OBR attacked for forecasts ‘free pass’

Revised tax-take predictions strike some economists as odd

Artful chancellor eyes long-term target

Osborne used good fortune and dexterity to jettison unpopular cargo while remaining on course

Osborne takes gentler route to same end

Chancellor’s starting points remain unchanged and questionable

McDonnell vows to tackle worker insecurity

Shadow chancellor sets out vision for party’s new economics

Retail sales dip fails to curb confidence

Shoppers’ October break from high street ‘masks solid trend’

James Ferguson illustration, Savings

Corporate contribution to savings glut

This behaviour raises important policy questions. Should there be higher taxes on retained earnings?

Housing shortage drives up UK prices

Sales stall at top end of market as stamp duty repels buyers

CBI cuts growth forecast over global fears

Business group says productivity boost is main risk

More high earners now male and part-time

1m men choose career on shorter hours, study shows

UK manufacturing and trade bounce back

Official figures mitigate fears British recovery is petering out

Treat central bank forecasts with caution

Avoid the tendency to be anchored by what happens in recent past

Bank of England’s Super Thursday: As it happened

Dovish inflation report signals rates can remain low through 2016

The Monetary Policy Committee mystery

It is unnerving that nine economists could agree on the appropriate stance, writes Richard Barwell

What to watch for on Bank of England ‘Super Thursday’

Tone more than fireworks might count on November 5

National Grid hits power crisis point

Industry urged to cut usage as wholesale electricity prices soar

England needs 1.5m homes in five years

Housebuilding rate has to rise, study shows

America’s labour market is not working

It matters if many prime-aged adults cannot support a family

UK current account ‘hit’ by HQ moves

Prof Philip Lane, incoming governor of Ireland’s central bank, says corporate relocations are hitting FDI

Population to rise and grow older

Projected 10m rise will unsettle the government

Top US trade official warns on Brexit

Washington focus now on EU deal, not with single nation like UK

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