Week in Review, March 7

Week in Review

ExxonMobil, banking bonuses, Google and London’s hotel market

Lord Browne's brief was to to inject more business acumen into the civil service
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Lord Browne allies with former rival

Former BP chief makes comeback just as deal hangs in the balance

Week in Review

Week in Review, February 28

Google shake-up in Europe; Silicon Valley discrimination and Honda also in the news

Week in Review

Week in Review, February 21

HSBC in Switzerland; Carlsberg, Sony, Peugeot, Tesco and more

Week in Review

Week in Review, February 14

Luxury groups in China; Credit Suisse, Apple, Rio Tinto and more

Week in Review

Week in Review, February 7

Shake-up at Sony; BT, Arctic exploration and Ocado also in the news

week in review

Week in Review, January 31

Apple, McDonald’s, oil majors and Deutsche Bank featured

week in review

Week in Review, January 24

Forex brokers, Microsoft, Total and Swedish jet scandal featured

Week in Review

Week in Review, January 17

Car party in Detroit; MetLife, oil projects, and drug deals also in the news

Jamie Dimon returns to bombastic form

Boss emerges from cancer treatment but concerns hover over JPMorgan

Week in Review, January 10

CES, Petrobras, StanChart and US container ports dispute featured

Brevan loss galling for co-founder Howard

Asset manager’s status as a ‘sure thing’ under threat

Week in Review, December 20

Vice Media, Repsol, Co-op Bank, and BT-EE talks featured

Week in Review, December 6

Vanguard passes Pimco; Alibaba and F1 also in the news

Wang seeks starring role in Hollywood

Dalian Wanda chairman wants to control 20% of film distribution

Week in Review, November 29

Soft drink ventures in Africa; Microsoft, Google and BG also in the news

Elevation of Álvarez tips Botín’s intent

Promotion of Santander finance chief suggests strategic change

‘Generic guy’ built up to Allergan deal

Bisaro surprised board with proposal to buy Botox maker

Week in Review, November 15

Goldman promotion round; also news on YouTube, Ford and G4S

Harold Hamm’s fortunes under scrutiny

A divorce and a hedge puts spotlight on Continental’s chief


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