Inside the home of Care USA chief Helene Gayle

Helene Gayle
©Chris Hamilton

The head of the humanitarian aid group talks about her life in Atlanta and her efforts to tackle global poverty

Michelin-starred chef Marcus Wareing at his home in south London
©Victoria Birkinshaw

Inside the home of chef Marcus Wareing

The new ‘MasterChef’ presenter on discovering future talent and his falling-out with Gordon Ramsay

Michelin-starred chef Marcus Wareing at his home in south London
©Victoria Birkinshaw

Chef Marcus Wareing and his stripped-down kitchen

Inside the home of one of Britain’s most ambitious and successful chefs

Joel Babbit and a flag dating from 1876, made to honour the original 13-star flag of America
©Chris Hamilton

Inside the home of eco entrepreneur Joel Babbit

The history buff who quit advertising to set up the environmental website Mother Nature Network

Natarajan Chandrasekaran, chief executive of Tata Consultancy Services, at his home in Mumbai
©Subhash Sharma

Inside the home of TCS chief Natarajan Chandrasekaran

The head of India’s largest IT services company on how running marathons has helped him in business

Barnaba Fornasetti in the studio. Fornasetti pieces include the desk ‘Riga e squadra’ (ruler and square), an obelisk lamp and a ceramic cat
©Mattia Zoppellaro

Inside the home of designer Barnaba Fornasetti

From butterflies to Jules the cat, the Italian’s four-storey house in Milan is alive with creatures

Barnaba Fornasetti’ portrait with his cat Jules in the kitchen. He’s sit on his latest creation: the armchair “Baciamano” designed by Nigel Coates in collaboration with him. The Fornasetti décor of this armchair is “Malachite” in jacquard fabric. Floor: Fornasetti ceramic tiles “Ultime notizie” (latest news) by Ceramica Bardelli. Column: Fornasetti wallpaper “Ex Libris” by Cole and Son
©Mattia Zoppellaro

At home with Barnaba Fornasetti

From butterflies to Jules the cat, the Italian designer’s Milanese house is alive with creatures

Patrick Woodroffe on his houseboat moored in west London
©Rick Pushinsky

Inside the home of lighting designer Patrick Woodroffe

The man who has lit shows for the Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga talks about life on the Thames

Peter Wynne Rees in his 27th-floor flat in The Heron, London
©Hal Shinnie

Inside the home of London planner Peter Wynne Rees

The man who helped shape the City for 30 years explains why he approved its high-rise transformation

Alberto Alessi in his home on Lake Orta, northern Italy
©Mattia Zoppellaro

Inside the home of designer Alberto Alessi

Group’s president on the future of the Alessi design business and a new ambition – to set up his own wine label

Inside the home of Poland’s central bank governor Marek Belka

The former prime minister on the euro crisis and last month’s secret taping scandal

Inside the home of Wellcome Trust director Jeremy Farrar

The flu expert discusses the global war on infectious diseases

Human rights advocate Baroness Goudie

The peer on her work to end the use of sexual violence in conflict and improve the lives of women and children

Michelin-starred chef Grant Achatz

The man behind Alinea, one of the world’s best restaurants, discusses edible balloons and his recovery from tongue cancer

Modernist clutter: Zeev Aram

The renowned furniture designer who helped to bring Eileen Gray to prominence

A sparkling heritage

French winemaker on the importance of tradition at a champagne house run by three generations of women

Family matters: Cyril and Vandana Shroff

The couple who head India’s largest law firm give a tour of the Mumbai house where they met, married and now work

‘Freakonomics’ co-author on data and dieting

‘I could eat steak twice a day,’ economics professor Steven Levitt tells the FT

Earning her keep

The Duchess of Northumberland on how she turned the garden at Alnwick Castle into a major tourist attraction

At home with the Duchess of Northumberland

The châtelaine of Alnwick Castle gives a tour of one of northeast England’s biggest visitor attractions