A plan to free the US mortgage market

Combine government financial muscle with the market’s ability to price risk, says John Delaney

Barclays to wind down commodities arm

Exit from energy and metals business follows stricter regulation

Reversal sought on insider trading convictions

Defence lawyers to seek acquittal or new trial

Fund managers adopt smart approach

Use of tracking strategy widens as it delivers solid results

Regulators warned on monitoring risk

EU watchdogs will need to increase collection of data

Will active managers benefit investors?

The hedgefundification of active management can be bewildering

UK retirement housing set to come of age

Developers predict rapid growth for UK sector

Monte dei Paschi lifts share sale to €5bn

Italian bank lifts offering to accelerate restructuring

The Broadgate centre, near Liverpool Street station in the City of London

Employee disputes keep City lawyers busy

Companies seek to poach rival teams as market conditions improve

BlackRock chief preaches tech spending

Fink’s call to boost capex has yet to convince investors

BlackRock challenges UK pension providers

Banks retreat from Moscow deals

Japanese lead pullback over fear of wider Ukraine sanctions

Emerging markets repent of ‘original sin’

Issuing bonds in local currencies has not spared countries from volatility

Libyan wealth fund to appoint managers

Private equity profits spur Blackstone

Quarterly economic net income rises 30%

Lending Club valuation rises to $3.76bn

Warnings of a bubble in pre-IPO companies

Stock-based remuneration poses dangers

Risk that workers will demand higher cash component in their pay

Fink says tech rout driven by hedge funds

Goldman looks to fight rivals with capital advantage

Bank eyes competitor businesses as net income falls 10%

GE earnings narrowly beat estimates

Oil and gas division stands out as total earnings drop


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