Aberdeen buys online fund portfolio firm

Deal aims to tap into ‘digital revolution in asset management’

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Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, makes his keynote speech at the Conservative party conference in Birmingham this afternoon.
Isa-style pensions overhaul would ‘put UK savings culture at risk’, says retirement group chief
Reaching for a better solution: smart beta aims to out-perform the index
Fresh breed of indexers seek to demonstrate new ways to beat the market

Hedge funds fail to live up to their name

Short-term losses give financial services pause for thought

Geek asset class sings the body electric

John Dizard on an obscure boom in the market for generation capacity

PE funds pressed over reporting fees

Industry group seeks ‘template’ to record money paid to managers

Regulator warns on securities-based loans

Loans worth 70% of share portfolios have little protection

Old stock share certificates from 1950s-1970s

Calls for easier bond rules ring true

Reporting requirements can aggravate already poor trading conditions

EM threat to Europe’s earnings recovery

Some sectors more affected than others by drop in demand

Draghi hands markets a gift

ECB stands ready to bolster €60bn per month QE programme

Omega says ‘risk parity’ helped tip market

Chorus of investors perturbed by esoteric trading strategies grows

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Hedge fund manager loses tax appeal

Patrick Degorce to repay £8m for using film avoidance scheme


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