UK's EU Referendum

David Cameron is hoping to negotiate a new settlement between Britain and the 27 other members of the European Union prior to a promised referendum by the end of 2017 on the UK’s continued participation in a reformed Europe.

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UK banks not yet asked to gauge Brexit impact

Some banks surprised at regulators’ silence

Cameron ‘scaremongering’ over Brexit claim

Critics say UK-French agreement has nothing to do with the EU

Cameron predicts UK migrant camps

PM accused of ‘scaremongering’ by Brexit campaign

Cameron faces Tory grassroots backlash

Eurosceptic local party chiefs rebuke PM for ignoring their views

Ukip MP says Brexit camp must add appeal

War of attrition between rivals vying for designation as official ‘Out’ group

Cameron wins Poland over to welfare curbs

PM pledges military support and treaty concessions

Immigration key issue for Portsmouth

Harbour town largely unimpressed by PM’s renegotiation attempts

Poll shows growing support for Brexit

PM heads for Europe as YouGov survey suggests 9-point lead for Out camp

Welfare curbs to have only modest impact

Cameron’s emergency break to affect fewer migrants than expected

EBA head warns on Brexit consequences

Enria says UK will be left without a voice to shape financial rules

UK Eurosceptics worry about lack of leadership

There are a multitude of groups with no single leader or clear strategy

Lord Lawson photographed outside the House of Lords.

Lord Lawson to head Vote Leave campaign

High-profile appointment aimed at becoming official Brexit group

PM woos Johnson with sovereignty pledge

Deal for London mayor to campaign to keep Britain in EU

European press ponders Britain à la carte

EU deal seen variously as distraction, blackmail and necessary reform

Regulators seek more detail on EU deal

PRA head Andrew Bailey gives cautious welcome to City safeguards

Brexit City
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Brexit deal: are safeguards effective for UK?

New measures applied to past battles shows they could prove useful

Cameron’s EU deal lambasted by UK press

British PM faces parliament to discuss proposals at 1230

City gives Tusk deal cautious welcome

Questions remain over so-called ‘emergency brake’

Cameron faces tough fight to sell EU plan

Draft plan to reform relations with Europe set to come under fire

Final battle looms after PM’s defining moment

Draft deal draws dark looks from Downing Street Eurosceptics

Comment and analysis

Daniel Pudles illustration
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Battle over Brexit matters to the world

UK needs a voice in Europe and the bloc would benefit too

Britain’s premature bet on future of EU

If the case for membership is the ability to influence laws that affect us, that case could shrivel

Lord Lawson photographed outside the House of Lords.

The flaw in the campaign for Brexit

Advocates of departure from the EU cannot agree what ‘Out’ means

UK still has vital role to play in Europe

If Britain remains in bloc it should take a leadership position, writes Radek Sikorski

Illustration by Ingram Pinn depicting Brexit
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Admit it, Europe needs Britain

To suggest that an ‘out’ vote would see Eurosceptics rise up elsewhere is probably an exaggeration

A reasonable deal to keep Britain in

Cameron’s EU renegotiation has achieved tangible benefits for the UK

Cameron’s flimsy deal with the EU

Renegotiation does not affect the Brexit case one way or the other

James Ferguson illustration
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Brexit is no way out of Europe in crisis

In its own interests, Britain must contribute to stability on the European continent

How Brexit will put pressure on the pound

Mild weakness in sterling is welcome but the risks are apparent

George Osborne
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China turmoil teaches truths about Brexit

Sensible politicians gamble on big economic transitions only if there is little alternative

Sterling wilts under pressure

Looming vote on Europe has put the pound high up the worry list

Any other name will not do for Lord Rose

Leader of Britain Stronger in Europe slips up with organisation’s title

Michael Caine’s ‘Get EU’ endorsement

Brexit campaigners say actor’s support puts them on side of ordinary people, writes Sebastian Payne

Illustration of David Cameron
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David Cameron’s adventures in Europe

The PM has embarked on a charm offensive to secure EU reforms ahead of this year’s referendum

Ingram Pinn illustration
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Interests battle emotion in Brexit issue

The in-out choice is between being a maker or a taker of the rules

Brexit is the easy bit

Voters should consider whether the cost in terms of prosperity and security is one they are prepared to pay, writes Jean-Claude Piris

Trading false promises for after Brexit

An independent UK would lose full benefits of the single market

Jonathan McHugh illustration

We Tories are all Eurosceptics now

Cameron is right to allow ministers to campaign to take back British democracy

Vote for Brexit is a leap into the abyss

It is inevitable that the referendum will ultimately be decided by fear, hope and, not least, trust

Cameron unleashes Tory debate on Brexit

PM had no choice but to allow ministers a free vote in the referendum

Europe will rattle but not shatter Tories

Prospect of long-term power will do more to discipline party

Britain works better as part of the EU

The UK will struggle if it cuts itself off from the rest of Europe, writes George Soros

Tale of two Brexit votes from the FT archive

Parallels between Wilson’s challenge in 1975 and Cameron’s task to keep Britain in the EU

FT Series: If Britain goes

Electorate awaits business view

FT Series: Bosses recognise need to speak out

Shock of Brexit likely to pull UK apart

FT series: Britain’s place in world would be thrown into question

Counting the cost of ‘Brexit’ from EU

Would the UK see a big boost to economy or sharp drop in output?

Brexit would jolt EU’s political order

FT Series: Most states see bloc as diminished without Britain

Illustration for Michael Portillo Financial Times op-ed - issue dated 08.11.14

British business rejects EU status quo

FT Series: UK plc fears Brexit but wants reduction in EU rules

City divided on UK relationship with EU

An FT series considers what it would mean if Britain left the EU

The effect of Brexit on consumers

FT Series: Change for Britons abroad, tourists and investors