Service sector woes add to economic unease

Moody shots of the City of London.
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Stagnant UK growth blamed on Brexit fears

St Ives backs plan to restrict second homes

Town votes to stop new builds being sold to non-residents

Business schools to study Leicester success

Analysts say Premier League triumph down to ‘Moneyball’ formula

A vote to leave will make Britain poorer

In the first of a series, the FT weighs up the economic case on Brexit

The policies that make uneasy bedfellows

Quantitative easing and negative rates offer rapidly diminishing returns, writes Shahin Vallée

Migration cannot decide UK’s place in EU

A dynamic economy can gain from importing people who both want to work and have the skills to do so

A post-Brexit City of London can thrive

The EU will want to ensure it retains unfettered access to the UK, writes Michael Geoghegan

Ferguson Illustration

Obama and the end of the Anglosphere

The crucial point is that he is America’s first Pacific president

James Ferguson illustration

Britain’s friends right to fear Brexit

Despite absurd attempts to deny this, nobody knows what would follow a vote to leave the EU

James Ferguson illustration
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The Brexit Papers: Full Treasury economic analysis

‘The Long-term Economic Impact of EU Membership and the Alternatives’

Treasury’s view of Brexit

Attempt to take in all the possible effects of leaving EU

Tale of two steel towns: Redcar and Qianan

Ripples from global steel downturn wash up on UK and China shores

Slow global growth worries IMF

Fund expresses concern at rising tide of nationalism

Yellen and the ‘quit rate’ of US jobs

Take This Job and Shove It index reveals economic health

Global recovery ‘in danger of stalling’

Brookings-FT Tiger index highlights mediocre growth and dearth of confidence among businesses

Sanjeev Gupta – steel baron to be?

State help will be needed to keep steelmaking in Wales

Productivity falls by most since crisis

Figures put an end to a shortlived recovery

New rules will not curb buy-to-let boom

Few landlords affected by restrictions for those on higher rates

Why fossil fuel plants will be left stranded

Far from having years to work out how to curb the risks of climate change, we face a moment of truth

Success of UK’s anarchic economic model

Part of the trick of politics is smelling the difference between what voters say and what they mean

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