Twitter ‘slow’ on abuse, says executive

Company not ‘appropriately recognised extent of harm inflicted’

Bloomberg suffers global terminal outage

Investors lose use of screens after connection terminated

Week in Review

Week in Review, April 18

Indian tax, financial fines, global gym deals and Yahoo-Microsoft revise search deal

Google’s search for a European answer

Internet giant may pay the price for failing to do enough to tip the EU into moving to close a deal

Taking on Google is the Madisonian way

If there is one thing the leaders of our revolution feared, it was the concentration of power

The rise, fall and rise again of Nokia

Deal to buy Alcatel-Lucent is the latest reinvention for the telecoms group

Etsy/Party City: fancy dress

Glittery and cheap or homemade and quaint? Both come with an overpriced stock

Brussels faces ‘delicate’ Google case

Most challenging part seen to be proving US group harmed consumers

China rows back on bank tech rules

Controls favouring domestic over foreign producers to be reviewed

WikiLeaks revives Sony’s email woes

Studio condemns decision to expose ‘secretive multinational’

Jawbone to roll out tap-to-pay service

Tie-up with Amex to enable wireless payments with fitness band

Peter Thiel backs two Berlin start-ups

Investor in deals despite previously dubbing Europe a ‘slacker’

Slack valued at $2.8bn in fundraising

Messaging platform doubles audience since beginning of year

TSMC: Moore or less?

Group’s business model has proved resilient but it faces threats

Mayer pushes Yahoo deeper into search

Internet company free to control up to 49% of search queries

EU chief challenged over Google charges

Washington audience voices concern at antitrust move

Tata Consultancy beats expectations

Indian software outsourcer cites ‘exceptional’ operating margins

Dropcam vs Canary: home security webcams

Video guard dogs are reassuring until they bark at everything

Chinese rabbit spreads digital pawprint

Cute cartoon character wins licensing deals across Asia

Regulating tech today shapes its tomorrow

Sector’s next giants are dependent on cash generated now