The world of British workers’ pay growth

Economics would not expect such a striking regularity of median salary increase

Protesters ar St Helier Hospital
©George Kyriakos

Doctors are not to blame for NHS crisis

Their misfortune is to have fallen foul of the financial squeeze, writes Philip Stephens

Osborne can afford to wait for a surplus

This is no time for fresh austerity in pursuit of an arbitrary target

Daniel Pudles illustration
©Daniel Pudles

Battle over Brexit matters to the world

UK needs a voice in Europe and the bloc would benefit too

The benefits of scrapping cash

Drug dealers and terrorists do not in general favour bank accounts or mobile payments

Bank of England cuts UK growth forecasts

Monetary Policy Committee votes 9-0 to keep interest rates on hold

Bank of England’s big day

What to look for in MPC decision, inflation report and Carney press conference

Services data brighten UK outlook

PMI survey shows strong inflows of new business

A reasonable deal to keep Britain in

Cameron’s EU renegotiation has achieved tangible benefits for the UK

James Ferguson illustration
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Bring our elites closer to the people

One cause of disquiet is the sense that those at the top are corrupt, complacent and incompetent

How Brexit will put pressure on the pound

Mild weakness in sterling is welcome but the risks are apparent

China turmoil teaches truths about Brexit

Sensible politicians gamble on big economic transitions only if there is little alternative

Carney warns of Brexit instability

Bank of England governor enters EU debate by highlighting risks of UK exit

Just 200 houses built of 100,000 planned

Officials did not collect data on how many homes were built

Tourist spending in Britain rises 2%

Weak demand for Chinese travellers offset by US and Mideast

Fixing UK pensions requires a scalpel

Chancellor should use the measure to distribute incentives wisely

Carney’s inactivity is right response

Britain is far more open to the world economy than the US and so is more exposed

Lagarde wins backing for new IMF term

UK, France and Germany come out in support of managing director

Carney is right to keep UK rates on hold

It is too soon to declare victory in macroprudential policy

Carney says now not yet time to raise rates

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