More jobs on way amid pay rise caution

CBI business survey points to increased hiring in 2015

Scotland, UK --- Flaring a well signals huge success for Amerada Hess in this discovery well that produced at the rate of 10,000 barrels of oil per day. It was the biggest find in the Scottish sector of the North Sea in over a decade. On exploration wells there is no way to contain out-flowing gas and oil without risking an explosion, so hydrocarbons are shot out into the atmosphere and ignited. A test burn like this will last several hours to be sure the rate of flow is sustainable before a company will invest millions to lay an underwater pipeline and bring in a production platform. --- Image by © George Steinmetz/Corbis
©George Steinmetz/Corbis

Oil rout undermines Scots’ Yes finances

Study shows North Sea revenue would be fifth of Holyrood forecast

House prices falling in a third of UK

Findings suggest tighter mortgage lending rules have cooled boom

Shoppers find Christmas gift in price war

Good harvests also help as cost of festive dinner is trimmed

Higher receipts boost public finances

Chancellor still faces challenge to meet 2014-15 borrowing target

What if we abolished Christmas?

One possibility is that the economy would be just fine. This is the classic view of macroeconomics, writes Tim Harford

Black Friday boosts retail sales

Fastest monthly growth in a decade lifts markets

UK wages inch further ahead of inflation

Pay increases raise hope that living standards are set to recover

MPC’s focus remains on wage growth

Committee voted 7-2 for keeping rates and policy on hold

UK inflation at lowest level for a decade

Drop in oil and food prices drives down CPI to 1% from 1.3%

The Big Read: Oil’s winners and losers

Inflation and strong dollar could curb global economic impact

Benefits cap has fractional effect on welfare

Annual bill falls by just one-thousandth, says Institute for Fiscal Studies

Employers oppose curbs on unpaid interns

CBI says opportunity will suffer but directors favour payment

Inflation higher for the poor, study finds

Price of necessities has risen much faster than other items

Domestic demand lifts UK manufacturers

Order books at four-month high despite weakness in export markets

Cameron to defend budget surplus goals

Lib Dem insist Tory spending cuts will ‘devastate’ public services

Electricity auction set to begin

Efforts to secure supplies expected to cost about £1.8bn a year

Rise of online shopping hits retail parks

Out-of-town estates succumb to web purchases

City fears politicians avoiding hard truths

More clarity needed from all parties, economists say

Miliband tackles his deficit attention disorder

Labour leader finally turns his mind to Britain’s borrowing problem