Why bank bonuses are good for investors

A properly managed incentives system gives vital flexibility and control over costs

In banking cheating can be automated

Barclays’ $150m forex trading fine casts doubt on drive to use computers to clean up trading

Banking may seem down, but it’s not out

Rewards await those ready to work, not the get-rich-quick crowd

A Bumi coal mine

UK’s Takeover Panel needs some bite

Public censure is no punishment for violating takeover rules

Clever accounting can benefit wrongdoing

Is it too much to expect an element of tax rule morality?

HSBC looks west in quest for a new home

Bank has received overtures from a number of countries

Heard the one about the two brewers?

Like a pub chat, what was said bore little relation to what was meant

Bill Gross’s new Janus fund missed its goal of beating cash; his old Pimco fund, under a new manager, missed its benchmark
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Bill Gross goes to court to settle scores

It’s about principle, not money, and readable filings certainly help

In defence of class-action suits

Collective claims against errant companies drive the point home

Bankers not alone in pushing ethical boundaries

Volkswagen will have to work hard to regain trust

Sexism spat highlights a further problem

Staying quiet is often the easier course, but not always the best

Hedge funds fail to live up to their name

The financial services industry has failed to supply what it professes to offer

Pay can sometimes seem to reward failure

Hester is in line for £8.5m payout despite not turning round RSA

China hardly ideal model for markets

Good example of misleading pricing is in the Asian country

Scandinavians claim the moral high ground

Flights of fancy are brought to earth quickly while UK and US executives cling grimly to their jobs

Acquisitions race could lead to risky buys

Shire and ValueAct acted swiftly to pursue their targets

Reality bites for European banks

The pitfalls of long-held global ambitions are becoming clearer

Cautionary tale amid Receptos frenzy

Companies that struggle to innovate may not be best placed to judge the quality of others’ ideas

Hamp case threatens Japan diversity push

Toyota executive’s treatment illustrates problems faced by expats

Nuts and bolts of robot-human relations

In many ways, robots have helped make the workplace safer


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