gussalli Beretta, gun manufacturer

President of the 500-year-old business says makers of firearms bear no responsibility for mass shootings

Dan Savage
©Matt Lutton

Dan Savage, radical US commentator

The activist for the LGBT community helped give new meaning to the word ‘Santorum’ in reaction to a US senator’s anti-gay views

©Alberto Sinigaglia

Venetian Ghetto’s last witness to Auschwitz

Virginia Gattegno, 93, on how she survived the Nazi death camp and why it is vital to preserve Venice’s historic Jewish quarter

Dom Bertrand
©Filipe Redondo

Brazil’s would-be king in his two-bed home

Dom Bertrand, heir to a defunct throne, awaits the republic’s downfall after President Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment

Benja in his prized Arsenal shirt with a hornbill he has caught
©Jo Owen

Hadza tribesman in Tanzania’s Rift Valley

For Benja, ‘home’ is a curious concept in the bush where, like the animals he hunts, he can feast one day and go hungry the next

Alberto Zamperla
©Alberto Sinigaglia

Alberto Zamperla, builder of thrill rides

The Italian showman who makes heads spin once stood as mayor of Venice under the slogan ‘No to boredom, yes to life’

©Harry Mitchell

Ex-homeless teenager with room of her own

A bedsit in a London hostel run by the charity Centrepoint has given 17-year-old the space and stability to develop her talents

Dame Judith Hackitt in the conservatory of her home in south Oxfordshire
©Victoria Birkinshaw

Judith Hackitt, health and safety mythbuster

The former chair of Britain’s Health and Safety Executive on why young people’s education should include an element of danger

The lawyer who tried to halt the Iraq war

Sarosh Zaiwalla talks about his work for powerful clients from Iran’s Bank Mellat to Saddam Hussein’s regime

Pierre Bergé, partner of Yves Saint Laurent

The industrialist says collecting is a project that has an end — a philosophy he cultivated with the late designer

Investing in women: Natalia Oberti Noguera

The founder of Pipeline Angels, a network that pairs women venture capitalists with female-led social businesses

Hong Kong politician and activist Emily Lau

The gadfly to Beijing mandarins, colonial governors and Margaret Thatcher talks about her fight for democracy

Radical prince: Jonathan Doria Pamphilj

The prince talks about his papal forebears, life in a 1,000-room palace in Rome and his campaign for gay rights

Andrée Deissenberg of Crazy Horse, Paris

The cabaret show’s creative officer on how burlesque can survive in the age of pornography and how her ‘girls’ are feminists

Climate change scientist Joanna Haigh

The physicist warns global warming is a ‘runaway train’ and says governments must cut carbon emissions to zero

Yenny Wahid, Indonesian Islamic activist

The daughter of Indonesia’s former president Gus Dur on her political ambitions and tackling Isis propaganda

Yacht designer Andrew Winch

He has designed boats and planes for princes and billionaires but renovating his own farmhouse presented a different challenge

Anne Morrison, chair of Bafta

Ex-BBC executive on the lack of women and ethnic minorities in the TV industry and why she always wanted a ‘house husband’


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