Services industry gloomy after Brexit vote

CBI survey finds impact on day-to-day business relatively modest

Challenges facing British housing market

A crash may be avoided but serious structural problems remain

Scotland and the Brexit paradox

The EU referendum decision has made it costlier to leave the UK

Glencore meanders back to life

Quiet success for public market stewardship

Farming’s fate lies with the Treasury

Few industries are more affected by the vote to exit the EU than agriculture, writes Edward Barker

UK economy post Brexit vote is an enigma

Policymakers should be in a wait-and-see mode for the moment

Ingram Pinn

Centre left in Europe faces stark choice

Traditional two-party systems are crumbling as anti-establishment feeling grows, writes Tony Barber

Weak output could neuter monetary policy

What was seen as a cyclical problem has morphed into a supply-side constraint, writes Stephen King

UK retail sales jump as shoppers shrug off Brexit

Rise of 1.5% in July far stronger than expected

How to work when your boss does not care

If you have poor managers, look elsewhere such as to your colleagues or customers for validation

Immigration hits wages by a few pence

Brexit campaign picked the wrong culprit in scapegoating free movement rules, writes Martin Sandbu

Interest rates are a spent economic force

Central banks need to rethink the entire premise of monetary policy, writes Eric Lonergan

PageGroup cuts UK staff after Brexit impact

Companies put hiring and investment plans on ice ahead of referendum

No price is too high for a central bank

The BoE may end up buying sovereign bonds at negative yields

UK gilt yields hit fresh lows on BoE plans

Central bank seeks additional purchases of bonds after auction shortfall

China flexes its muscles over Hinkley Point

UK review of the project should not derail bilateral relations

Britain’s living wage is a job for the technocrats

Sticking to predetermined pay rises could be extremely costly

Nick Timothy – key influence on Theresa May

One friend says it is difficult to know where the overlap starts and stops, writes Henry Mance

May weighs options to soften Brexit blow

Many see higher spending and tax cuts as a necessary complement to BoE action

A quiet shift for economic policymakers

Finance ministries must help out central banks in boosting growth

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