Science: The clone factory

With new plans for cloned cattle is China’s taboo-busting biotech sector widening the ethical gap with the west?

Pfizer’s Read looks to count on Allergan

Deal would be crowning achievement of career forged in accounting

Cloned cows cause beef on climate change

UN estimates global meat industry belches out 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions

GSK picks tough China path after scandal

New rules to tackle corrupt practices leave drugmaker at a commercial disadvantage, say industry peers

GSK confident of China renaissance

Drugmaker looks to repair reputation shattered by corruption scandal

Ingram Pinn illustration, Pfizer
©Ingram Pinn

Big Pharma is addicted to an illusion

Paying high prices for proven drugs and taking a hit to the balance sheet does not avoid the bill

‘Excess winter deaths’ stir NHS fears

Last year’s UK figures highest since beginning of the millennium

Political risk clouds Pfizer-Allergan deal

Transaction is seen as vulnerable to change in ‘tax inversion’ law

Corporate tax: The $240bn black hole

Pfizer-Allergan merger is set to increase calls for the US to close inversion loopholes, and for the OECD to get tough on avoidance

Obama should close Pfizer’s tax loophole

Drug company’s tax inversion shows poor corporate citizenship

A false alarm on red meat and cancer

Two large trials have tested for evidence and the WHO ignored both of them, writes Gordon Guyatt

Pfizer seeks US support for Allergan deal

Drugmaker tries to fend off opposition as politicians line up to attack Irish takeover

Pfizer / Allergan: history will not repeat

Financial engineering is fine, but the sums have to work

Pfizer bulks up in era of slimming down

Given size of $160bn Allergan deal any split would not be until at 2018

Pfizer set for windfall with Ireland move

Allergan deal likely to lead to one-off earnings gain of up to $21bn

AstraZeneca sells US rights to Entocort

Drug group continues divestments to focus on core areas

Pfizer and Allergan race to seal deal

Companies set to create the world’s biggest drugmaker

Pfizer tie-up would mark M&A high point

Pharma has seen a vigorous period of dealmaking

Top Allergan investors fret over bid price

Some shareholders keen on Pfizer offer closer to $400 a share

Merck aims to double sales in Africa

German group seeks to tap into shifting disease patterns


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insulin vials ©Jacob Ehrbahn Combating Diabetes

Special report

An elderly man uses a magnifier to see the descriptions on a pack of medicine at a pharmacy in Dandong, Liaoning province March 30, 2011 ©Jacky Chen/Reuter Health: Emerging Markets


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