Week in Review, August 30

week in review

Burger King, Shell, RBS and Brazilian telecoms also in the news

US thirst for craft beer boosts hop growers

Boom in microbreweries sector spurs demand

Tax rise fails to daunt Stock Spirits

UK-based distiller’s first-half sales fall 10%

Burger King’s way is no longer mine

My beef with such ‘inversion’ manoeuvres is that they can lead to greater burdens on the taxpayers

Pernod Ricard: flagging spirits

Currency movements and China shrinkage hit drinks maker

James Williams, 32, owner of Campion Ale, opened a brewery/pub in December 2013 in Tokyo
©Toshiki Senoue

Crafty expats take the home brew to Japan

Westerners slake Tokyo’s thirst for brewpubs and craft beer

‘Crop tourists’ predict record harvests

Global corn and soyabean production forecasts hit grain prices

Tesco struggles to fend off discounters

Supermarket sales down 4% amid slow growth in spending

Tim Hortons’ Canadian roots run deep

Beloved chain reassures anxious nation over Burger King takeover

India presses Pepsi to cut sugar content

Modi government fights diabetes and cardiovascular disease

Milk supplier Fonterra in China tie-up

NZ dairy group to tie up with Chinese baby milk maker Beingmate

Thai tycoon back on acquisition trail

Charoen in talks with OCBC to buy United Engineers stake

Fonterra in $555m NZ production expansion

Investment plus China JV aimed at meeting global dairy demand

Nespresso to help small coffee growers

Capsule maker among big businesses supporting niche farms

US slaps duties on Mexican sugar imports

Dispute highlights trade friction despite Nafta agreement

Burger King takes aim at McDonald’s

Daniel Schwartz to challenge fast food group with Canadian deal

Burger King: Doughnuts are sugary

3G good on costs but less opportunity at Hortons

KKR invests in Chinese chicken producer

Private equity group targets need to improve food safety

Buffett defends Burger King’s tax deal

Food group to buy Tim Hortons and move to Canada

Burger King: debt of gratitude

A merger with Tim Hortons presents an opportunity


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