India: if you can make it there . . .

Manufacturing in India requires hope and a nuanced strategy

Public outrage could spur HSBC’s break-up

UK and Swiss banks under greater pressure than eurozone rivals

Setting the balance for bank regulation

Watchdogs have made their mark but do they need to lighten up? asks Jonathan Ford

Facebook bear hug in store for news sites

Publishers fear networking site’s attempt to host their content

Europe talks tough with China regulators

EU and the US take different approaches to Chinese investigations

Volcker rule to usher in 50 trades of grey

Regulators, like film censors, rely on complicated metrics to decide which trades are legal

History weighs on banking collusion probe

Cross subsidies, fees and syndicates are areas worthy of scrutiny, writes Jonathan Guthrie

Gazprom faces up to EU pipeline reality

Scrapping South Stream project forces strategy rethink at Russian gas group

Activist investors tread softly in Asia

Corporate warriors likely to have to take a less aggressive approach

Waiver for China’s banks carries risks

Regulators fearful of crimping global growth give lenders special treatment

CPP survives against the odds

Respect to the silver-tongued CEO Brent Escott who has convinced backers of the group’s value

More tax pressure brews for Starbucks

Vow to make tax competition fairer could be precursor to more harmonised tax regime across Europe

Beware of India’s looming tech bubble

‘Mobile-first’ ecommerce hopes rest on questionable assumptions

Another legacy issue for HSBC to clean up

While the tax allegations are historic, the bank has to convince critics that it has changed

Qatar eyes long-term aims with IAG stake

Gulf carrier signals seriousness in deeper link with BA owner

Corporate raiders cosy up to tech groups

It is hard to overstate the psychological impact the rise of shareholder activism has had in the tech sector

Mixed messages for Airbus A380

Aviation group chiefs need to find clarity on controversial aircraft

China finds opportunities in cheap oil

Taxes rise along with storage capacity to reduce vulnerability to price swings in volatile energy market

Three hackers walk into a bank ...

Demonstration of cyber weakness is no joke for execs

BT’s ambitions get regulator’s attention

Ofcom has concerns about group’s superfast broadband push, writes Jonathan Ford


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