UK reverses Drax biomass decision

Volte-face follows successful legal challenge on subsidy package

Biomass report adds to subsidies debate

Measuring impact of burning biomass splits opinion

Iberdrola profits hit by energy reform

International operations help offset Spanish regulatory impact

Indian water is a geopolitical issue

The plan to connect rivers with new canals is fraught with difficulties, writes Anjana Ahuja

Shares in Trinity hit a 52-week low

Full-year output may be at low end of expectations

A fisherman on the Mekong River, Vientiane, Laos, April 2014
©Bakas Algirdas

Troubled waters: the Mekong River crisis

China, one of six nations sharing the Mekong, says its huge dams benefit the countries downstream. But it is bafflingly silent about strange, record-breaking changes that have been wreaking havoc on the river in recent months. Pilita Clark investigates

Japan poised to revive nuclear power

Approval given to first plant under stricter regulations

Drax wins biomass conversion deal appeal

DECC told to quash exclusion of unit from applying for subsidies

Des Bois
©EDF@Pascal Tournaire

Nestlé warns on water scarcity

Resource shortage ‘more urgent’ than global warming

Des Bois
©EDF@Pascal Tournaire

A world without water

In the first instalment of a series on the threat of water scarcity, Pilita Clark reveals the cost to companies

Japan utility to pay users to switch off

Value of bankrupt EFH assets surges

Rising tide lifts expectations for creditor returns

Turbine makers adapt to winds of change

Wave of consolidation sweeps through power industry

Beware Japan’s nuclear safety myth

Debate on future energy needs must be wider

Europe at risk of ‘significant’ gas shortages

Century-long green bond bets on DC waste

US capital’s sewers lure environmental and long-term investors

EU energy market: Pipe dream

Pan-European flows would boost efficiency and independence

Grid chief calls for more interconnectors

Insurers to cover green subsidy pullouts

Scheme would provide boost to renewable sector

British Gas pays £1m for mis-selling

Settlement avoids formal investigation by energy watchdog


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