AstraZeneca faces up to bittersweet moment

$500m tie-up recognises neuroscience costs but has greater chance of success

Drugmakers unite to tackle Alzheimer’s

AstraZeneca and Eli Lilly work on experimental treatment

Gilead signs deal with India drugmakers

Tie-up with generic producers aims to give affordable access to hepatitis drug Sovaldi

Tougher UK rules proposed for deal promises

Changes come after failed Pfizer bid for AstraZeneca

US more open to obesity drugs

Novo Nordisk medicine liraglutide given nod by US FDA

Voke Inhaler

BAT nicotine inhaler wins medical approval

Quick-hit product could be on sale in shops next year

Castro and Gates pledge aid for Ebola

Cuban leader and foundation unlikely allies in fight against virus

Pfizer still eyeing tax inversion options

Chief says rhetoric is empty and predicts political inaction

Sports concussion examinations ‘inadequate’

Advanced test would check for chemicals known as ‘biomarkers’

Smartphones used to detect Parkinson’s

Trials under way on accuracy of ‘pocket doctors’

Heart attacks that strike during exercise

Strenuous workouts raise risk but regular gym trips help overall, writes Charles Wallace

Record $350m donation for Harvard

Gift from Hong Kong’s Chan family to support public health school

Big tax inverters ‘have $21bn offshore’

Medtronic, AbbVie and Applied Materials’ cash piles cited

Piramal earmarks $2bn for tie-up drive

Billionaire industrialist plans drive to attract western capital

Sierra Leone plans Ebola ‘lockdown’

WHO approves survivors’ blood as treatment

With Ebola, a little panic is healthy

The conditions of managing this crisis are coming to resemble those at Chernobyl

Volunteers sought for Ebola vaccine trial

TUC warns Cameron on Europe renegotiation

Frances O’Grady raises fears on workers’ rights

Critics fume over call for ecigarette curbs

WHO report contains ‘errors and misinterpretations’

Biotech leader move shows Google ambitions

Levinson leaves Roche to focus on life sciences unit


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