Centralised risk raises derivative worries

Clarity needed on liquidity and clearing models

China’s rainmakers head for cover

Investment banks are feeling the strain in the light of post-financial crisis regulation and costs

Outdated ring fence will hurt City finance

Proposals for regulation of British banks are already overdue for repeal, writes Simon Samuels

US banks push for bond trades delay

Wall St alarmed by sharp downturn in market liquidity

Mcc0061908. SYNDICATION@TELEGRAPH.CO.UK 020 7931 2925 22/04/15.Hounslow, London Collect pictures of possible "rogue trader" Navinder Singh Sarao who may have caused the stock market to crash in the USA
©Julian Andrews/Eye R8 Productions/Telegraph

Flash crash: Lone trader seen as ‘genius’

The arrest of Navinder Singh Sarao raises fresh concern over market regulation

HSBC looks to leave troubles behind

Scandals, levies and regulations revive threat to leave London

EU and US aim for May in derivatives deal

Regulators negotiating end to two-year clearing house rules dispute

US Flash Crash Trader...Navrinder Sarao at Westminster Magistrates Court. The US Department of Justice wants to extradite Navinder Singh Sarao, 36, on charges of wire fraud, commodities fraud and market manipulation. Mr Sarao told the hearing that he opposed extradition to the US. Credit:Priscilla Coleman/MB Media
©Priscilla Coleman/MB Media

Trader at centre of offshore accounts web

US claim that Sarao sought to shelter millions from tax

The heavy hand of US market intervention

Washington is under legal attack accused of free market distortion

Paul Reed

Commodity markets need better regulation

Governments must ensure best price for consumers, says BP’s Paul Reed

CME faces questions over missed red flags

‘Spoofing’ charges against a UK trader turn spotlight on self-regulatory organisations once again

‘Flash crash’ arrest raises new questions

Roles of UK trader and futures market draw scrutiny

Hounslow not origin of havoc in New York

Blaming a solitary trader for 2010 ‘flash crash’ is disingenuous

Flash crash: 10 days in a London suburb

Action of suburban futures trader was key contribution, says DoJ

Europe needs Deutsche Bank as its champion

The rules have been tightened but that has reinforced US hegemony

Two questions on ‘flash crash’ extradition

UK law and a possible probe will decide whether trader goes to US

Trading terms and manipulation techniques

Bid, ask, fill, spoofing and layering revealed

‘Flash crash’ arrest puts heat on futures

Market manipulation may have been lost in regulatory cracks

UK trader arrested over 2010 flash crash

Futures trader charged by US authorities to appear in London court

Flash trading HQ behind net curtains

Suburban market player alleged to have moved markets a world away

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