Bank of England prepares for Brexit

Bank draws up plans for run on sterling and interest rate dilemma

Japan’s premier warns on Brexit threat

Abe says Britain would no longer be ‘gateway’ to Europe

Brexit blamed for surge in uncertainty

US academics attribute UK slowdown to referendum concerns

Pro-Brexit economists dismiss trade fears

Group says UK should rely on WTO rules rather than new agreements

Tata deadline delayed for Brexit poll

Timeframe for steel plants offers extended until after referendum

Leave camp balks at ECJ’s growing role

Court of Justice ensures EU law trumps Britain’s own legislation

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UK after Brexit: the options for trade deals

The FT looks at how the Leave camp’s vision of ‘free trade and friendly co-operation’ might be realised

Brexit: how the rival teams line up

The referendum result may largely be in the hands of key individuals on either side of the debate

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What has the EU done for Britain?

Test your knowledge on Britain and the European Union

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Your top 10 Brexit questions answered

The FT responds to trending Google queries about leaving the EU

Brexit Debated: ‘EU and the UK better off’

Video: Peter Mandelson versus Daniel Hannan

What would Brexit mean for UK business?

Sarah Gordon speaks to companies around the country to find out their views on leaving the bloc

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The economic consequences of Brexit

Three very different outcomes of a British vote to leave the EU

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What a Brexit divorce would look like

How any break-up is carried out will have a decisive impact on Britain for generations

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Would Brexit lead to Scotland leaving the UK?

Nationalists say an EU exit would make it more difficult to break with UK

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Migration cannot decide UK’s place in EU

A dynamic economy can gain from importing people who both want to work and have the skills to do so

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Millennials would bear the cost of Brexit

The paradox is that those most likely to be affected are the least likely to vote on June 23

A post-Brexit City of London can thrive

The EU will want to ensure it retains unfettered access to the UK, writes Michael Geoghegan

Economists for Brexit challenge consensus

Report from 8 economists says exit will bring economic advantages’

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Obama and the end of the Anglosphere

The crucial point is that he is America’s first Pacific president

James Ferguson cartoon depicting Brexit
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Arguments for leaving the EU do not add up

The top 10 points in favour of an exit and how to rebut them

Brexit would not damage military standing

Outside the EU, the UK would find it easier to work with European allies, writes Anand Menon

UK immigration last refuge of the Leavers

It may not be enough to secure a victory in the referendum but it will enable them to lose well

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Brexit may break Britain’s Tory party

The Leave campaign has opted for invective over rational argument

At heart we are all Albanians now

The instinct of the Ghegs and Tosks was to batter each other, like EU camps, writes Tony Barber