Zuckerberg has the votes in the bag

Billionaire has 60% majority he needs for new class of shares

When something is too good to be true

Cautionary tales about companies with an unhealthy attachment to their innovations

Bob Dudley’s 20% pay rise is a bit rich

Other companies have been more responsive to the popular mood about executive rewards

Dangers would lurk within a MetLife appeal

Hedge fund industry’s pyrrhic victory offers salutary lessons

Credit Suisse spooked by what lurks within

Mistakes do happen but it takes good managers and intelligence to bring them to light

Why analysts underplayed Valeant’s problems

Long-suffering equity investors have seen this film before

What if bitter bankers are proved right?

Tougher rules may draw little sympathy but there are fears risk is just being shifted elsewhere

Beware of buying in to ‘merger’ euphemism

Where is the ‘equality’ in Deutsche Börse’s deal

Handsome young man throwing money over dark background

Dangers of trying to serve two masters

The analysts’ dilemma: lying to people who pay you, to serve others paying you more

Some mistake? Many would cheer a Twitter fall

Corporate users have often lived to regret the urge to comment or sell in 140 characters

Nagging doubts about Dimon’s gift horse

JPMorgan boss has been known to ride roughshod over views of dissenting shareholders

Scandals prove all but impossible for prosecutors

Libor rate case highlights how hard it is to hold individuals criminally accountable

Beware the attraction of the big jobs cull

Lay-offs may be in fashion but history suggests axing for the sake of cost-cutting rarely pays

Goldman and Fiat draw opposite reactions

Investors unmoved by bank’s $5.1bn settlement but fear auto lawsuits

Grocers cross over to broader selling

Tie-up with J Sainsbury and Argos to cross-sell goods could be more difficult than imagined

Social networks’ path to one-stop shops

‘Buy buttons’ help give chat apps and groups such as Facebook a slice of ecommerce spending

Be careful, VW, of stopping saying sorry

Chief Matthias Müller should learn from the fate of others perceived as moving on too quickly

Blockchains could aid society and banks

Technology should help prevent terrorism financing and money-laundering, and free up bank capital

Why bank bonuses are good for investors

A properly managed incentives system gives vital flexibility and control over costs

In banking cheating can be automated

Barclays’ $150m forex trading fine casts doubt on drive to use computers to clean up trading


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