US’s role as world bank regulator

DFS made inventive use of settlement stipulations to extend its reach

HFT ‘cheetahs’ get Chilton as an adviser

Ex CFTC commissioner to advise high-speed trader industry group

Bank compliance comes under scrutiny

Regulators sharpen focus on money laundering

CFTC and traders clash on cotton verdict

Regulator says 2011 episode of extreme price moves was ‘orderly’

Banks hire anti-money laundering experts

Hiring spree comes after scandals and heavy fines

Banks horse-trade on ringfence fine print

Lenders angle for BoE concessions on governance

US bonus curb hit by regulators’ squabble

Plan to prevent excessive bank risk-taking bogged down

Fed seeks market reforms for broker-dealers

Regulators seek to reduce reliance on ‘repos’

Aerial view of a suburban housing development in autumn, Washington, USA.

Ocwen results restated on asset values

US mortgage group flags a ‘material weakness’ in internal controls

S Korea to double stock trading limit

Shares on Kospi to be allowed to rise or fall by up to 30% daily

Finance: The FICC and the dead

Banks’ once-mighty trading businesses are humbled. Will a return of volatility to the markets revive them?

Fed gives preview of future non-bank scrutiny

AIG and GE supervision provides clues to possible future regime

High-speed traders flee investment banks

Specialised trading groups step up recruitment

Index trackers soar but risks remain

Investors have flocked to exchange traded funds but risks mount

Week in review, August 9

Featuring StanChart, Cobalt, Apple and Kors

Telecom triopolies set off US alarm bells

FCC watchdog resists ‘four-to-three’ mergers of major groups

Complicated banks face complex rules

HSBC’s criticisms of new regulations have a clear moral

Second BoE official quits in one week

Oil trader Arcadia settles with CFTC

US regulators allege misconduct surrounding tanks in Cushing

Logic of ringfencing questioned

Proposal suggests the bank is preparing for the worst