Icahn attacks Ackman over Herbalife claim

Investor says rival has ‘no right’ to suggest he eyed stake sale

An artificial pacemaker (serial number 1723182) from St. Jude Medical, with electrode.
©Steven Fruitsmaak/Wikimedia Commons

Muddy Waters-St Jude: heart attack

Despite a series of good bets, the hedge fund’s short call on devices maker is challenged


Fund claims device maker open to hackers

Muddy Waters uses alleged cyber flaws to target St Jude Medical

Spire Healthcare

Spire aims to gain from NHS funding gap

UK healthcare group to invest £190m in new and expanded hospitals

Breast cancer test raises hope of avoiding chemo

Genetic check may help early-stage patients avoid toxic follow-up

Circle wins NHS services deal in London

Contract highlights outsourcing trend in state-run health system

A plan that fails to tackle UK childhood obesity

The dilution of the proposals sends all the wrong signals to industry

Local lessons for tackling global diseases

Low-cost steps and policies could help save lives, writes Michael Bloomberg

A7KMT1 Greenland shark under ice Somniosus microcephalus Canada Arctic Lancaster Sound Nunavut northern Baffin Island

Sharks hold secret to a longer life

The quest for immortality has gone from laughing stock to biotech stock, writes Anjana Ahuja

Ivo Pitanguy, cosmetic surgeon, 1923-2016

Stylist whose scalpel and syringe honed celebrity looks

Allergan setback prompts healthcare slide

US stocks lack direction after post-payrolls record

Theranos founder’s presentation sparks row

AACC members threaten to resign over speaking slot allotted to Elizabeth Holmes

Pfizer chief plays down prospect of split

Ian Read says case for break-up has become ‘more complicated’

Health chiefs to contest HIV drug ruling

High Court says NHS legally able to fund £20m-a-year medication

GSK tie with Alphabet in bioelectronics

New jointly owned company to be based in UK with £540m investment

Cancer research to target tumour evolution

London’s Institute of Cancer Research will focus on stopping mutations that stop drugs from working

US moves to block health insurer mergers

DoJ sues over Anthem’s takeover of Cigna and Aetna’s Humana deal

Pessimism over innovation just won’t fly

The Wright brothers typified self-motivated ‘civic entrepreneurs’

Herbalife / Ackman: shake it off

Social gains without monetary ones

Herbalife reaches $200m FTC settlement

Hedge fund manager Bill Ackman allegations of pyramid scheme not upheld by regulator


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