Asean: Long on optimism

Foreign investors and a growing consumer class are driving the rise of southeast Asian nations

China debt tops 250% of national income

Beijing task is to create growth without turmoil

China and Switzerland sign swap line

Move will help to limit the two countries’ reliance on US dollar

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Commerce a casualty of Sino-Japanese spats

Ties increasingly fraught amid territorial and economic battles

Shadow banking

China’s banking threat is overstated

The exposure to risky activities is far more modest than many imply, says Yukon Huang

GSK admits to 2001 China bribery scandal

US extends investigation into pharma group’s activities

China GDP shows progress on rebalancing

Shoppers contribute more to growth than investment

China’s GDP: What the economists think

Five economists offer their thoughts on China’s growth

China’s second-quarter GDP rises 7.5%

Growth pace puts economy on track to meet Beijing’s annual target

WTO rules against US on state companies

Duties on Chinese and Indian goods broke regulations

Chinese growth: 5 themes to watch for

Second-quarter GDP forecast at 7.4%, same as first quarter

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Data suggest authorities are loosening the taps

Promising signs of China’s economic health

Iron ore and steel prices firming, along with Hang Seng

Shanghai’s youth are on the smart money

Green goods trade talks set to start

Reaching a deal will be ‘challenging’, experts warn

End to China property boom barely begun

Financial markets are having trouble pricing the implications

China takes senior role in trade talks

Country starts to pull away from other big emerging economies

US warns China over tech trade deal

Macau passes Switzerland on income table

Buoyant gambling pushes per-capita GDP past $91,000

WTO chief seeks to breathe life into Doha

Azevêdo hopes members will agree a detailed road map by December