Gene-editing — next stop homo perfectus

CRISPR, a pioneering genome-editing technique, technology will allow AstraZeneca to identify and validate new drug targets in preclinical models that closely resemble human disease.

Why just correct the human genome when we can beautify it? writes Anjana Ahuja

EM multinationals eclipse competitors

Companies from the emerging world are going global and prevailing against established giants

Stressed business man stretching in his office.

Back pain remedies to avoid surgery

Our unsymmetrical bodies are the issue, not disc deformity

A small snapshot of a monthly pay slip, with an out of focus red pen. Highlighting tax, pension and national insurance contributions.

UK disclosure rules on CEO pay not working

Study finds failure to reduce discrepancy with employee levels

Neil Woodford

Circassia reminds us of biotech risks

Neil Woodford has the resources to take on risk and hold for the long term

Few bright spots in UK traders’ sea of red

Gold miners and groups with global sales are FTSE’s only risers

chemical laboratory equipment isolated

Private foundations: Searching for the sweet spot

Families search for the sweet spot in medical research

Lucky Iron Fish ingots are helping in the fight against iron deficiency

An iron-clad social boost

A way to help reduce the problem of anaemia in Cambodia

Ali Health: couples therapy

An awkward partnership in a promising market

Fullerton Health eyes Asian healthcare appetite

Singapore listing could value medical services group at $1bn

The untold story about NHS and Brexit

There is too much to fix to leave Europe to politicians

Circassia hit as cat allergy drug fails

Shares in British biotech group fall by more than two-thirds

Circassia: cat flop

The biotech company should not fail, but recovery will take years

Financial engineering helps fight cancer

Academics are reviving the discipline’s tarnished reputation

Naming guide for plants, planets and bugs

There are slime-mould beetles named after Cheney and a wasp after Brad Pitt, writes Anjana Ahuja

Take comfort in coffee

Good news amid gloomy headlines — caffeine could provide health benefits, writes Delphine Strauss

India’s e-pharmacies prove a bitter pill

Fledgling companies complain of being subjected to a witch-hunt by regulators

Career Counsel: Diabetes dilemma

Should I tell my company that I have this condition?

Ultrasound boost to brain chemotherapy

Scientists develop SonoCloud to deliver drugs to diseased areas

Scientists backtrack coffee cancer claims

IARC warns that any ‘very hot’ beverage could pose a health risk


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