UN risks Zika clash with LatAm leaders

Call for access to abortion in religiously conservative countries

Zika virus threatens Brazil’s Olympic boost

From pharmaceuticals groups to cruise operators, companies are only starting to fathom the impact

Numbers games and existential angst

AstraZeneca and Shell chiefs take the stage, who gets applause?

Spain confirms first pregnant Zika carrier

Health ministry in Catalonia says woman caught virus in Colombia

Activist investors: hard drugs

J&J is too tough a target for activists. How about Novartis?

Pharma holds key to US ratification of TPP

Obama’s Pacific trade deal hinges on Republican IP concerns

Shkreli refuses to testify before Congress

Pharma executive derides legislators as ‘imbeciles’

Irish comeback is no thanks to Brussels

Export-led revival has had little to do with ‘internal devaluation’

Research at Immunocore

The force behind UK’s biotech successes

George Robinson spent years building Adaptimmune and Immunocore

Borrowers return to Europe’s bond markets

Tech group is first Chinese issuer of euro-denominated bonds

AstraZeneca warns on earnings for 2016

UK drugmaker insists turnround to meet generics test is on track

Witty avoids City’s would-be surgeons

GSK chief could be in store for bad news at yearly check-up

First IPOs of 2016 boost mood in biotech

Shares in BeiGene and Editas rise in early trading after closely watched Nasdaq listings

GlaxoSmithKline: stabilising

If the pharma group can maintain momentum, it will be easier to fend off calls for a break-up

GSK defends strategy as new drugs lift sales

Target of £6bn annual sales from new products to be achieved by 2018 — 2 years earlier than forecast

Novo Nordisk lowers earnings targets

Health insurance group consolidation to increase buyer leverage

Pfizer says US cannot halt Allergan deal

‘We are operating under today’s laws’ says chief

GSK strengthens alliance with Adaptimmune

Drugmakers in deal to speed up trials of cancer medication

Valeant raised drug price 356% in a year

Migraine medication singled out by Clinton during Iowa campaign

Sanofi leads hunt for Zika vaccine

Commitment comes after WHO declares global health emergency


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insulin vials ©Jacob Ehrbahn Combating Diabetes

Special report

An elderly man uses a magnifier to see the descriptions on a pack of medicine at a pharmacy in Dandong, Liaoning province March 30, 2011 ©Jacky Chen/Reuter Health: Emerging Markets


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