Brexit: If Britain goes

David Cameron is hoping to negotiate a new settlement between Britain and the 27 other members of the European Union prior to a promised referendum by the end of 2017 on the UK’s continued participation in a reformed Europe

Delay sets back Cameron’s EU reform plan

Prolonging talks into 2016 narrows referendum date options

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British Prime Minister David Cameron (L) leaves after speaking at Chatham House in central London on November 10, 2015, where he outlined his plan for changes to Britian's EU membership. Cameron said he was confident of achieving four key objectives in renegotiating Britain's EU relationship but warned the UK would have to "think again" about membership if they were not met. AFP PHOTO / ADRIAN DENNISADRIAN DENNIS/AFP/Getty Images ©AFP
PM has no time to lose if he is to make the pro-European case at home
BoE governor’s speech is a dispassionate contribution to a raucous campaign
The In camp boldly stresses the ‘patriotic’ case for EU membership
For Marcus Cotton Pic; Jay Williams 07770 576076 Pic shows multi-millionaire and Ukip donor Arron Banks at his manor at Tockington near Bristol. 5-1-15
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Out lobby shuns rival’s call to unite

Vote Leave and Leave.UK fall out in extension of Ukip spat

CBI boss Carolyn Fairbairn on a visit to the North-east of England, 18/11 2015. Reece Group. Photo © Mark Pinder 07768 211174
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CBI confident of trumping eurosceptics

Employers’ group under attack for its pro-EU views

Brexit debate delays Cameron reshuffle

Pressure on Johnson and May to toe government line

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Cruddas gives £1m to Vote Leave campaign

Ex-Tory treasurer says almost £20m will be spent by time of EU vote

House of Lords

Lords vote to extend age limit in EU poll

PM argues that minimum age should not be lowered below 18

Rose asks business to speak out for EU

Head of pro-EU campaign writes to FTSE350 board members

Osborne enlists Treasury to make EU case

Critics see analysis as taxpayer-funded propaganda

Brexit group signs up 3,000 entrepreneurs

Red tape and immigration cited as reasons to leave EU

New CBI chief will ‘listen to’ eurosceptics

Fairbairn responds to criticism that employer group is too pro-EU

Business fails to back Labour’s EU push

Opposition stalwart Johnson to take charge of party’s In campaign

Business case against hedge fund politics

Financiers’ public opinions risk alienating clients

Brexit a shot for booze cruise, says Chunnel boss

Departure from EU could see return of duty-free trips

Hedge funds boost campaign against Brexit

Two firms defy fears sector will fund drive to leave union

Brexit gains spur Cameron to shift tone

Political need and business pressure drive EU campaign urgency

Eurosceptics target business chiefs

Lobby group tries to neutralise company influence

Cameron yields on migrant benefits ban

Offer to scrap welfare plan as PM seeks new EU membership terms

Tory truce on Europe falls apart

A third of the parliamentary party likely to campaign for Brexit

Q&A: Cameron’s wishlist for EU welfare reform

PM wants to curb migrant benefits while not discriminating

Cameron sets out formal demands to EU

PM vows ‘heart and soul’ campaign to stay if conditions are met

Cameron links EU membership to security

PM prepares four-point plan to keep Britain in the bloc

CBI recoils from assault by eurosceptics

Critics determined to undermine its role in national conversation

Hecklers interrupt Cameron’s EU speech

Protesters vow to disrupt all annual meetings of pro-EU companies

Cameron to make EU exit threat

PM to criticise those who want to stay in bloc at any cost

Goldman exec warns UK not to leave EU

‘Compelling’ economic case for staying in Europe