Call to close short selling loophole

European lawmakers urge rethink on hedge fund anonymous bets

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European groups must alter business models to survive
Illustration for 'Tough, torrid times for active fund managers'
Active managers will remain popular despite poor performance, says David Oakley
384183 13: FILE PHOTO: A crowd gathers to watch a side gusher on Spindletop Hill in Beaumont, Texas which was the site of the first Texas oil gusher, January 10, 1901. Beaumont, in the southeast corner of Texas, will host a day of centennial celebrations January 10, 2001 to commemorate the event as a historic and economic milestone. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the modern texas oil industry. (Photo by the Texas Energy Museum/Newsmakers)
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Oil producers can’t kick drilling habit

It is not enough to find the cash to bail out the feckless exploration addicts, warns John Dizard

Bill Gross to manage $500m for Soros

Commitment is larger than the Janus fund raised in all of October

Fund managers’ shameful secrets

Check your fund’s active share rating

Julian Robertson during the View from the Top interview with FT's Chrystia Freeland on October 13, 2009.

Hedge fund used Cayman shells for shorting

Tiger Global behind bet against Quindell

Demand for Alibaba’s bonds hits $55bn

Chinese ecommerce group raises $8bn from maiden debt sale

Osborne drops challenge to bank bonus cap

ECJ advocate general rejects UK objection to curbs

Fed asks whether it is too close to banks

Review comes amid criticism it is too lenient with Wall Street

Goldman fires staff for alleged NY Fed breach

Former banker accused of accessing confidential information

Bankers lie for financial gain, says study

Experiments show ‘prevailing culture undermines honesty’


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