London’s future

Five scenarios for the city post-Brexit, from a ‘renationalised’ British capital to a European enclave

Italy finance minister rejects banks bail-in

Padoan denies ‘systemic’ banking problem on sidelines of G20

Survey signals sharp downturn in UK economy

Findings show activity plunged in weeks after EU vote

Elite crew to steer City through Brexit

Impressive roster of senior financiers to co-ordinate contact with ministers

Europe’s non-euro 8 fear Brexit fallout

Concern balance of power will swing in favour of eurozone states

Article 50: The Brexit divorce paper

Just 262 words in the Lisbon treaty will dictate the talks — and shape the UK’s ties with Europe

Theresa May prepares ground for Brexit

Watch James Blitz’s round-up of post-EU referendum news

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Four scenarios: how Brexit could unfold

Nasty, neutral or friendly . . .  or it might not happen at all

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Brexit barometer: economic mood darkens

Growth forecasts revised down as confidence falters

Britain’s Europol dilemma

The UK may have to sign up to new EU rules just as it is pulling out of the 28-nation bloc

What Brexit means for your money

Our experts answer readers’ top questions

Generics of Whitehall for UK News.

Brexit causes turf wars in Whitehall

Civil service is being restructured to deliver breakaway from EU

France tempts citizens home after Brexit

Medef, France’s equivalent of the CBI, arrives in London on Thursday

Brexit and the WTO option: Key questions

UK has to strike deal within organisation before bilateral deals

Dombrovskis softer on London’s euro role

Brussels regulator says it is ‘too early to draw conclusions’

Comment & Analysis

Brexit: Three men and a country estate

The foreign secretary is forced to share his retreat with fellow leading Leavers

Trump’s success is not the same as Brexit

Notebook: The populist GOP candidate is far worse than his UK counterpart, writes Sebastian Payne 

Europe could have flexible forms of union

In a world of nearly 200 states, regional orders will be more important, writes Anne-Marie Slaughter

How to make Brexit manageable

The master plan was as clear on the general direction as it was naive about the technical details

Brexit uncertainty justifies a lower rate

There should be an immediate cut and extra measures, writes Gertjan Vlieghe

Brexit forces Ireland to make new friends fast

Dublin’s diplomatic and political clout in parts of the EU is not what it should be

May must now define ‘Brexit means Brexit’

The irony in her list of policy goals is that no item requires leaving the EU

Will Brexit be the end of the City?

FT commentators discuss whether the UK’s financial powerhouse will be fatally weakened

Why leaving will make most people unhappy

If access to the single market is retained, the UK would be subject to all relevant EU regulations

May (and Merkel) should play Brexit long

Unravelling four decades of political and economic integration will be complex and costly