UK house prices jump 11.7%

UK house price inflation

Average London home tops £500,000 despite low inflation in rest of economy

UK inflation falls to 1.5% in August

Pressure eases on Bank of England to raise interest rates

Survey reveals dim view of globalisation

Half of US respondents say trade destroyed jobs at home

James Ramsbotham, chief executive of the north-east Chamber of Commerce

Barnett formula risks English backlash

Funding mechanism is seen as over-favourable to Scotland

UK economy requires a sustainable footing

Osborne needs policies that boost investment and productivity

Tech manifesto pushes migration and exports

Group says healthcare and financial services can offer UK digital edge

BoE signals dim view of household debt

Analysis blames borrowing build-up for depth of recession

Health of UK high streets ticks up

Shop vacancy rate improves in first six months of this year, falling to 13.4%

Irish lessons in sterling for Scotland

The experience of Ireland in the 1920s has echoes for today

Scots told sterling move risks ‘austerity’

Tighter economic conditions risk popular discontent, says Niesr

More powers sought for English cities

Think-tank sees Manchester taking greater financial role

Top Scottish companies fear independence

Respondents to FT poll take negative view of split from UK

Who won Scotland’s economic debate?

The nation will remain heavily dependent on the rest of the UK

Five economic hurdles for breakaway Scots

The Yes shock awaiting the Scots

However amicably a divorce begins, that is rarely how it ends

UK construction output slows in July

IMF warns of fallout from Scottish split

Institution sees potential short-term ‘negative reactions’

Boom eases in the housing market

London starts to slow as rest of the country strengthens

Carney warns Scots over currency reserves

Independent Scotland would need to stockpile pound

Public services reforms set to bite

Watchdog forecasts 1938-style squeeze