Guidance keeps investors in the picture

Wall Street worries about short-term targets demand radical rethink on disclosure

JPMorgan’s wage move set to pay dividends

Bank is not the first to see the business sense in social justice

With every crisis comes a big job title

UK plc needs negotiators with experience in its Brexit-induced hour of need

Tesla death crash raises huge safety issues

Self-driving car’s accident shows regulators are right to remain cautious

Solid benefits in a diverse workforce

Developing digital products and ad campaigns is easier when employees are more like their customers

Class action keeps companies in check

HSBC settlement is the latest example of a big win for investors

Amazon Fresh produce. Brooke Masters story.
©Charlie Bibby

Amazon’s grocery venture fails to satisfy

A beauty contest between new delivery service and Ocado reveals flaws at online retail giant

Banks’ work-life balance efforts will pay off

Schemes from groups such as Morgan Stanley and UBS make perfect sense in helping staff stick around

Apple's new San Francisco flagship store
©Hannah Kuchler

Apple store makeover: hope or hype?

Ex-Burberry chief Angela Ahrendts reimagines retail again

©James Ferguson

Fintech newbies pick up some bad old habits

The frailties that made 2008 so special have found a bright, shiny host

The hits to banks’ reputation keep coming

Lessons from the financial crisis are taking a while to sink in

Zuckerberg has the votes in the bag

Billionaire has 60% majority he needs for new class of shares

When something is too good to be true

Cautionary tales about companies with an unhealthy attachment to their innovations

Bob Dudley’s 20% pay rise is a bit rich

Other companies have been more responsive to the popular mood about executive rewards

Dangers would lurk within a MetLife appeal

Hedge fund industry’s pyrrhic victory a decade ago offers salutary lessons

Credit Suisse spooked by what lurks within

Mistakes do happen but it takes intelligence to bring them to light

Why analysts underplayed Valeant’s problems

Long-suffering equity investors have seen this film before

What if bitter bankers are proved right?

Tougher rules may draw little sympathy but there are fears risk is being shifted elsewhere

Beware of buying in to ‘merger’ euphemism

Investors in LSE do not have to consult Piketty over the ‘equality’ in Deutsche Börse’s deal

Dangers of trying to serve two masters

The analysts’ dilemma: lying to people who pay you, to serve others paying you more


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