Hinkley alternatives ‘offer huge saving’

A model of the proposed Hinkley Point C power station. The project to build the reactor is expected to cost £18bn

Opting for offshore wind farms and gas could save £1bn a year

Uniper energy MUST Credi Uniper

Eon’s Uniper loses €3.9bn in first half

Newly-created power company hit by writedowns

VESTAS WIND SYSTEMS, makers of wind turbines. Pictured is a windmill park at Staunting, West Denmark.

Vestas: start spreading the news

Financial and political stars line up for Danish turbine maker


Energy: Generating criticism

The UK’s ambitious plans to build six nuclear plants are raising concerns that it is losing control over critical infrastructure

VESTAS WIND SYSTEMS, makers of wind turbines. Pictured is a windmill park at Staunting, West Denmark.

Vestas boosts forecasts on strong sales

Danish turbine maker benefits from falling cost of wind power

Analysts say the price surges raise fundamental questions about South Australia's energy security
©Stephanie Jackson/Alamy

S Australia power crisis hits green energy

Reliance on renewables blamed for spike in prices

Biggest offshore wind farm given go-ahead

Enough power for 1.6m UK homes to be produced by 300 turbines

Meter reading gaffe hits UK gas consumers

Imperial and metric confusion puts industry back in spotlight

Renewables jump 70 per cent in five years

World’s 20 major economies shift away from fossil fuels

Hinkley Point Nuclear power station seen from the coast. The site actually contains two nuclear power stations, Hinkley Point B on the left, an Advanced Gas-cooled Reactor and Hinkley Point A, a twin Magnox reactor. Hinkley Point A has been decommissioned.

UK PM should overhaul energy policy

Biggest indictment of present policy is its failure to deliver the capacity that Britain needs

Bumpitrage is an exercise in rent seeking

The art of buying into a takeover target and squeezing a small price bump

Australia halts grid sale to Chinese

Recent election intensified unease over Chinese acquisitions

Eon: power politics

Charges are hurting German utility

China protests force nuclear waste rethink

City that hosts reactor complex will not be home to first large-scale nuclear reprocessing plant

Eon in the red after €2.9bn writedown

Impairment charges taken on Uniper’s power stations

Coal sector seeks carbon capture rethink

World Coal Association lobbies business secretary for support

China warns UK over £18bn nuclear deal

Ambassador links future relations to fate of Hinkley Point

Hinkley Point is test of UK-China trust

The China-UK bond is at a crucial juncture

Suzlon chief seeks green power support

India’s top renewable energy group urges shift in funding approach by IFC and ADB

Corporate Diary

Update on nuclear waste liabilities with Eon and RWE’s earnings


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