Salvaging the reputations of banks

File photo dated 03/12/09 of a woman walking past the headquarters of the Royal Bank of Scotland in the City of London
©Johnny Green/PA

After the banks, attention is now shifting to insurers

Unravelling ‘gap risk’ at Deutsche Bank

Accounting treatment of derivatives portfolio falls foul of SEC

Eccentricity is the vital ingredient for success

Cities have always been big business machines but they must retain diversity

Keydata founder Stewart Ford
©Jason Alden

‘Death bond’ CEO faces record £75m fine

Keydata’s 2009 collapse was one of UK’s biggest investment scandals

Deutsche fined for misstating derivatives

Bank agrees to pay $55m to resolve SEC allegations

For entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs: OakNorth’s Rishi Khosla
©Charlie Bibby

Rishi Khosla: challenger banking pioneer

Fundraising difficulties inspired the creation of a start-up lender

BoE’s Taylor attacks ringfencing critics

UK’s biggest banks continue to fight against changes

Tycoon financing in Asia gathers pace

Lucrative and growing business tempts investment banks

Greed spurred Libor trader, court told

Hayes ‘admitted’ rate manipulation, says prosecutor

Pan Sutong, chairman and chief executive of Goldin Group
©Goldin Group

ETFs endure Goldin-Hanergy rollercoaster

Vanguard and BlackRock among largest shareholders in volatile HK groups

Cheap oil fails to spark spending boom

Retail sales disappoint despite windfall

Profits at a price in the world of hedge funds

Hedge funds vary in style and can offer generous returns, but high fees could short change investors

Private equity aims for retail investors

Minimum investments could traditionally have exceeded $5m, excluding all but the wealthiest

Samsung plans $8bn unit merger

Next generation of group’s founding family looks to secure control

Calpers and Calstrs urge climate backing

More than 100 fund manager heads sign letter

Housebuilders set to grow after election

Surprise poll result has caused an upsurge in home construction

Basel group toils to ensure compliance

Banking standards committee pins hopes on peer pressure

UK market review to push for tougher sentences

Punitive approach likely after City scandals like forex rigging

The Carlyle Group: greener grass

Private equity used to be a dream job

Global regulators look to follow UK lead

Watchdogs set to unveil review that assesses all that is wrong with the wild-west side of markets

Bank of England needs highest standards

BoE oversight committee needs to be independent of governor

Chinese local authorities sued for bills

Settlement with construction tycoon believed to be first of its kind by debt-ridden authorities

Banks warn on new risk models for trading

Letter to regulators says proposals will raise market volatility

Taking care of the growing silver economy

Extended lifespans prompt businesses to adapt to frail consumers

Trader set for trial over Libor allegations

UK case will be a crucial test for the SFO

Shadow banks push for easing of loan caps

US bill would let investment vehicles borrow more against equity

Negative rates pose corporate conundrum

European companies still unsure about putting cash to better use

Bankers to make €130m in fees from Monte Paschi rights issue

Issue comes less than year after lender raised €5bn

Sports look for financial supporters

Retail bonds and crowdfunding on the rise as banks have withdrawn

China brokers’ capital rush fuels margin-fed rally

Record fundraisings ploughed back into loans to invest in market

Deutsche bucks trend to little advantage

Full-service European investment bank in unfriendly climate

Commerzbank set to pay dividend

German group shows signs of returning to health as four-year plan starts to bear fruit

Forex banks face more pain from US

Lawmakers challenge exemptions for managing retirement accounts

Small-cap Week, May 23

Tungsten, Zytronic, Quantum Pharma and Mar City featured

Banks face possible further forex fines

NY regulator turns to abuse of markets by automated trades

Lloyds taps Oldfield to lead retail bank

IT executive takes over from Alison Brittain on an interim basis

New housing starts rise by 31 per cent

Housebuilding at highest rate since 2007

Lightning action is best to scare banks

Companies may be planning fines as a cost of doing business

The case that dragged bankers into the Snapchat generation

Traders have inadvertently made wrongdoing easy to detect, writes Daniel Davies

Dutch state to sell ABN Amro stake

Ministers hope to recoup some money from financial crisis rescue


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