QE not to blame for all our economic ills

The argument that printing money is making us all poorer has two errors, says John McDermott

London, UK - May 23, 2014: A Foxtons estate agent sign advertising a house for sale in West Hampstead, within the London Borough of Camden. A Foxtons for sale sign in West Hampstead, London.

London property price rises slow down

Average Q1 growth in UK capital at 1% amid mansion tax fears

The Arena Central development in Birmingham
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Karmic payback for a crisis-hit UK city

Birmingham had a spring in its step before HSBC decided to move there, writes Jonathan Guthrie

England Hampshire Winchester The High Street Peter Baker

UK retail sales rise as prices fall

Sharp drop in inflation prompts Britons to spend more

UK facing up to austerity, study suggests

Survey finds little appetite for tax rise to fund services

Job switching nears pre-crisis levels

Voluntary mobility shows a return of cautious optimism

MPC dove says don’t panic on inflation

BoE rate-setter says prices will rise this year

Student loans drive up debt

Rise will cause unsecured borrowing in UK to reach record high

George Osborne
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UK deficit falls in boost to Tories

Osborne on target to meet annual reduction forecasts

UK can walk tall if productivity increases

The government made three arguments for accelerated austerity. None was persuasive

UK rate cut may be needed, says Haldane

Policy ‘may need to move off either foot’

Osborne's mastery of political budgets

Instead of electoral bribes, chancellor frames the campaign

Budget 2015: Economist view — Bronwyn Curtis

Giveaways may be lost in post-election tax rises, whoever wins the general election

Budget 2015: Economist view — Michael Saunders

Mr Osborne’s most important achievement probably is the creation of the CBR and OBR

Budget 2015: Economist view — Paul Johnson

Osborne consistent in not spelling out how cuts to be implemented

Osborne eases austerity as poll nears

Breaks for middle Britain partly funded by bank levy

Back to Brown, Beatles or Baldwin?

UK spending could be echoing 2000, 1965 or 1932

Voters’ verdict on Osborne’s Budget

Six individuals from Norwich give their reaction

Budget 2015: Market gives muted reaction to ‘no gimmicks’ package

Shares continue to rally while sterling and gilt yields slip

Osborne’s rosy words conceal old problems

Productivity and household debt still bars to growth