Japan racks up 30th monthly trade deficit

Rise of offshoring diminishes benefits of weak yen on exports

Axis-PartnerRe deal reshapes reinsurance

Merger is latest sign of industry consolidation

Andreessen to invest $58m in TransferWise

London start-up holds competitive bid process for backers

Oracle shareholders take aim at Ellison

Letter to SEC criticises chief’s ‘excessive’ remuneration

Qualcomm chip. The company is contesting an anti-trust case brought by Chinese authorities
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China: Monopoly position

Architect of Beijing’s antitrust laws says they are being used in a turf war between regulators

China buying more iPhones than US

Shifting power balance in smartphone market

Bombardier struggles to break jet duopoly

Canadian manufacturer’s C Series jet is running behind schedule

Technology does not possess divine right

Silicon Valley needs to engage with democratic governments

Battered energy groups brace for cuts

Big operators to release plans for surviving oil price collapse

Bharara challenges insider trading ruling

Future prosecutions hinge on outcome of US Attorney’s challenge

GM’s Mary Barra in the driving seat at Davos

World Economic Forum likes a powerful newcomer

Week in Review, January 24

Retail forex brokers, Microsoft, Total and Swedish jet scandal featured

Gannett’s chief takes the fight to Icahn

Martore takes issue with investor’s ‘overreaching campaign’

US diners lose their taste for Big Macs

Fall in same-store sales shows McDonald’s global challenges

GE boosted by aviation and power units

Immelt continues shift from finance to industrial operations

Price fears rise over mobile merger

Hutchison Whampoa union with Telefónica will slash competition

Concern grows over banks’ exiting EMs

Lenders also talking of sharing data to combat terrorism

UPS misses mark again during Christmas

Express parcel company warns on 2014 and 2015 earnings

BNYM may raise fees on big deposits

Bank looks to offset cost of negative interest rates in Europe

Microsoft: optical Illusions

Earnings look different depending on the light


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