Drugs groups trapped in tangled M&A web

Valeant offer for Allergan leads to complex and acrimonious fight

Week in Review

Week in Review, September 27

GSK, Rocket Internet, Philips and more featured

Therapy thinks small to deliver the heat to stubborn tumours

Microscopic particles take treatments to hard-to-reach places

Blockbuster oncology therapies are outwitted by natural selection

The future of treatment lies in using a range of drugs targeted at the individual patient

Doctors may advise: ‘take your tablet to a consultation’

Patients can use digital technology to find information and get practical support

Big pharma back in the game it made

Harnessing a patient’s defence system to attack the disease has prompted excited reaction

Focus on defence as best form of attack

The stratagem of stimulating the body’s immune system has found its moment

Food for thought in the lifestyle changes that can prolong our lives

Relationship between diet and cancer is difficult to establish

Access to good therapy is big issue for patients in poorer nations

Treatments for diseases other than HIV have had far less attention from big pharma

Doctors lead backlash against expensive drugs

Critics say there is too much focus on new therapies even when benefits are modest

Allow survivors to get their lives back

Patients who have won the battle against cancer should not face discrimination

Valeant / Allergan: stand by me

Valeant may just have been ahead of its time

Sir Philip Hampton’s in-tray at GSK

Drugmaker will be more focused on restoring trust than maximising profits

Sir Philip Hampton to take helm at GSK

RBS chairman joins drugmaker as it faces major challenges

Adaptimmune raises $104m

Sign US investors are looking to Europe for opportunities

Curbs on tax inversions fail to convince

US plan leaves several potential benefits for mergers in place

The epidemic the world could have stopped

Surviving other globe-threatening ailments might be down to luck not competence

US tax inversion curbs hit pharma shares

India scraps generic drug price controls

Government moves to ease tensions with pharmaceuticals industry

Fosun bids $580m for Espírito Santo Saúde

Chinese conglomerate joins fight for Portuguese hospital operator


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