Bankers’ rock star excesses seem off key

Investment banking no longer needs highly paid whizz-kids

Hutchison mobile pledges do not add up

Regulators would be advised to delve past the fine flourishes and into the merger’s fine print

Robot and human handshake. Friendship between high technology and people ID 45485682 © Inokos | Robot and human handshake. Friendship between high technology and people. Conceptual 3d illustration

Swiftkey deal highlights gap in AI world

Shortage of talent means the gulf between the haves and have-nots is in danger of becoming acute

Danske adjusts to negative interest rates

A bank based in a country of just 5m people has surpassed a global lender

China Vanke tale shows share class divide

When developer called Baoneng ‘barbarians’ it touched a nerve

Is it time to buy Deutsche Bank stock?

The German bank’s share price is cheap but there may be even worse ahead for the lender

Don’t get mad at Google — get even

A remedy is available for these tax issues — revive the Advance Corporation Tax

Apple flicks the wrong switch

An attempt to draw attention away from iPhone sales has left Wall Street unimpressed

Rocket fills its tank for flight of fancy

Exodus from mission control in Berlin gives shareholders further reason to fret

Protectionism at play in Sharp takeover

At stake is the truth about Japan Inc’s openness to foreign businesses

Banking can learn from insurance on risk

The dynamic between insurers, regulators and shareholders should be instructive

Unicorns point out financing flaws

When numbers are basically plucked from the air, they can reflect insanely optimistic projections, writes Jonathan Ford

Getting the message on smartphones

Tech groups start a new conversation about mobile channels

How Gazprom lost influence over EU gas

Decision to cut off Ukraine looks like one of the great acts of corporate self-sabotage

Global reach of China’s consumerism hopes

Country needs to sustain its rise in labour-intensive services

UK needs mortgage market shake-up

Home buyers are borrowing higher sums over longer periods

Sainsbury’s aims to break loss cycle

Adding non-food retail business will provide synergies but no solution to problem of discounters

Will Murdoch woo Time Warner as well?

Rumours swirl about producer of ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Game of Thrones’

French telecoms tie-up could set EU tone

Possible Orange deal with Bouygues would cut sector from four operators to three

‘Free Basics’ row a dilemma for Facebook

Free internet plan alienates key sections of India’s tech scene


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