Content fuels tensions in Silicon Valley

Push to turn TV set into platform for apps may not be in the best interests of content owners

Altice playbook may not have happy ending

Investors seem less keen on cable group’s debt-fuelled expansion

Mr Li shows CEOs how to deal with China

Companies can learn from tycoon’s rebuttal of mainland criticism

Mundane bank collaborations replace deals

Financial services industry sees the benefits of sharing to smooth out problems and cut costs

Supermarkets wage war on two fronts

Discounters on one side have been biting into share, but the battle online is gathering momentum

Alphabet puzzle is all about perceptions

For employees — and, even more important, potential new hires — the shift has clear advantages

Gazprom-EU relations will remain combative

Russian gas group reassesses prospects in its core market

China pins economy hopes on trains

Beijing focuses on railway construction to fuel growth

VW’s woes risk harming its financing arm

German carmaker has €121bn of debt tied up in its financial services division

Diesel is dead end for Europe’s carmakers

Bet on fuel’s efficiency over pollution record backfires

Viewers seek an escape from reality

Is there just too much good TV to watch?

Work will help migrants more than cash

Business can make a longer-term response to a pressing need

Stressed bank loans test India’s ambitions

Delhi is putting off the day when it will have to come clean on a dirty statistical secret

Insurance deals start to make less sense

M&As have started to look expensive or strategically unsound

Big Beer challenged by changing tastes

Craft brewers account for about 10% of US beer sales by volume

Hewlett-Packard rethinks its boundaries

Previous attempts at revival sought expansion; now the strategy aims for shrinking

Bayer transforms to life sciences leader

Group rewards investors consistently at the same time as carrying out a complex reorganisation

Red flags are burning issue for China plc

Moody’s is appealing fine for raising corporate accounting fears

Banking on German growth

Ambitious foreign lenders face tough domestic and regulatory challenges

Tesla’s cheap car vision boosts appeal

Mass market family vehicle crucial to long-term success, writes Jonathan Ford


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