Soaring costs of competing in the global internet race

Ramp-up in costs reflects intensified competition as well as upgrades to long-term ambitions

Inditex evolves approach to China

Spanish retailer’s tie up with Alibaba recognises online reality

BEA’s relationships prowess blocks offers

Bank of East Asia is a near-perfect example of tangled ties that drive so much business in Asia

Alternative stress test hits French banks

Measure based on market capitalisation says they are most risky

Sainsbury’s to open Netto-branded stores

Fifteen discount stores will open next month in north of England

Tech companies split on cloud computing

At this stage, the new growth market offers lower profits and the prospect of large capital spending

Norway consumed by Yara soap opera

Rare corporate drama plays out over collapsed merger talks with US rival CF Industries

Corporate India frets over debt levels

Nation’s industrial and banking sectors enter new political era still undercapitalised

Banks risk losing an arm with branch cuts

Leaving the high street risks alienating elderly, wealthy clients

To stop ‘deserters’, reform tax system

New rules do nothing to deal with reasons why companies try to escape US taxes, writes Jonathan Ford

Uber’s battle becomes a war of attrition

Taxi app’s massive $1.2bn from its latest round of fundraising make it a fearsome competitor

Russia begins to feel sanctions impact

If sanctions remain in place over the long term the situation could grow more acute

Infrastructure bars India’s growth path

Optimism fades over investment climate

Checks put focus on Italy bank mergers

Up to a third of the 15 Italian banks undergoing tests could fail

Glencore’s ambitions have global impact

A tie-up with Rio Tinto could make them too dominant, writes Jonathan Ford

Round of tech deals on the horizon

Moment may finally be arriving for major tech groups to embark on M&A

EU competition cases rushed out of door

Brussels is rife with rumours of which companies may be next on commissioner’s hit list

Are Chinese regulators biased against foreign firms?

Study of NDRC enforcement actions reveals a complicated picture, writes Tom Mitchell

Banks face rising threat from cyber crime

Pooling resources will give industry a better chance of repelling an attack

P2P lenders lured into treacherous seas

Hedge funds identify means of investing directly in debt markets


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