Some mistake? Many would cheer a Twitter fall

Corporate users have often lived to regret the urge to comment or sell in 140 characters

Nagging doubts about Dimon’s gift horse

JPMorgan boss has been known to ride roughshod over views of dissenting shareholders

Scandals prove all but impossible for prosecutors

Libor rate case highlights how hard it is to hold individuals criminally accountable

Beware the attraction of the big jobs cull

Lay-offs may be in fashion but history suggests axing for the sake of cost-cutting rarely pays

Goldman and Fiat draw opposite reactions

Investors unmoved by bank’s $5.1bn settlement but fear auto lawsuits

LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 10: Rushing to bag a bargain - shoppers hit the aisles as new research from Sainsbury’s reveals that Britain’s bargain hunters spend 64 days, and cover the distance of the equator, in their lifetime traipsing the aisles to bag the best deals with loo roll being one of the most sought after bargains. The research coincides with the national launch of Sainsbury’s Brand Match, due to hit UK stores Wednesday, 12th October 2011 on October 10, 2011 in London, England. (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Sainsburys)

Grocers cross over to broader selling

Tie-up with J Sainsbury and Argos to cross-sell goods could be more difficult than imagined

Logos of Facebook, Messenger and Uber

Social networks’ path to one-stop shops

‘Buy buttons’ help give chat apps and groups such as Facebook a slice of ecommerce spending

Matthias Muller, chief executive of VW
©Julian Stratenschulte/dpa

Be careful, VW, of stopping saying sorry

Chief Matthias Müller should learn from the fate of others perceived as moving on too quickly

Blockchains could aid society and banks

Technology should help prevent terrorism financing and money-laundering, and free up bank capital

Why bank bonuses are good for investors

A properly managed incentives system gives vital flexibility and control over costs

In banking cheating can be automated

Barclays’ $150m forex trading fine casts doubt on drive to use computers to clean up trading

Banking may seem down, but it’s not out

Rewards await those prepared to put in the effort, but not the get-rich-quick crowd

UK’s Takeover Panel needs some bite

Public censure is no punishment for violating takeover rules

Clever accounting can benefit wrongdoing

Is it too much to expect an element of tax rule morality?

HSBC looks west in quest for a new home

Bank has received overtures from a number of countries

Heard the one about the two brewers?

Like a pub chat, what was said bore little relation to what was meant

Bill Gross goes to court to settle scores

It’s about principle, not money, and readable filings certainly help

In defence of class-action suits

Collective claims against errant companies drive the point home

Bankers not alone in pushing ethical boundaries

Volkswagen will have to work hard to regain trust

Sexism spat highlights a further problem

Staying quiet is often the easier course, but not always the best


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