Tech groups must get serious about security

Lawsuits against Lenovo could force tech groups to take security more seriously

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Intangible assets find homes in Aim

There is a reason why the junior market has been dubbed ATM

Devil is in the details for HSBC scandal

Broad allegations over tax scandal are years old but anger has only just emerged

Pharma takes a dose of sense

Slew of deals announced this week a healthy sign

Cyber fast lane dreams hit hard shoulder

FCC’s new broadband definition could affect US internet speeds

Barclays bites back against NY watchdog

Previously unquestioned law enforcer has hit a dark pool hurdle

HMV proves that down does not mean out

Troubled companies find solace at the second chance saloon

‘Funny activity’ suggests banks vulnerable

Many lenders still depend on multiple ancient IT systems that barely speak to one another

Ecommerce: a difficult model to drive

Delivery groups’ shares look low yield and expensive

No room for fare-dodgers

City has to get the little things right before we can trust it again over the big stuff

Tragedy analogies will fail to win trust

Questionable remarks reinforce view bankers remain detached from ordinary people

CEO carousel gathers pace

Churn in the C-suite is reaching levels not seen in the US and the UK since the financial crisis

Black Friday shopping havoc spreads to UK

Bad publicity from scuffles will do nothing to woo back disgruntled customers

The fine line between privacy and secrecy

Data concerns have become a distraction from the need for transparency

European banks wake up to US-sized fines

Critics say the Americans are unfairly targeting European banks but this argument is paranoia

Accountability comes to the fore at banks

Watchdogs have sharper teeth and top executives know bonuses are on the line if misconduct occurs

Don’t hold breath for Tesco fraud case

History shows British investigations take a long time

Peer pressure on small bank loan sector

El-Erian’s investment indicates where he sees next big disruption in financial sector

Companies deserve praise for giving perks

Efforts such as helping employees with fertility benefit should be lauded

Nadella’s bad karma over women’s pay

It is hard to believe he would have said the same thing to a man, writes Brooke Masters


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