Facebook pays minimal UK tax

Social networking giant avoids British taxman with Dublin HQ

Tea Party favourites struggle to keep grip

Voters balk at cuts and policies that fail to deliver growth

illustration for The Connected Business October 2014 special report by Oivind Hovland
©Oivind Hovland

Supply chain helps to boost innovation

The growing expectations of customers in the digital era are presenting challenges for technology developers

James Ferguson illustration

Reform alone is no solution for eurozone

A policy that may work for Germany alone cannot work for an economy more than three times as big

Mob justice is a dangerous business

Politicians resemble gangsters roaming around extorting money from unpopular individuals

Abe has no easy fix for Japan’s economic woes

A weakening economy raises doubts about the efficacy of Abenomics

German companies consider job cuts

Industry is feeling a surfeit of production capacity and workers

Britons have little cause for miserabilism

The country is now richer, freer, more roundly envied. Yet all talk is of decline

Miliband’s minimum wage plan under fire

Milburn says £8 target by 2020 is not ambitious enough

Orrick to open office in Ivory Coast

US law firm to push on with west Africa plans amid Ebola outbreak

Treasury warns ministers to cut spending

UK tax revenues fall short ahead of election

To stop ‘deserters’, reform tax system

Rhetoric alone will not inspire companies to pay more in taxes

Alexander to be LibDem shadow chancellor

Chilly relationship between business secretary and LibDem leader underlies change

Small-cap Week, October 18

Connect Group, Scancell, Range Resources and Vertu Motors featured

‘Limited and gradual’ the BoE’s only constant

Chief economist sees rates lower for longer

Tax implications of retiring in France

How would our income and assets be treated?

Lawyers sit on their cash this election

Democrats are starved of funds from key donor group

The competing pressures on Ed Miliband

A look at Labour leader’s conflicting internal constituencies

UK tax gap climbs to £34bn

Problem of evasion and avoidance has got worse, figures show

Merkel and Renzi clash on growth

German chancellor seems intent on calming financial markets


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