China GDP growth slows in first quarter

Expansion of 7.4% is slowest since third quarter of 2012

US Treasury slams China over currency

Comes as China’s FX reserves hit nearly $4trn

China expected to show sharp slowdown

Likely growth figures of 7.4% would be lowest since 1990

China’s forex reserves near record $4tn

Rise coincides with renminbi drop that marks central bank action

Cramped lives test China dream

One in five Chinese only a wage away from losing middle-class status

China ‘Potemkin defaults’ mask debt reality

Beijing wants market discipline without halting growth

The Fragile Middle

Slowdown puts 1bn middle class at risk

FT analysis questions durability of march out of poverty in emerging markets

Italy production falls as France edges up

Greek unemployment slips slightly lower

China rattles nerves with weak trade data

Imports and exports fall well short of market estimates

China bank regulators caught in turf war

PBoC and CBRC at odds as financial system comes under strain

Fears of crisis intensify China’s politics

Relations between regulators turn poisonous

Rising inequality is Asia’s main challenge

Much of the benefit goes to those who were already better off, allowing them to pull away from the pack

WTO chief warns on slow trade recovery

Chinese savers can scorch the world

We have all surely had enough fun with financial crises. Beijing needs to reform first and only then open up

China uses infrastructure to boost growth

China craves global trade club membership

Beijing desperate to narrow gap with US on policy

Xi urges Sino-EU agreement on trade

Debt troubles within the Great Wall

Credit cannot outgrow GDP forever, even in China

Asia endures rocky start to the year

China factory data hint at stability

Pressure on Beijing to add fresh stimulus eases