Brexit: If Britain goes

David Cameron is hoping to negotiate a new settlement between Britain and the 27 other members of the European Union prior to a promised referendum by the end of 2017 on the UK’s continued participation in a reformed Europe

Hammond seeks to spike Tory migration row

Foreign secretary rebuffs colleagues over freedom of movement


epa03540768 The Union flag (L) and European Union flag (R) hang over Europa House in London, Britain, 17 January 2013. British Prime Minister David Cameron is to deliver a speech on Britain's relationship with Europe on 18 January. The Prime Minister is expected to announce plans for a future referendum on wether Britain should remain a part of the EU or decide to go it alone. Its being billed as the biggest speech on Europe for twenty five years. EPA/ANDY RAIN ©EPA
Delay in making pro-EU case cedes ground to the ‘out’ campaign
UK prime minister David Cameron has overseen a pledge on aid spending while avoiding any commitment to meet Nato's target for defence expenditure ©Getty
Leave rows about the EU social chapter to nostalgic eurosceptics
Cameron will need French consent to strike an EU deal

Lawson and Mandelson do battle over EU

Leading figures in forthcoming campaign go head to head

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EU issues difficult verdicts for Cameron

Rulings come down against prisoner voting bans and bulk data collection

Cameron urged to speed up EU referendum

Business says delay leaves ‘in’ campaign open to political attack

Pro-Europe campaign plays catch-up

Out group has already formed its executive team

Spectre of Europe hangs over Tories again

Two court rulings set to heighten ‘Brexit’ tensions in party

Cameron faces brewing Tory storm on EU

Lawson says he expects prime minister to fail in renegotiation

EU ‘flawed concept’, says City fund manager

Morrissey feels perils of UK leaving bloc have been exaggerated

Lawson to head Tory eurosceptic drive

Former chancellor steps up pressure on Cameron

‘Little England’ risks under scrutiny

Economists ponder prospect of UK fracture from Scotland and EU

Directors urge Corbyn to back EU reform

Alternative is economic stagnation, business group warns Labour

Out campaigners ready for EU battle

Rival lobbies set up shop on opposite banks of the Thames

All is not well among Ukip leader’s flock

Several party figures resent the party’s moves after election

Farage pledges ‘big, positive message’

Ukip leader claims chances of UK leaving Europe have risen to 50%

Farage woos the left for Europe No vote

Ukip leader seeks broad coalition against Brussels

Small businesses call for new EU treaty

Three-quarters of those polled want Britain to take back powers

EU migrant crisis boosts UK reform case

Hammond says events will ‘focus’ minds on need for change

Scottish Tory leader declares EU support

Ruth Davidson says benefits ‘categorically outweigh’ downside

France urges UK precision on EU reforms

Exasperation at lack of detail on renegotiation

Tory machine to stay neutral in EU vote

Eurosceptics hail news that headquarters will stay on sidelines

Corbyn backs Britain in EU and Tobin tax

Europe will help regulate financial sector, says Labour leader

Scottish lessons for EU referendum

Last year’s No campaigners failed to win the battle for hearts

Corbyn tries to end confusion over EU

Leader sees no circumstance where Labour would campaign for Brexit

Brexit divisions among small businesses

Research finds 41% would vote to leave and nearly 11% undecided

EU deals blow to Cameron’s benefits plan

UK foiled in attempts to limit how long jobseekers can stay