Andreessen to invest $58m in TransferWise

London start-up holds competitive bid process for backers

Oracle shareholders take aim at Ellison

Letter to SEC criticises chief’s ‘excessive’ remuneration

China buying more iPhones than US

Shifting power balance in smartphone market

London GDRs fall to decade low

UK market for depositary receipts hurt by Russia crisis

Foreign Currency including Euros, Yen, Dollars

Currency moves blamed for profit warnings

Competition on the rise as companies adjust to growth environment

Technology does not possess divine right

Silicon Valley needs to engage with democratic governments

Feedback on review of health tech book

Readers offer thoughts on apps aimed at optimising productivity

Small-cap Week, January 24

Monitise, Applied Graphene Materials, Gulf Keystone and Findel featured

week in review

Week in Review, January 24

Forex brokers, Microsoft, Total and Swedish jet scandal featured

The battle between capital and labour

When misfortune strikes, workers are on their own, writes Yochai Benkler

Football fans show criminals an open goal

Study finds thousands have been using the password Arsenal1

Alibaba founder Ma aims for 2bn customers

Plan to expand ecommerce platform to small businesses worldwide

Microsoft: optical Illusions

Earnings look different depending on the light

Sony seeks delay releasing full results

Japanese group tells regulators that computer systems will not be fully restored until next month

WANdisco launches $25m cash call

Tech group needs cash to tap demand for big data

Uber back on the road in New Delhi

Taxi-hailing app steps up driver scrutiny and applies for licence

China intensifies VPN services crackdown

Services enabling access to Facebook and Twitter now blocked

Box secures $1.7bn valuation in IPO

Cloud storage company priced above expectations

Cook stock rewards could exceed $500m

Sharp rise in stock propels value of Apple chief’s incentive scheme

Security v privacy ‘disconnect’ threatens trust in tech

Davos wrestles with implications of Paris terror attacks