Brexit: London can safeguard its status

A financial centre is created over time and the process is complex, writes Saskia Sassen

The high price of Europe’s pragmatism

The sustainable solution consists of a more integrated eurozone and a less integrated EU

A statue of Charles 1st is seen with a european flag in Trafalgar square.
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Brexit fears of market contagion look overdone

Britain’s referendum has had a limited impact on global markets

Survey signals sharp downturn in UK economy

Findings show activity plunged in weeks after EU vote

UK needs a plan to mitigate Brexit shock

There is no room for dogma in assessing demands of fiscal stimulus

CN8A3G Bolsover Castle in Derbyshire England

The best economists have dirty shoes

When pure data will not crack it . . . use ‘ground truth’ too, writes Sarah O’Connor

BT accused of short-changing Openreach

MPs say UK has shabby broadband cover because of the telecoms group’s power, writes Jonathan Ford

Industrial strategy as a slick slogan, and as reality

UK government help to the economy needs to be carefully judged

Brexit uncertainty justifies a lower rate

There should be an immediate cut and extra measures, writes Gertjan Vlieghe

Banks expect decline in credit demand

UK lenders worried about future profitability, BoE survey shows

Britain will still need us immigrants

Let me remind you what we have done

Help decile of discontent help themselves

Aim policy at improving some skills and leave the rest to robots, writes Diane Coyle

Company pension deficits up £89bn in a month

Private-sector shortfall hits record of £383.6bn in June after Brexit vote

Austerity not yet off government agenda

May has given no indication of rowing back on planned spending cuts

Will Brexit be the end of the City?

Will the UK’s financial powerhouse be fatally weakened?

Brexit: The costs of a lighter pound

Sterling’s fall has led to fears over a drop in demand and profits. Can higher exports compensate?

Why leaving will make most people unhappy

If access to the single market is retained, the UK would be subject to all relevant EU regulations

Will London bankers flock to Paris?

Brexit has given the French an opportunity to get one over the English, writes William Wallis

Gartner sees Brexit blow to UK tech spending

Discretionary outlays to fall as much as 5 per cent as pound slides and prices rise

Political vacuum may press on sterling

The pound’s decline is either a blessing in disguise or an omen

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