Jobs recovery boosts profit growth at Hays

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Major divisions all rise for first time since financial crisis

How to be hard left without being stupid

An economically coherent platform would weaken the property rights that most impede prosperity

Bank bonuses show biggest fall in decade

Finance and insurance payouts drop almost 10% to £13.6bn

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Cameron’s assault on gender pay justified

New data show the gap between male and female salaries is too large

UK weathers EM storm but clouds gather

Good times may not last long amid challenge over foreign demand

UK shop prices fall 13 months in a row

Petrol stations record biggest year-on-year price drops


The myth of the robot job-ocalypse

Blaming cyborgs instead of bankers and politicians is easy, says Tim Harford

‘Bogus’ self-employed deprived of rights

Apps such as Uber fuel legal disputes over employment status

Banks face billions in forex civil claims

New York test case could open legal floodgates in UK and EU

Jobless youths face welfare ‘boot camp’

‘Intensive’ programmes will focus on how to get into work

Manchester sees revival of textile trade

The UK industry is growing again after 35 years of decline

Fast-track fracking taps well of northern anger

North Yorkshire villagers condemn government’s shale push as undemocratic

Fast-track fracking boosts shale industry

Councils face being overruled on ‘slow and confused’ decisions

Migrants in ‘modern-day slavery’ trap

‘Shocking’ labour abuse reported on rise across Britain

Super-rich to face fresh tax scrutiny

Wealthiest should face more scrutiny over tax, says OECD

Jobs figures raise UK productivity hopes

People worked 0.2% fewer hours in second quarter amid 0.7% growth

Jobs boost as apprentices fill skills gap

Employers struggle to find workers as unemployment falls

Bank steps warily on trip to transparency

‘Super Thursday’ felt more like an end-of-term exam to reporters

What to expect on BoE’s ‘Super Thursday’

Carney aims to make UK central bank more transparent

UK services sector activity slows in July

Outlook for overall growth remains solid