Walgreens threatens to end Theranos tie-up

Blood-testing group told to fix problems at California laboratory

Hunt imposes contract on junior doctors

Health secretary targets all doctors below consultant grade

Productivity in NHS hospitals falls for third year

Research comes as junior doctors refuse ‘final offer’ over contract

Protesters ar St Helier Hospital
©George Kyriakos

Doctors are not to blame for NHS crisis

Their misfortune is to have fallen foul of the financial squeeze, writes Philip Stephens

Lessons in employee trust from the NHS

Staff know how to lift performance and cut costs, and managers should allow them to do so

‘Health coaches’ take pressure off NHS

‘Hub’ scheme aims to stem remorseless need for more hospital beds and reduce costs

Zenefits replaces chief amid legal fears

US fintech company faces probe over health insurance sales

Mio fuse

One fitness measure for all exercise aims

Metric keeps track whether you are cycling, swimming or running

US investors target UK mental healthcare

Acadia’s purchase of Priory to unleash wave of consolidation

Wounded Theranos pins recovery on Arizona

Change in state’s laws was a lifeline for start-up

Small-cap Week, February 6

Lakehouse, Premier Oil, Plethora Solutions, and InternetQ featured

S&N says results prove it can rival big groups

UK-listed medical device maker beats expectations

First IPOs of 2016 boost mood in biotech

Shares in BeiGene and Editas rise in early trading on Nasdaq

Pharma M&A for 2016 continues to surge

Abbott and Stryker in deals as data show activity hits $56bn

S&N chief has ‘highly treatable’ cancer

Bohuon to remain ‘actively involved’ at UK medical devices group

Circle a lesson in listed partnerships

UK healthcare provider’s woes reveal risks

London develops as global healthcare hub

Wave of specialist cancer facilities set to open

From heartache to happiness in a day

Cash flow and death are twin challenges in running Oxford centre

Theranos lab risks serious injury or harm

Regulator warns of deficiencies in way blood tests are sampled

J&J investors push for shake-up

Activists sounded out over taking stake in healthcare company


Special report

insulin vials ©Jacob Ehrbahn Combating Diabetes

Special report

An elderly man uses a magnifier to see the descriptions on a pack of medicine at a pharmacy in Dandong, Liaoning province March 30, 2011 ©Jacky Chen/Reuter Health: Emerging Markets


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