Sanofi seeks to oust Medivation board

Aggressive action comes after US drugs group rejects $9.3bn offer

FDA delays Sarepta dystrophy drug ruling

Biotech company’s shares jump on hopes medicine could be approved

Corruption and car fumes in Mexico

Notebook: Ninety minutes to drive 4km but still Mexicans use their cars, writes Jude Webber

A workaholic way of life

Procrastination, work binges, exhaustion — symptoms of affliction

Mr Kipling cakes for UK COS.
©Charlie Bibby

Diet advice turns into a food fight

Spat leaves consumers confused about whether to slather their toast with butter or low-fat margarine

Stacie Al-Chokhachi and her son, Dalton, 11, who suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy, with hundreds of other Duchenne patients and family members at a Food and Drug Administration meeting about whether a new drug for for treatment of the disease should be approved, in Hyattsville, Md., April 25, 2016. The drug's manufacturer and patient advocates argued that it was clear from even a small study that the drug, called eteplirsen, was prolonging the ability of boys with the disease to walk well beyond when they would typically be in wheelchairs. (Eric Kruszewski/The New York Times) Credit: New York Times / Redux / eyevine For further information please contact eyevine tel: +44 (0) 20 8709 8709 e-mail:

US healthcare: Power to the patients?

Families of boys suffering from Duchenne muscular dystrophy push for approval of a new medicine

World Bank launches pandemic finance facility

G7 finance ministers announce $500m emerging diseases fund

Junior doctors warn of fragile peace

Details yet to be worked out as critics brand deal a ‘sellout’

Unite to prevent a superbug apocalypse

Drug companies need market incentives to generate new antibiotics

Big pharma slams tax to tackle superbugs

Drugmakers reject levy to fund R&D on antimicrobial resistance

My mother pioneers a quickstep to ageing

Reaction to older ravers proves social lives are split by age

Pharma levy proposed in superbugs battle

UK minister wants ‘play or pay’ scheme in search for effective new antibiotics

Social entrepreneurs give lift to state

A new ecosystem for public problem-solving is emerging

Snake antivenom boost adds bite to BTG

Positive results strengthen the case for wider use of the company’s second-biggest product

Uses and abuses of human genome synthesis

Theoretical possibility of developing an actual person lingers

AstraZeneca gets asthma drug trial boost

UK pharma group on track to file injectable treatment with US and European regulators

The Great Bin Disappearance

Leaving workers nowhere to dump litter makes it harder to recycle

NHS report calls for more flexible workers

Nuffield Trust sees changing pattern of care with wider role for nurses and paramedics

Pfizer buys Anacor for $5.2bn

Pharma group in deal for new products ahead of potential break-up

Biotech sinks its teeth into the Big Apple

New York’s budding hub reaches tricky point in its development


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