Science: The clone factory

With new plans for cloned cattle is China’s taboo-busting biotech sector widening the ethical gap with the west?

China’s most powerful weapon is trade

Commercial tussles are less dramatic than scraps in the South China Sea but may be more important

World trade heads for worst year since 2009

Growth rate of 0.7% in third quarter underlines fragility of economic recovery

Instability in China and low commodities prices have hit emerging markets; could these in turn weaken the US and developed world?
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Debt burdens weigh on the emerging markets

Policymakers must be prepared to face up to a substantial threat

China IPO regulators caught in graft probe

Fate of stock sales worth billions rests with low-paid officials

Renminbi receives symbolic seal of approval

Entry into the Special Drawing Right is more prestige than substance

Groups fooled by China growth, says study

Conference Board think-thank says huge middle class is a myth

China capital flows turn positive

First month of inflows since currency devaluation in August

IMF staff back renminbi for SDR status

Move marks vote of confidence in China’s economic reforms

China shoppers pick up economic baton

Fixed-asset investment near 15-year low amid painful rebalancing

China consumer inflation slows to 1.3%

Dip comes despite rate cuts and as producer price slide persists

Chinese embrace the smart way to pay

Online-offline life arrives at the neighbourhood market

Grasp the reality of China’s rise

Reasonable dialogue requires a recognition of the tensions between short and long-term interests

World Bank hit by executive departures

Moves come as Jim Yong Kim struggles to reorganise institution

China seeks quantum leap to new economy

High-profile advances obscure doubts over innovation ambitions

Beijing aids ECB with German bond sell-off

Move by Chinese central bank helps €1.1tn easing programme

China manufacturing gloom persists

Factory activity contracts in further sign of economic slowdown

China aid fails to bridge credibility gap

Donor ranks poorly as a development partner despite splurges

EM FDI: battening down or driven abroad?

Some EM corporates seek growth elsewhere as others cut capex

China’s solar sector turns to hairy crabs

Local farmers provide innovative solutions to help navigate country’s restrictions on land use