The challenge from digital concierges

Applying a little human-powered care to ecommerce

Activism not so good for shareholders

Research suggests only most disruptive activists deliver benefits

Chinese noodles

The lessons of China’s noodle cartel

Foreign groups should note how Beijing dealt with local collusion

Why multi-boutiques are so on-trend

Funds of hedge funds are benefiting from the hunt for yield

Mobile ad-blocking a risk to innovation

Mobile operators’ plans will not be taken lying down

$1bn tech groups a risky investment

Crowdfunding provision in US law for start-ups could imperil the public

MPS tie-up may be harder than thought

Italian economy’s return to growth jeopardises need for deals

Asia Resource Minerals

Rally does not herald commodities boom

Debate about worth of Asian groups must be seen in different context

Unsustainable bank levy ripe for reform

Osborne should resist milking lenders harder

Distance (from China) gets hearts racing

Aim has provided rich pickings for Chinese bosses with more than 80 companies listing

GSK seeks immunity from herd mentality

Sir Andrew Witty has withdrawn from anti-cancer therapies to grow non-drugs side

Salesforce faces need for reinvention

Founder Marc Benioff must switch from chasing growth to chasing profits

Shale more like dotcom than Lehman bubble

How David Einhorn flagged up weaknesses in shale business model

Corporate discontent brews in India

Confusion remains over the prime minister’s vision for business

Fresh blow for tax-friendly energy entities

El Paso unit turns spotlight on master limited partnerships

Life looks sweet for RGF with sugar sale

French deal for Napier Brown marks end to nightmare venture for UK food group

Investors crowd in to fill equity gaps

Sector is flourishing, despite risky odds and light regulation

Bravado as digital hurricane blows in

Tensions run high as the evolving new media world shifts again

Conquistadors lose sense of adventure

Spanish companies turn back from riskier South American deals

China’s rainmakers head for cover

Investment banks are feeling the strain


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