Tragedy analogies will fail to win trust

Questionable remarks reinforce view bankers remain detached from ordinary people

CEO carousel gathers pace

Churn in the C-suite is reaching levels not seen in the US and the UK since the financial crisis

Black Friday shopping havoc spreads to UK

Bad publicity from scuffles will do nothing to woo back disgruntled customers

The fine line between privacy and secrecy

Data concerns have become a distraction from the need for transparency

European banks wake up to US-sized fines

Critics say the Americans are unfairly targeting European banks but this argument is paranoia

Accountability comes to the fore at banks

Watchdogs’ sharper teeth mean chiefs know bonuses are on the line

Don’t hold breath for Tesco fraud case

Successful criminal prosecutions for accounting fraud or false statements are few and far between

Peer pressure on small bank loan sector

El-Erian’s investment indicates where he sees next big disruption in financial sector

Companies deserve praise for giving perks

Efforts such as helping employees with fertility benefit should be lauded

Nadella’s bad karma over women’s pay

It is hard to believe he would have said the same thing to a man, writes Brooke Masters

Risks rise if bank benchmarks go

Reliable indices allow investors and corporates to see going rate for commodities and more

EU risks increasing bankers’ salaries

Better ways to curb banker pay than a clamp down on ‘allowances’

GSK picks good day to report bribery fine

Bribery settlement with Chinese comes amid flurry of other news

Yes vote spooks Scotland’s banks

Many financial institutions feel they have no choice but to move

Banks open vaults to store digital ID

Technology moves a nod to customers’ privacy concerns

Lending to small groups must be simpler

European businesses are still struggling to get credit

Techs would be weaker without banks

Bankers are more important than the tech chieftains realise

Valuations grow for apps that offer less and less

The ability to lure new users and keep them using is vital

Telecom triopolies set off US alarm bells

FCC watchdog resists ‘four-to-three’ mergers of major groups

Clawing back bonuses easier said than done

UK lawyers have warned clawbacks would be difficult to enforce


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Lina Saigol is UK Companies Editor
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